Strike of JJ hospital resident doctors continues even on the 3rd day. It is widely reported in media about the strike/ mass bunk of resident doctors. Resident doctors are demanding the resignation of Dean, Dr. TP Lahane and Ophthalmology department HOD, Dr. Ragini Parekh. This is in view of the mental torture and no teaching by teachers to the resident doctors.

Now resident doctors of Ophthalmology department has come out with this video to bring out their harassment incidences to public. Doctors are claiming that they are not allowed to take leaves, asked to fill up files only, a doctor with medical problem is not allowed to work even though he is medically fit, a teacher almost hit a female residents doctor with her chappal – she was called pervert in front of her parents and in-laws, threatened to cancel their registration, abuses like “Bhadva” being used, blame of complications in the surgery due to mistakes of senior teachers are dumped on the residents and are asked to write apology letters for the same – which they sign in pressure, when doctors ask for doing surgeries they are asked to do it on their parents only, there are no teaching activities or journal clubs which are part of MCI curriculum, residents are not allowed to do even minor procedures and are being threatened that they will be failed and their registration will be cancelled.

In view of MedicosPlexus team, this is pathetic level at which teachers of ophthalmology dept and dean of JJ hospital has gone and such kind of people should not be in higher posts of any medical college. Resident doctors are future specialist doctors, if they are not taught anything how will they treat the patients in future? Who is responsible for any wrong with happening to patients? The demand for resident doctors should be met and both HOD and Dean should be transferred to some non- teaching hospital.

0 thoughts on “Inhumane Behaviour with JJ Hospital Ophthalmology Resident Doctors Comes Out

  1. Dr Shrikanth says:

    Strongly support the resident doctors. Some psycho teachers in some colleges are so inhuman that they deny basic among basic human rights to students. As a ophthalmologist I support these students and I urge MCI to bring laws to strengthen the basic human rights and conditions where residents work

  2. Leena says:

    It is the right of resident doctors to be given opportunity to learn in government run teaching medical institutes. No dean or HOD has any authority to deny residents such rights. In fact they should take pride in teaching their students and encourage them to become exemplary doctors who would make their institution proud!

  3. Dr anup mandal says:

    I strongly support ophth residents and appreciate steps taken by them….myself and my Co PGs has also gone through same kind of humiliation. These kind of sick people deserves to be jailed their transfers is not enough.this time show them their places.

  4. dr. shrikant says:

    as a ophthalmology resident, i strongly support residents
    for their strike, raise your voice for this inhumane behavior.