PG Medical Counselling

Every year after doing hard work of months and years students clear entrance exams to enter post-graduate (PG) medical course of their liking. After hard work of clearing the exams students face another dilemma of which subject to choose or in a subject of their liking, which institute to choose from hundreds of medical institutes all over India. It is not practically possible for students to know details about each and every institute in India. Here I am going to tell you few tricks of how to choose an institute over other just by looking at previous year’s counselling allotment lists. Tricks lies in the fact that many students have already researched about institutes before taking admission out there and after taking admission they may leave that institute for some other institute for various reasons. Reasons could be things like talking to residents of the joined institutes and them helping the student in knowing the quality of teaching or patient load in that institute which could help students in determining whether they should retain the seat or apply for upgradation. Also residents know about other institutes and their quality which might also be helpful for the student. A thing to remember is that if a student gets a good seat from a good institute then he/she will always retain it and not apply for upgradation in subsequent rounds. Following are few example of interest I have taken from National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) PG 2013  counselling but these tricks apply to all counsellings like AIPGMEE, AIIMS, DNB, DNB PD-CET, FNB, PGI, JIPMER, state levels counselling  or any other medical counselling for that matter.

MD Radiodiagnosis from LTMC to GSMC

In this example Rank 29 of NEET PG 2013 has chosen to upgrade MD Radio-Diagnosis from LT Medical College, Mumbai to Seth GS Medical college. This a a widely known fact for students from Mumbai or Maharashtra that GSMC is better than LTMC but it might be not known to a student who are not from Maharashtra. So this seat upgradation from LTMC to GSMC shows that that student has preferred GSMC over LTMC in preference form filling and it’s logical to believe that GSMC is better than LTMC when it comes to MD Radio-Diagnosis.

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    123 thoughts on “PG Medical Counselling: Tricks of Giving Preference to Institutes

    1. Dr. Shiv says:

      Thanks Dr. Koli.. Can you plz post an update on the names of the colleges with MD Radio and MD Derma, based on their merit…

    2. Dr. p mahrsh says:

      Hai sir, if we do dnb radiotherapy, are there any super special city’s to do?
      Packages after doing dnb radiotherapy? Plz help me sir.

    3. jitendra cgourasiya says:

      Sir ur awesome…u r helping out majority of every aspect..thanx a lot sir..salute

    4. Birendra singh says:

      my daughter got 737 rank in AIPG in her first attempt.she want to dropped because she wants RADIOLOGY .Please help me.

    5. Rajshekhar says:

      Pls give me a preference order for MS ortho for rank 1667. In states acc. To last year councelling in states like asaam, hp,punjaab, rajastan, bihar

    6. kumar says:

      hi sir, can u give me preference list of colleges for radiotherapy… will be helpful….thank u
      also kindly tell me what to prefer….md pulmonology in pvt institute or md radiotherapy from govt institute
      thank u

    7. neha choudhary says:

      Hello sir, I got 18745 in neet pg 2017…I am in ur category..can I get any non clinical branch in SMS medical college Jaipur…or should I repeat…plz sir guide me

    8. Ani says:

      Helo sir I got AIR 333 in neet pg 2017… is it possible for me to get MD obsgyn in new delhi? Also MAMC being the best… what comes after that for MD obsgyn? VMMC or Lady Hardinge?

    9. Geethasharma says:

      Sir I got 33231 rank in neet pg 2017..I’m SC…can u tell me what will be my category rank??can I get seat in Dnb government college for dermatology???

    10. Geetha sharma says:

      I got 33231 rank..I’m SC…can I get ophthalmology in government college???and gynaecology in private college???

    11. Jesse says:

      Sir is there a big difference in doing md from a place like delhi colleges like mamc or vmmc to doing it in institutes like trivandrum in kerala? Im from kerala. My neet rank is 181 in all india 50%

    12. Yash Paliwal says:

      Hello sir! Desi medicos has been doing a lots of commendable stuff for the medical students…
      I had a request for you… Can you please prepare a list of state universities which permit a student to pursue PG in that state via AI counselling inspite of previous PG seat lapse by the student or for those candidates who have already done pg and want to pursue pg again in other subject…
      I’d be thankful to you!
      Eg Delhi permits but maharashtra doesnt…

    13. Swarnim says:

      Sir i have 440 general category rank in neet pg..what are chances of getting md medicine in new to set priority between lady hardinge, pgims rohtak,bhu and king george. Is lady hardinge good for medicine…

    14. Dr.lohitha says:

      Sir i am pursuing MD biochemistry and want to do DM .i have checked the courses you have provided and no college hss biochemistry as eligibility.can you please help me in this regard.

    15. kamal saba says:

      Sir my rank in neet PG 2017 is 2797.. which college and course can I get at best? Kind help me in filling preference of best college nd course. Thanks.

    16. Doc 27 says:

      Sir, my neet pg 2017 rank is 1221, can I get DMRD in good colleges? Is it better to choose DMRD or MD derma or Peds?

    17. Subbu says:

      My AIR is 5500…i like general medicine…..getting a gen med md seat for this is rank is highly unlikely,but I want to fill the preference list….where can I get the list of preference colleges

    18. ching says:

      Sir my neet pg AIR is around 26k, ST category rank is 223, what are the best possible options for me at this rank?plz help

    19. P M Joshi says:

      Sir my daughter’s NEET PG AIR is 14926, UR category. Can she get clinical branch in Gov. or Private College ?

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        KEM Medicine chances are low according to me. But you never know. Also, it is best to talk to residents of those institutes to get a better idea of their institute and to know which one is better.

    20. Tanya says:

      Neet rank 9416..choice-paeds ,medicine ,ophthal ,anaes , should I put choices for all India..I should get only pharmac in state first round acc to last yr worried about in eligibility to second round all India if I leave a seat from first round…also is there chance of doms..hows the reputation and training.if followed with sec Dnb is it equivalent to ms

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Choices depend on your liking of the subject and state.
        DOMS is difficult but possible especially in private. Training depends on the institutes. If you want to do private practice then it is good.

    21. sumit says:

      my rank is 8958 in neet pg 2020 . can i get ms surgery ? please tell me the list of prefrences


      should i go for dnb surgery in delhi govt hospitals ?
      plz help

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