Notice of Exemption of Credit Hours for Registration by Medical Council

For renewal of Registration CME Credit hours exempted to following registered medical practitioners :

Exemption of Credit Hours for Registration by Medical Council

Exemptions from credit points

All the below mentioned categories of exemption and doctors after completing 70 years of age are exempted from credit points but renewal is mandatory.


1. Ministers

2. Indian Administrative Services Officers (I.A.S)

3. Vice Chancellor of Health University

4. Dean of Medical College

5. Director of Medical Education & Research

6. Director Health Sciences.

7. Doctors working with Armed Forces.

8. In special cases, chairman MMC on recommendation of MMC member, can give rebate or exemption from credit points.

Details of 70 years

Exemptions Criteria Doctors after completing 70 years will be exempted from credit hours but renewal is mandatory.

Doctors will have to attend till they complete 70 years of age. e.g A doctor born in March 1945 will have to attend CMEs till March 2015

Exemption of Credit Hours for Registration

Exemption of Credit Hours for Registration by Medical Council


1. ONLINE CME- For doctors residing in Maharashtra state up to 20 % online CMEs which are approved by the MMC in complete 5 years (Maximum 6 in five years) will be considered. Only doctors residing out of state or out of country will be allowed 100 % online credit points or given equivalence for the CMEs they have attended. Till the time MMC starts its own online CME program, organizations will be approved to conduct online CME’s on case to case basis by MMC.

2. Out of State/Country Conferences, Research paper, Books publications- Equivalence formula – Max 4 points for National Conf held by recognized specialty association like API.ASI.FOGSI etc. maximum 2 points for any other conf or workshop. Maximum 4 points for publishing textbook,3 for other book on his subject speciality,2 for original research paper in indexed journals or state, national conferences. Abroad conferences or online credit points are very varied-maximum 3 points can be awarded looking into content and credibility of conference /CME.

3. All medical teachers and PG students in MCI recognized institutes will get TWO credit points per six months term. They will have to produce a certificate to that effect from the institutional head.

4. Medical Officers-All the official training programs conducted by DHS will be granted credit points as per prescribed norms. DHS should inform prior the details of training programs well in advance to MMC to avail points.

5. It will be responsibility of the organization arranging the CME to deposit the requisite MMC dues as prescribed. Clearance of dues will only permit the organization to arrange the next CME.

6. Online / preferred application will have to be made preferably one month in advance. Minimum 15 days in advance application will be required. President or members with delegated powers will have power to waive this time limit in some specific circumstances.