Medical officer jobs at Ruby Hall clinic Pune


Job post : Medical officer – ICU & critical care

Educational qualification : MBBS

Work experience : 0-5 years of experience post internship. ICU & critical care experience preferred

Location : Ruby Hall clinic Pune

Job description :

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Responsibility for administrative duties (e.g. review of results of investigations, patient records) which arise as a consequence of these clinical duties.

Arrange for appropriate investigations to be carried out and formulate of a working differential diagnosis

RMO will be responsible for providing medical care, documentation of care in patient file in each shift.

RMO will write referrals, investigations, APACHE II, death forms, death summary and case summaries including DAMA and discharge on request.

RMO will take round with the Intensivist and the treating/-admitting consultant, at the convenience of the consultant.

RMO will attend all calls from Emergency and wards including code blue calls as the need arises.

RMO will immediately respond to the mobile, PA system etc. (Emergency Medical System) of the hospital.

RMO will attend all code blue and trauma level I calls in the hospital immediately.

RMO will attend the Mass Casualty Incidents coming to the hospital even when he is not on duty reporting directly to the incident command officer or the hierarchy as the need may arise.

RMO will actively participate in academic and research programmes run by the department.

RMO will represent the department of Critical Care Medicine at various scientific forums.

Will need to participate in intra-hospital as well as inter hospital patient transfers

How to apply :

Email resume at [email protected]

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