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After Honorable SC order on 18th June, 2014 about extended 3rd round of All India PG medical counseling, next date of hearing for the case  “DR FRAZ NASEEM & ORS VS. UNION OF INDIA & ORS” was listed for hearing on 30/06/2014. Date of 30th June, 2014 was for hearing in front of regular bench of SC. ACA (AIPGMEE Counseling AID) Facebook page had mentioned in posts that they are going to file a petition in SC on for punishment for seat blockers. But like before, they have kept details of this case a secret.Following are details of what i found on SC website:

SC website has published final cause list of 30/06/2014 and it included this case “DR FRAZ NASEEM & ORS VS. UNION OF INDIA & ORS, W.P.(C) NO. 433/2013 X A/N-H 6TH LISTING” with “AKSHAY SINDHU & ORS VS. U.O.I & ORS (WITH OFFICE REPORT) W.P.(C) NO. 716/2013 X  124,0,0 S. (4001) and “LIPIKA GUPTA & ANR VS. U.O.I & ORS (FOR DIRECTIONS AND IMPLEADMENT AND IMPLEADMENT AS PARTY RESPONDENT AND STAY AND OFFICE REPORT), I.A.NO.4 IN W.P.(C) NO. 737/2013 X  124,0,0 S. (4100)”. Final cause list of SC  for date 30/06/2014 can be found here.

I cannot find any details whether this case had hearing on 30/06/2014 or not.

On checking the site on 1st July, 2014 i saw that case details had it listed for hearing on 2nd July, 2014. On checking supplementary cause list of same it was confirmed. Supplementary list for Wednesday the 2nd July, 2014 can be found here.

Since evening of 2nd July, 2014 this case listing details says ” There are No Further Orders of Listing” and case history and orders section  is also not updated. I will update as soon as any order is posted on SC website. Also the case is not listed for hearing on 3rd or 4th July, 2014 supplementary of final cause list of SC.

Most probable reason I think ACA group is not updating on case proceedings in that they have lost the case about penalty for blockers and they want as many students to voluntarily resign as possible before last date of resignation which is 4th July, 2014 up to 5 pm. This seems obvious as if they update about the lost case, many students who are fearing of penalty will resign from their unwanted seats, which will be eventually transferred to respective states. If the case was won by them, they would have definitely updated everyone as that would have prevented so-called seat blockers from resigning from their allotted seats, which they do not want to happen to prevent seats transfer to states. So most probably ACA will update everyone about the case on 4th July, 2014 evening after 5 pm i.e. last date of resignation from All India quota seats. Also it doesn’t seem possible for penalty for blockers retrospectively as there should be some prior notice before any kind of penalty is announced.

If anyone has any other information about this case, please comment below.

Update: On 3rd July 2014, court order dated 30/06/2014 was published on SC website. Order states “As one of us (Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.K.Sikri) has some difficulty in hearing these matters, Registry is directed to post these writ petitions before some other Bench. In view of the urgency involved in these matters as stated by the counsel for the Medical Council of India, the Registry is directed to post these matters on 2nd July, 2014.”
A Copy of order dated 30/06/2014 is attached to this post.

Update 2: On 3rd July 2014 morning the order dated 02/07/2014 was listed on SC website but it was a copy of order dated 30/06/2014. On evening of same day that order was updated and details have emerged.
Case order dated 02/07/2014 is regarding Rajasthan Pre medical test, Delay in PMT results by 2 days from 05/07/2014 as notified earlier of SC delay in 1st round of counseling for Gujarat state.
There is no mention of even topic of penalty for blockers, leave aside the order for penalty.
So it’s now final that there will be no penalty for candidates who resign from their All India Quota PG medical seats for whichever reason before notified date of 04/07/2014 up to 5 pm.

Copy of SC order dated 02/07/2014 is attached to this post.