Dr. Vijay Kubihal Rank 1 in PGI, Rank 4 in DNB January 2016

Dr. Vijay Kubihal has secured Rank 1 in PGI, Rank 4 in DNB CET and Rank 16 in JIPMER January 2016 session exams. He has done his MBBS from Karnataka Institute of medical science.
Update on 05/02/2016: Dr. Vijay Kubihal scored rank 7th in AIPGMEE 2016.


Q. In what year did you pass out your MBBS (Completion of Internship)?

Ans. 2015.

Q. What were your MBBS percentage marks (aggregate or final year)?

Ans. 74.22

Q. What ranks had you secured in any previous PG medical entrance exams you gave?

Ans. Rank 90 in May JIPMER.

Q. Could you please tell us something about yourself?

Ans. I am basically from Hubli, Karnataka. Did my schooling and MBBS in Hubli itself. My family is supportive and encouraging and helped me throughout my preparation phase. I was average in my school days but luckily I did good in MBBS. I secured highest for my college for continuous 1st 3 years and secured highest in 5 subjects as anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, ENT and surgery. I am grateful to My teachers at KIMS who laid stepping stones for my success in entrance.

Q. What is the secret of your success?

Ans. I think there is no secret in my success. With good orientation and concepts I think everyone can crack entrance well. Dedication and craze for cracking entrance is what is needed. And I always felt its your own ways which u adopt to crack the exams will help rather than anybody else’s advice which may sometimes not suit you. So it’s always about you.

Q. How was your internship?

Ans. My internship was same as with other government colleges. Some postings were hectic some cooler. But it is fun altogether when u have good company of friends. Enjoyed those days a lot.

 Q. When did you seriously start preparing for the entrance exam?

Ans.  I Started my entrance preparation after my internship after I joined bright institute and Bhatia bangle.

Q. How many hours did you study each day? How long do you think students need to prepare for cracking PG medical entrance exams?

Ans. I think hours doesn’t matter. Some days went good some days went without reading. I always felt it’s not necessary to overburden myself with time restrictions. Read how you feel comfortable with but sufficient enough required for cracking entrance.☺️

Q. Which books did you read for the theory part?

Ans. In my MBBS days, I did not read many standard books. I read Anatomy – BDC, Physiology – AK Jain, Biochemistry – u Satyanarayana Pathology – Robins/ Harsh Mohan, Pharmacology – K D Tripathi, Microbiology – Ananthnarayana, Forensics – Narayan Reddy, PSM – Park ENT – Dhingra, Ophthalmology – Khurana, Medicine – Davidson/Matthew’s, Obgy – Dutta and Shaws, Surgery- Manipal/SRB Orthopaedics – Maheshwari

Q. Which books did you read for MCQs revision? Which revision books were the most productive and which were least?

Ans. During pg preparation I read only MCQ books like Anat biochem physio forensic PSM, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Skin — Arvind Arora Ped Arvind Arora Pathology, Pharmacology — Gobind Garg and Sparsh Gupta Microbiology — Rachana Chaurasia, ENT — Shibu George, Medicine — Mudit Khanna, Surgery– Amit Ashish, Obgy — Punit Bhojani Orthopedics  — Apurv Mehra.

Q. Which subjects did you focus on?

Ans. I read all with equal importance in 1st reading and later I tailored my reading to subjects which I thought I didn’t remember much. They were mostly 1st and 2nd-year subjects. Class notes of coaching institute were very helpful in quick revision.

Q. What were your study methods? How many revisions did you do for each subject? Did you make any changes in your study methods in your recent attempts?

Ans.  I never restricted myself by time so read till I understood it almost completely or at least made sure I remember it till exams☺️. It slowed me and so I did not complete my 2 nd revision too. So I think technique of remembering and understanding is more important than number of revisions

Q. Did you do any special preparation for image-based questions?

Ans. No, i didn’t do any special preparation for image-based questions. Literally did none except for those discussed among friends in Whatsapp.????

Q. What was your strategy for the exam day? How many questions did you attempt and why? How many do you think you got correct?

Ans. I well slept the night before exam day and tried remaining calm without stressing out.
In PGI, I attempted all questions except 10 but I don’t remember the number of options marked and number correct. In DNB and NEET marked all. And JIPMER 236.

Q. Do think there should be a different strategy for preparation of different entrance exams like AIIMS-PG or PGI?

Ans. I didn’t really do any different preparation. But sure there might be.

Q. Did you join any classes or test series? Was it useful?

Ans. Yes, I joined regular batch at bright institute Bhatia at Bangalore and it was very much useful.

Q. Who or what influenced you to take up Medicine?

Ans. It was an accident I guess. I got good ranking in both med and engineering in KCET, Karnataka. Few advised medical and few engineering. At last, it was medical. But now I am happy I did so

Q. In which field do you want to specialize in? why?

Ans. My options were radiodiagnosis, medicine, or dermatology. I opted radiodiagnosis at PGI. I felt it is mysterious and interesting????

Q. What seat have you been allotted in counselling? Did you join?

Ans. I took radiodiagnosis at PGI and yes I did join.

Q. What is your advice to future aspirants?

Ans. Be dedicated. Work on it well but never overburdens yourself. Tailor your reading for what suits you.

Q. Indian PG entrances are highly competitive, so to crack them students end up in appearing for multiple PG exams with some of them having the same exam with different slots and papers, please extend your views on this and their pros and cons of appearing in multiple PG entrances.

Ans. There is nothing wrong in writing multiple pg entrance exams. I wrote too. If u crack in earlier exam next exams will be for fun to write. If not coming exams will be a hope.

We are ending this interview with our hearty congratulations and best wishes for future to this talented person, Dr. Vijay Kubihal.


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