On 18/06/2014 there was hearing for the case Writ Petition (Civil) No(s). 433/2013. As official Supreme Court website was not updated regarding order of the hearing, many people posted on Facebook groups that there will be no 4th Round of PG medical AIPG 2014 counseling by talking to their friends in AIPGMEE 2014 Counseling Aid (ACA) Facebook page. Now SC website has order dated 18/06/2014 regarding hearing on same day. Copy of order is attached to this post.

Quoting SC order “Because of alleged non-adherence to the schedule prescribed in the order dated 14th March, 2014, modification thereof has been necessitated. Learned counsel appearing for the States of Maharashtra and Gujarat state that the first round of counseling Page No.3 of 5 has already been completed and there are no vacancies. As far as the other three States, namely, Assam, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are concerned, we direct that the second counseling, if necessary, shall be completed by 23rd June, 2014. These States shall specifically and categorically mention the vacancies that have arisen even subsequent to the second counseling. Since the students are expected to act as per the choice indicated by them in the second counseling, one further day would be required for their paying the requisite fees, etc. In other words, by 25th June, 2014, it would be clear as to how many vacancies have arisen on that date. Accordingly, the candidates in the All India Quota will thereafter exercise their choice by way of extended third round of counseling which shall have to be completed by 27th June, 2014. Since the commencement of the Academic Session is contemplated on 30th June, 2014 for the Academic Year 2014-2015, this will enable the States to fill up the vacancies that may result from the All India Quota not being utilized. This will also safeguard the interests of the institutions concerned who are logically aggrieved by the fact that the seats should not go unutilized in any institution. Adequate publicity by way of advertisement as well as on the website shall be carried out by all the States concerned.”

Analyzing this order, SC has directed 3 states namely Assam, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh to finish conducting 2nd round by 23rd June, 2014 and publish vacancies arising after 2nd round by 25th June, 2014.

After this an extended 3rd round (also called 4th round) of All India  PG medical counseling shall be completed by 27th June, 2014. This is unlike posts by people who are saying there will be no 4th round. After 3rd round seats will be transferred to states but SC order doesn’t mention whether date of transferring seats to states has been extended as well from present 19th June, 2014. But court order does mention that last date of joining i.e. 19th June, 2014 for 3rd round of AIPG 2014 counseling has been modified. Order states “We clarify that the last date for joining of candidates allotted seats in the All India Quota, which has been fixed on 19th June, 2014, stands modified by the schedule laid down by us in the present order.”

Now many people are angry why ACA people are not updating on Facebook regarding this order. AS per my understanding they will not inform anyone and spread false information that there will be no 4th round so that many students will resign from their seats by 19th, June and   more seats will be available for extended 3rd round of counseling.

So those who want to participate in extended 3rd round should not resign from their seats until confirmation my MCC (Medical Counseling Committee) and wait for further details.

If any doubts, questions or correction regarding my analysis comment below.