Reportedly a camera was found in the obstetrics Operation theatre (OT) female changing room on 19/08/2016 by a first-year resident doctor from the emergency unit with recording on it. The phone had been strategically placed in a cardboard box hanging from the wall meant for used OT caps. This box had holes in  it for the recordings to take place. The first year resident saw a few recordings, got scared and ran to RR to inform her seniors. By the time they went the servant had deleted recent videos and locked the phone. The phone was confiscated and security was informed about the same. The dean was informed and a FIR will be lodged.

MARD (MAHARASHTRA ASSOCIATION OF RESIDENT DOCTORS), Seth G.S. Medical College, K.E.M. Hospital & Allied Hospitals, Mumbai has written a letter to Dean for Strict action and Immediate intervention on incidence happened in Obstetric OT on 19/08/2016, 4.30pm.

Contents of the letter are as follows:

Respected Sir,
This is to bring your notice that shocking incidence has happened in Obstetric OT yesterday. The Hidden mobile camera was found in changing room of Obstetrics OT which was placed there by Servant in the same OT.
We are worried about privacy and safety part of our Faculty, Female residents of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesia, Neonatology, Surgery, Nursing staff and other doctors who use this Changing room.
We request you to consider our following demands for immediate action:-

  1. We demand to lodge the FIR against the said accused by the administration as per order
    from Medical Education Ministry.
  2. All people involved in the above incident should be booked under cyber crime law.
  3. Expedition of investigative procedure to determine the extent of the offence and all
    those involved in it.
  4. Immediate suspension of all those involved in this offence from the Obstetric
    operation theatre.
  5. Replace all the Obstetric OT Servants with the verified servants.
  6. Enumeration of the measures that will be taken to prevent any such incidence in
    future and provide safety measures for all.
  7. We demand Additional Side Rooms (Currently there is only one Side Room),
    Wash Rooms (Currently there is only One common Wash Room for 6 Wards)
  8. Changing Rooms in all Operation Theatres should be completely closed for privacy

KEM MARD camera in changing room of OT

This is an uncondemnable incidence and MARD demands strict action against
Servant and such entities in work lace.

MARD has asked all the doctors to spread the news to female  anaesthetists and staff nurses and whoever has possibly used the obstetrics OT female changing room.