Today’s Hearing summary-
1.State lawyer put forward two different opinions 
a.According to medical education drug dept. they will follow the
MCI regulation of 50% diploma seat allotment for inservice 
candidate and no degree seat will be given.
b.According to public health service dept. they will consider 
inservice candidate for degree seats.(friends this maybe 
because of political pressure.)
so Judge ask to formulate substantial policy to avoid Furthur confusion for the above opinion upto Next hearing which maybe on 18th of this month.

2. Inservice lawyer says that they will get degree seats as incentive as work in remote and tribal area.

3.Our lawyer argued that there is no such special reservation in degree seats for inservice candidate & state must follow MCI regulation only.
So we have to meet Secretory of medical education and drug dept. & ask them to follow MCI regulation.