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Dr. KK Aggarwal, the National General Secretary of IMA India, had drafted letter in the first week of May and sent it to I&B Minister, Arun Jaitley, regarding a complaint against Akshay Kumar starrer Gabbar is Back. The latest on this matter is that the medical association might drag CBFC to court, as they allowed certain scenes to pass that showed the medical profession in bad light.

The issue is regarding a particular scene in the film, where a doctor was shown treating a dead patient just to extract more amount from the deceased’s family. Dr. Aggarwal demanded a disclaimer at the beginning of the film, stating that the particular scene only points to a few ignoble people and not relate to the entire medical fraternity. “If that doesn’t happen, then we would urge doctors to ban not only this movie but all other Akshay Kumar films that will release in future”, he added.

The reply to the notice stated that CBFC had passed the film only after critical examination of every scene. After receiving the reply, Dr. Aggarwal said, “The producers have told us that the film is a work of fiction and also had a disclaimer at the beginning. So we can’t say anything to them. We have also sent a notice to the Censor Board asking why they have let the scene pass. Our legal team has advised that we wait for their reply till the month end or else we will move the court against CBFC”.