MARD doctors strike in Maharashtra for JJ Ophthalmology residents support

MAHARASHTRA ASSOCIATION OF RESIDENT DOCTORS (MARD) has made an announcement that all the resident doctors in Maharashtra will go on strike to support injustice faced by JJ Hospital Ophthalmology resident doctors. We had reported the issue in the article “Inhumane Behaviour with JJ Hospital Ophthalmology Resident Doctors Comes Out“. Resident doctors are demanding the resignation of Dean, Dr. TP Lahane and Ophthalmology department HOD, Dr. Ragini Parekh. This is in view of the mental torture and no teaching by teachers to the resident doctors. If the demands are not met then the pan-Maharashtra strike will be the result.

A letter published my MARD says “In the wake of events happening at JJ hospital in their fight  against injustice towards resident doctors, Central MARD  strongly condemns the mental harassment and denial of the  resident doctor’s rights to learn in healthy atmosphere. We demand strict action be taken against abusive faculty and  extend our full support to resident doctors of JJ hospital.  If the demand ofJJ hospital residents is not met and justice is
not served, we will go on a pan-Maharashtra Resident doctor’s  from 08/04/2016 at 8 am.”

MedicosPlexus team supports this strike and urges the authorities to fulfill demands of residents so that It will set an example for everyone, so that no resident doctor should face any injustice by their teachers.

Update: There is also a petition filed on which describes all the alleged wrongdoings of the dean of JJ Hospital i.e. Dr. T P Lahane. You can read the petition here “Truth behind the facts of a Padmashree awardee-T.P Lahane