The government of India has published a notification which states that the retirement age of doctors working in central government services has been increased to 65 years. This does not include doctors working in Central Health Service (CHS) but is retrospective in action. Doctors can hold the administrative posts till the date of attaining the age of 62 years and after which their services shall be placed in Non-Administrative positions.

This new rule will help in better patient care, proper academic activities in Medical colleges as also in the effective implementation of National Health Programmes for delivery of healthcare services.

Around 1445 doctors of various Ministries/Departments of the Central Government would be benefitted.

The rule is applicable to doctors in following services:

  • Indian Railways Medical Service
  • Central Universities and IITs (Autonomous Bodies) under Department of Higher Education
  • Major Port Trusts (Autonomous Bodies) under Ministry of Shipping
  • Administrative control of the respective Ministries/Departments [M/o of AYUSH (AYUSH Doctors)
  • Department of Defence (civilian doctors under Directorate General of Armed Forces Medical Service)
  • Department of Defence Production (Indian Ordnance Factories Health Service Medical Officers)
  • Dental Doctors under D/o Health & Family Welfare, Dental doctors under Ministry of Railways
  • Doctors working in Higher Education and Technical Institutions under Department of Higher Education

As per the notification, this decision will not have many financial implications as large number of posts are lying vacant and the present incumbents would continue to work in their existing capacity against sanctioned posts.

Previously, the age of superannuation of doctors of Central Health Service was enhanced to 65 years w.e.f 31st May 2016 and the doctors other than Central Health Service including doctors of other systems of Medicine of Central Government had requested for enhancement of age of superannuation on the ground of parity with CHS and shortage.