DMER has published recommendation list For PG Degree Bonded Services (passed in Summer-2014). Notification is for ALLOTMENT OF GOVERNMENT BONDED SERVICES for Post Graduate Candidates passed in Summer 2014.

Following points are included in the list:

1. The recommendation letter to respective (aforesaid bonded) candidate will be e-mailed by 01/09/2014.
2. The recommended candidate should report and join the allotted Institute from 02/09/2014 to 10/09/2014.
3. In-case if the Post for aforesaid candidate is already filled by previous batch Bonded Candidate and who has not yet completed the Bond service then the concerned Head of the Institute will allow previous batch Bonded Candidate to complete his/her stipulated Bond Service. The aforesaid recommended Candidate will be allowed to join after completion of the Bond Service of previous batch Bonded Candidate.
4. The Head of the Institute will report the status (Joined/Not Joined) of the aforesaid recommended Candidate(s) and previous batch Bonded Candidate(s) (if any) to DMER with clear remarks by 18/09/2014.
5. The Candidate(s) who fail to join the recommended Vacant Post within the prescribed schedule will be liable for Penal Action as per the rules mentioned in PGM-CET Brochure at the time of their admission for Medical Post Graduate course.
6. The recommendation list is subject to change on account of vacancy position / litigation (if any).

Click here to view recommendation list for PG bond Allotment for Summer 2014


Update: A revised recommendation list for PG bond Allotment for Summer 2014 is now available on DMER website. Click here to download it.