Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre

Hello i am Avinash Kumar Gupta, 1st year M.B.B.S. Student from U.C.M.S. (Universal College of Medical Science, Bhairahawa) and Joint Secretary, INDA (Indo Nepal Doctors Association). Out of 5 medical camps i went, here I am sharing my experience in first medical camp for earthquake releif in Sindhupal Chowk, Nepal.

Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre

It all started with a phone call by Dr. Shubhank (President INDA) and sudden things started to happen.
He asked me to inform as soon as possible if anyone interested in volunteering with a big medical team of 25 to remote areas for earthquake releif.
I assured to reply if anyone & asked for permission to papa for myself & in seconds he said yes. I started packing bags & called Dr. Shubhank & said i am ready & prepared, I will be downstairs in hostel in 2 minute.
I didn’t wanted to loose this opportunity at any cost like previous one when the INDA team and College teams went to gurkha but i didn’t joined them.
very soon a car came to hostel, 2 people in there who dropped me to Nayati Charitable Trust team & Round table team.
I introduced myself to Mr. Rahul from Round table & Colnel S. C. Bhatt (Head of Operations from Nayati) & Dr. Manoj (from Nayati) who were in an innova & i occupied back seat.
We left for Narayngarh very soon & I was looking for directions in googke maps in my mobile & informed colnel sir about distance & direction throughout the way. We also spoke about what may be medical needs there, some political & cultural aspects of nepal, situation according to news, media & my friends, and kind of help needed in different areas.
When we reached Naraynagarh whole team had lunch in a hotel & I saw that team had 3 ambulance in which one had X-ray unit & all three were full of supplies, and we had 3 big cars for carrying the team. Then we started our walkies & left for kathmandu together.

Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre

On the way to kathmandu Colnel sir & Dr. Manoj discussed further plans, we enjoyed the scenery & mountains. There was loss to houses due to earthquake on our way, But one thing was quite disturbing to see, many many fully filled buses & vehicles were coming from kathmandu, I told colnel sir that traffic from kathmandu may be  arournd 20 times than normal. People are Evacuating very fast.
Whole team stopped at a place to have Tea & then we moved again.We reached kathmandu in few hours when it was dark in eve and stopped at second last petrol pump in kalanki. We spoke to locals & they said that they are terrified. All of them were sad & pale faces. They told many things which were just rumours but extremely terrifying. Every day they were feeling shocks of earthquake and it was so many that they had left counting. All were sitting outside their houses. Some areas in kathmandu were heavily affected & devastated.

Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre

We went to a house behind petrol pump, it had two cracks one on ground floor and one on 2nd floor where i slept.
In my room we were 4 members Mr. Brijesh, Mr. Manoj, me & 1 more. we had just enterd the room few minutes ago after analysing house that what would be safe locations to hide during an earthquake, and we felt a strong quake. It was terrifying but we tried to be calm & smile, cracked some jokes & got fresh to have dinner, but just before dinner we had another quake, & stronger than previous one.

Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre

House members had already arranged rooms & beds for team to sleep & they made Rice, Dal & Chutney for whole team, we had dinner & were very thankful to them. On dinner table i met that brave team & four other doctors. one of them a surgeon had already served in kathmandu & was just staying there. He discussed the conditions & kind of problems to three others of our team. Those 3 brave, dedicated, very hard working, strong & fun loving people whom i will never forget in my life were Dr. Guru Prasad (neuropsyciatrist from Bangalore medical college), Dr. Bhaskar Rajkumar (Radiologist from Hyderabad) and Dr. Sohan (Ortho. surgeon from Hyderabad).
After dinner I spoke with Dr. Sohan & Dr. Bhaskar about my interest in working in that situation to help people & asked what i need to know to serve better. They told me some topics to study like Diarrhoea, Splint & Triage & motivated me for good work.

Later we were told about next day plans & to be ready to leave at 8 am. I studied those topics on internet that cold night & fell alseep on the bed lying on ground.

Next day i woke up at 5.30, put my mobile to charge, got ready & went on roof and saw the city from there & discussed about the loss. It looked little devastated but it was more like empty. We left at 8.15 and the shops were closed, roads were epmty.

Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre

We took breakfast at only open shop in our way & then in sometime reached to another house with our team, colnel sir was back at previous house for some paper work, planning & arrangements.

we met there with

Dr. Tshering lama( Country Director for Childreach Nepal- a local charity but also part of the global network of Childreach International)

Dr. Swaraj Rajbhandari (Sr. Ob/Gyn/Sr RH Specialist and focal point at the health post that Global Shapers and Childreach Nepal have been working at)

Dr. Saroj Dhital, Dr. Mangal (plastic surgeon kathmandu) with Dr. Rolina Dhital(Lecturer in Community Health Sciences)

Their teams & Team of nepali resident bangladeshi medical interns, Dr. Bikram thapa, Dr. Sujit, Dr. Ghanshyam Rai, Dr. Shiv yadav, Dr. Lucky dahal, Dr. Raj kumar panijiyar, Dr. Kedar adhikari, Dr. Nitesh shrestha, Dr. Rubee awale, Dr. Khagendra karki, Dr. Bishamber yadav, Dr. Feroze maharjan & others.

We all joined together, Then Dr. Tshering lama gave us instrunctions & Dr. Swaraj explained us further plan, next steps, and about camp location.
we distributed Nayati team Walkie-talkie to other teams, our ambulance & one with us. Dr. Swaraj was in leading Vehicle, I was travelling in tail Vehicle with Dr. Guru, Dr. Bhaskar, Dr. Sohan & our expert driver Ravi ji. Dr. Rubi in bangladeshi team vehicle & Dr. Saroj dhital in Dr. Rolina’s team were connected with us on walkie. From tail end we were coordinating with leading vehicle & all teams together avoiding confusion for direction, paper work, police & army chekpoints, petrol pump stoppage & everything else. We were heading towards Sindhupal chowk from kathmandu.

Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre

We saw large statue of shankar bhagwan, saw beautiful scenery, high mountains, fast flowing river, small planes & paddy fields, and effect of earthquake. devastated houses, people in tents were common thing throughout the journey.Around in middle of the journey a mob came in our way. They stopped us & tried to hijack our ambulance filled with medical supplies. Somehow doctors & 2 policemen tried & we got our ambulance back, we were tail vehicle, recording everything in camera & informing all news to vehicles crossing mob & doctors in my vehicle went down to handle the situation. We left that place in 20-25 minutes.

finally we reached zero kilo, and had quick lunch there & went to melamchi & stayed there for an hour. In that time Dr. Swaraj went to talk at army base camp in melamchi, all houses were destroyed there, scene was terrifying, army and people were working hard to dig out fallen house & check for dead bodies etc. and suddenly an earthquake came, people started to run on road as nobody was staying in houses, all were on road only, our car shook badly, broken house just behind our car started falling more with huge sound, driver Ravi ji drove the car fast for 2 meters & stopped, heart beats were fast & audible, and too much dust was in the air now.

Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre

In sometime Dr. Swaraj came back and we moved for tippini village near Bhotenamlang. The road was extremely dangerous and cracked at many places, rocks & boulders lying down everywhere. Each and every house was lying on ground completely devastated, every person was staying outside on ground & had no food & shelter.
when we reached tippini condition was like hell. only devastation, terror, sadness, foul smell of rotting bodies of animals (humans were already creamated) and teary people, and big landslide on the road and many rocks falen everywhere from landslide. we had only 2 hours for sunset & no safe location to stay, weather was very windy & cloudy too.

Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre

Dr. Swaraj & bangladeshi team went to tippini village by walking over landslide, then it started raining, Dr. Rolina’s team kept their medicine supplies in our ambulance for saving from rain & went to tippini school. Doctors from our team went & checked that location at tippini school while i was handling walkie & communicating with other teams about situation. Tippini school was safest location there but we could not carry our supplies at that time, it was alot & leaving there could be worst because it had to be safe. So we camped at a small field there only & tried to keep as much distance we could to prevent us from any possible landslide, though it was very small distance.

We collected wood, bamboo & made a tent very fast in rain & heavy wind & we got another one from Dr. Rolina’s team. Our tent came after some time when colnel sir came there.
Another team of few young boys also came behind from Dharan Unity Society & they camped near us. Our camp was at bottom of 2 hills on front & back & a river was flowing right to left. on front hills was village Bhotenamlang and on back hills were Jatan, Barua etc.

Then we had Rice,dal & fried potato in dinner & we all slept with our jackets & 2 blankets, but night was still very cold. I felt little frustrated so took out my mobile, it has only 4% batter so i opened picures in my mobile & there were only 2 pics of my frnds, one group & one single. saw those 2 pics for about 15 minutes then felt little easy. There was no electricity, no network, mobile battery was about to die now, no map, no local contacts, even i didnt knew anybody in team before last 24 hours, risk of leapord from jungle to our camp, sad faces everywhere, lots of dead people in area, landslide, earthquake, diseases, epidemics, and alot more . I kept my mobile in pocket & tried to sleep bit then we had 2 more earth quake, i felt only one & second time i was asleep.

Working day 1
i woke up around 5 am and it was very early in morning & blue. sun rise was very early there. I saw sun rising up full brigh, wind was calm now & white snow clad mountains vere easily visible. I felt energised & happy to get this opportunity & decided in my heart to give my best.

i went little above hill to be fresh & tried to follow basic rules about hygiene, for drinking & cooking purpose our cook utilised a small water flow from mountain, very near to our camp. we used our tent for sleeping in night & O.P.D. in daytime. For bathing we some went in small mountain water flows & some in river. we took lemon tea in morning to recover from cold night, light breakfast around 8 am and started assisting doctors in treating patients who were already there.
they made a line an came one by one & doctors wrote their prescription.One open side of tent was for doctors, another side for dispensing medicine, i was working as translater their & on left of tent was dressing, minor surgeries of wounds & injections were given on right side was registration desk & colnel sir was guiding & monitoring all things, he also spoke with patients about their problems.
Patients were coming from half to one hour walk down the mountain & news went mouth to mouth that a medical team is helping everyone for free down there in tippini. In some time X-ray unit amd pathology unit was also ready & those who had been written tests were sent there.
Soon patient flow increased and sun became hot too. I handleled camera and took some pictures that time. Some young students who were from dharan unity society joined our team in managing the patients line & distributing them water while they were waiting in sun, chiodren & women were given treatment first before men. Old wounds with inflammation on different body parts were common, they all given anti tetanus & dressing of wounds. Other commonly had Cold, Respiratory tract infection, Diorrhea, Post traumatic pain and Post traumatic syndrome. We shared food with patients at lunch. Made rice,dal again for them & dharan team. The other camp at tippini also had many patients, two of their doctors Dr. Bikram & Dr. Raj worked at our camp that day, rest were at that camp & treated many similar patients. We distributed O.R.S. to all patients who needed. We also distributed all torches and blankets we had for distribution because everybody needed them, all were homeless. Around 2 pm patients dicreased, mostly because they had to walk far to reach back home and by 4 pm everyone was free so we planned to take good bath in River but our drivers & staff suggested not to go in river because a dead ox was lying in river 100 meters before our camp & we may get infected because many humans and animals might be rotting like this. Then Our doctors told that this is the best water, direct from heaven and infections can mot be transmitted so easily so dont worry & bath. I opted to go with doctors, bath in river & set an example to beleive in what they say & accept. After few minutes few of staff members followed us but few went to bath in small streams in mountains.

later we sat & discussed about todays work, tomorrows plan, common problems, and colnel sir called kathmandu where all supplies were kept to send blankets, torch & whatever needed. In day time i discussed to patients about their home, family and village & reported the condition to colnel sir & Dr. Swaraj & Dr. Saroj Dhital.

In night I spoke with Mr. Brijesh (an expert in Infection control from Nayati), He told me small things about life that i should always focus & be a good doctor. He also explained me to be careful and how dangerous small medical mistakes can  be in field for workers.

Later i came to know that a team of Non medicos amd a team of medicos from bangladeshi doctors camp went trekking in villages on high mountains to treat & distibute medicine to them who were unable to come. We had more than 450 patients that day in Nayati camp only, everybody was tired. We slept later and sound of flowing river, under full moon white light felt so calm.
In evening i heard a sound of big rock falling down and a single shock went in ground below me, it was a landslide at a distance. In night again an earthquake came.

Working Day 2
I woke up late, around 6 am. got fresh, took breakfast and ready. Dr. Bhaskar & Dr. sohan were getting ready for trekking on high mountain villages with Dr. Bikram, Dr. Raj & their guides Prem & Krishna from Bhotenamlang village.
I asked to join them, but Dr. Bhaskar instructed me that i am needed more at camp today & he was right.
Patients rushed that day from very early in morning. There were many injured people, cases of fractures, Joint dislocation, and injuries, and they all came from very far, walking themself with swollen wounds in very strong pain.
We were very busy that day, Dr. Rubee & one other doctor from bangladeshi team & Dr. Manoj & Dr. Guru treated them all. Mr. Brijesh, Mr. Anup, & Mr. Manoj worked on registration desk cheking B.P., weight & making their tickets.
Pharmacist were busy dispensing medicine. Colnel sir & Mr. harish were busy diatributing Blankets & torches & our cook was busy in feeding all those patients who were humgry. I was working with Mr. Vikash & assisited him in minor surgeries, Sutures, Injection, & also helped patients to communicate with team, washed their wounds, took them to X-ray Unit and Informed patients about jivan jal (O.R.S.) and hygiene of wounds. Dharan team was collaborating with us and was doing a very good job of communicating patients with doctors & managed them in line & gave them O.R.S. that we made and water to drink.

later at 4.30 we were free, we had around 800 patients that day.
I went with Dr. Guru for bath & had biggest adventure of my life there. We went holindg each other hands, in middle of Tippini power plant dam by walking on big & very slippery stones in fast flowing water and we slept there on the dam & the flow of water was vibrating our bodies very fast & pressure was very high, water looked like milk & God’s blessing from high mountains was flowing on us. We were there for half hour.

After that i reported all information i had collected from talking to patients to our colnel sir, Dr. Swaraj.

That day in afternoon i also met a person from kathmandu, he was an israel native and was staying in kathmandu from last 12 years and studying buddhism. He went with his few friends & little first aid 3 days ago, and after walking 2 days they reached langarche & he told it can be amazing if our team can help injured people there, lots of them are injured.
I assured him to convey that information to Colnel sir & Dr. swaraj & asked him to write a note so that i can give it to a team IsraAid which came that day from Israel, so he wrote in Hibrew & his contact no. on a page i had. I also gave him a note, my fathers no., my name & a message “I am Safe”.
i asked him to tell that message when he get network.
I took picture of letter in camer, showed to colnel sir, & Dr. Swaraj & passed it to IsraAid team leader. And asked our registration team about langarche patients & they said around 60% were from Langarche, i felt happy inside.

Later that night after having Roti, & Dal in dinner i walked to second camp location with Aashim who was from Daharan team. We completed documentation of patients that our trekking team had treated today & returned back to camp around 11.30. We went to sleep because we were very tired & he had too much back ache, he cmae without permission from her sis & mom but they were proud now.

Working Day 3
I woke up early, got ready fast, was happy that i was useful there & excited to go for trekking with Dr. Guru, Dr. Mangal, Dr. Shiva, & Dr. Ghanshyam, Our guide was Shanta didi who had been working from 20 years as a health worker in tippini school, & treated people from 10 V.D.C.s that were there.

I had packed Paracetamol & Betadine bottles & it was around 15 kg, and 1 jacket, 1 torch, and 2 bottles chlorinated water in jacket pockets. we started from tippini school & went till jatan, it was difficult & tiring. we sweat like rain & best support we had was ORS packets & water. We used minimum ORS because it was for patients & kept those 3 packets in my pocket on instruction by a doctor so that not make that not to pollute that beautiful area.
In Jatan we saw some injured patients, & some who had diarrhea or cold. But some were there who lost there family memebers. They didnt had food, lost their house, eyes were teary & very sad. Dr. Guru spoke & Others helped patients to communicate & feel better. People who lost family memebers had Post Traumatic Syndrome, & so sad that some rehected to take any medicine, some People needed Rice as they had nothing to cook but we didnt had, One family was cooking Ghido (porridge like thing) because they didnt had anything to eat except that. Then after few patients Dr. Guru & Dr. Mangal planned to make 2 teams & treat as many patients possible. Though our target was only Jatan but others also needed medicine, the condidtion was very pity there.

So I came with Dr. Mangal & Shanta didi. Our destination was farthest Village Barua, Second last Village before large snow clad mountains & napal china border. Our biggest problem was to move fastest we could so that we can treat maximum and return on time. We started intantly & planned to meet at jatan school with Dr. Guru team where they will come treating people in way & treat people of jatan at school & we will return to school, meet them and go back to camp.

while going towards Barua we reached to Jatan school, people were staying there together, & some were doing worship in a room for dead family members, they were buddhist. Some were cooking food & they had a mat that seems like where they had kept all eatables, & it was not to last for much time.

we kept moving & after some distance saw a buddhist temple that was fallen on ground, but one statue of god buddha was there totally safe and only few inches from the fallen stones & walls.
we took blessing & kept walking, waited in between for 2 minutes, saw scenery & Shanta didi told us location of different villages. We had a packet of chow chow that we shared & ate and  we also ate 1 small trekkers bar. We moved again and stopped only when reached to our patients in Barua. In between we slipped many times & each one was dangerous. It was my first ever trekking experience. We saw landslide happening on another hill very high, Saw beautiful fountain cracks that will be having water in rainy days, snow clad mountains, small villages on distant hills, and crossed extremely dangerous path which was cracked at some places & at one place it was land slide on left, many hundred feet deep on right & thin path in bitween, felt very dangerous. I had never been so close to life on mountains.

I had seen documentary of sarla thapa  on youtube about nepali villages in mountains & all things were quite same.

When we entered the village condition was very serious, 200 people died in that small village and only one house left, and kids were so dehydrated due to diarrhea. we gave them medicine, did dressing of wounds, asked few of them to go to tippini helth camp, explained about ORS (jivam jal) and analysed one thing, those living near their broken houses had diarrhea and those living away had common cold, may be because those away had no proper prevention from cold nights & those near home had infection from rotting stuff in house. Condition was very bad, people knew very less about hygiene & infection. It felt like dehydrated kids are dying in their lap. I feel tears when i remember that.

After meeting nearly every patient we met health worker at that V.D.C., we gave her some medicine, bandage, etc. for patients whom we treated & thanked her, and returned. We came to tippini school from where Dr. Guru’s team went to another village so we continued & came back to camp at 5.30. I reported to colnel sir about the condition & what we were able to do.

I went with Dr. Sohan & Dr. Bhaskar, took bath in river & then wrote our ptients record on another copy & sent it to Dr. Mangal, Then while returning with Dr. Sohan & Dr. Bhaskar met a team om the way, one of their vehicle’s had some problem so doctors took their team to nayati camp & they stayed there for sometime & had dinner till then i took some instruments from our team for their vehicle & stayed there with few of their teammates & talked about situation. One of them had network in mobile so i spoke to my father that i am safe here, learning & all good. Then they went & i came back to my camp & Sat near river with Mr. Brijesh & talked with him & sometime with aashim & then left to sleep. In day time Aashim’s team toom out that ox from river & a dead rotting buffalo from a house, cremated both with respect & covered with soil.

Working day 4
I woke up early morning & like every day said good morning to colnel sir & other teammates, got ready & went to second camp & copied Patients records that Dr. Guru’s team had treated. Bangladeshi Doctors team was going. Dr. Swaraj, Dr. Dhital everyone was going. When i returned i saw, Dharan team also going, i said good bye & safe journey to every one, took contacts of some of them & got busy in my work. Patients were only simple cases & most of them were not injured. Later we started packing at 2.30 when patient flow was very few & then we were done by 6. I handed over my diary to colnel sir & he gave me a written certificate for my work, i had dinner at 7pm & slept at 8pm too early than daily Mr. Brijesh was ill so he and few others also slept early. Colnel Sir, Doctors, and other teammates enjoyed dinner & bonefire & sang songs & everybody slept.
we always shared our dinner with Dharan team & local villagers, dharan team also gave us chow-chow & we distributed 2 truck loads of torch, medicine, blankets, tent materials, etc. Served around 2100 patients, i made many friends there, learned alot and extremely impressed with people i was working there.

Last day-
return journey
I started from tippini early morning in car with Dr. Guru, Dr. Bhaskar & Dr. Sohan, shiva namskartha mantra song was playing in car that was coming down from mountains by side of fast river & lots of greenery & big trees & peace & rarely any human. Dr. Guru was meditating & two others were very calm & peaceful & that place felt like god’s home.
We stopped at zero kilo as planned but them left because nobody was there, reached kathmandu & cracked many jokes all the way. I also asked all small questions i was confused about in field. We reached our location at kathmandu, in kalanki. One of our ambulance had a patient whose foot had gangrene so Dr. Sohan & Dr. Bhaskar planned to go with her & her guardian to admit her for good treatment, i went to room to meet teammates, Spoke to Dr. Shubhank for return journey, he is very caring so was worried about me. I said good bye to Colnel sir, Dr. Manoj, Mr. Harish, Mr. Manoj, Mr. vikash, Mr. Anup, Mr. Baldev & all other teammates, and finally i met with Dr. Guru, Dr. sohan, Dr. Bjaskar & Mr. Brijesh said a final good bye, but felt to stay with them more, so i ran out before any tears & asked for a mini bus, I had only 630 Rs & bus fare was 600 so i sat & started my journey, dong know why but i didnt wanted to ask for money, i had enough & i was sure they will use all their money for people who need it most. I was very hungry, tired, sleepy. Mini bus stopped at a place to eat, i searched my bag 2-3 times because i remembered  that there was some money and suddenly i got 200 Rs. I ate kheer 1 plate, Chow chow 1 plate, 1 real juice, 2 full bottle water all at once & went back to my seat. I slept there, & finally woke up 2 hours later. we were late because there was a truck accident on road behind & later our car tire wad puncture so i informed Dr. shubhank about this. I had passed him a contact no. of passenger who was sitting near me so he was in touch. later i reached Bhutwal at 11 PM. He was there with Ravindra bhaia to receive me & they offered me dinner & stay at home but i requested that i want to go sleep on my bed as i am too tired. on they way i told them the story in brief & assured i was comfortable because they were very serious & worried about me.

When i enterd my room i compared it to that place & it was heaven, i prayed for people there to get atleast shelter & food, my roomies Ajit, Rupesh & Chandan, & my brother Ravi welcomed me. I ate lots of laddu that ajit’s mom had sent & i slept..

i finished this story with tears, but i am proud, my friends family & everybody proud of me.

Now the big question is that nobody knew it may be so dangerous but do i need to think next time that should i go in situation like this or not?

Answer is “NO”. all i need is my fathers’s permissiom whom i beleive will always do if i want to do good.

Thanks for lifetime to
Papa & Mum,
Dr. Tshering Lama
Dr. Swaraj Rajbhandari
Dr. Saroj Dhital
Colnel S. C. Bhatt
Dr. Guru Prasad
Dr. Bhaskar Rajkumar
Dr. Sohan
Dr. Manoj
Dr. Rolina Dhital
Dr. Manoj Magar
Dr. Shubhank Singh
Mr. Brijesh
Mr. Alok Pandey
Mr. Rvindra Pati Tripathi
Mr. Avanish Singh

& my college U.C.M.S. Bhairahawa, all my Respected teachers, teammates of Indo Nepal Doctors Association, Nayati charitable trust, Nepal resident Bangladeshi Doctor’s team, Childreach nepal, Dharan Unity society, and all others who helped.

Doctors’ Humane effort at Nepal Earthquake epicentre


& thanks to everyone who is working anywhere for good, and my message for everyone is that though i felt situations difficult because i have never been so close to mountains but simple precautions are enough to save you & you can then very easily work & help people in those remote areas.
It was an very happy movement when team was able to save a critical patient to kathmandu by helicopter in sindhupalchowk camp.

The knowledge i gained was helpful for me to help planning & working in 5 more camps by INDA team (Indo Nepal Doctors Association) helping 1000 patients in remotest areas in Nuwakot & Dolkha, with

Prof. Suman Lata Shrivastava
Dr. Shubhank Singh (President INDA)
Dr. Ravindra Tripathi
Dr. Alok Pandey
Dr. Avanish Singh
Dr. Shubhas Gupta
Dr. Ashish Tiwari
& my classmate & bravest friend
Dr. Smita shah.

INDA team had already helped 5000 victims in Gorkha for 12 days from 27th april 2015.