Dr. Vivek Jain has published all changes/ Updates/ Changes/ New Programs & Policies on some left-over topics given in Park New 23rd Edition.

Supplement book includes following topics:

  1. Categorization of H1N1 Cases in India 2014-15
  2. Mission Indradhanush 2014
  3. New Revised Guidelines for Treatment of MDR-TB and XDR-TB (RNTCP 2015)
  4. New Revised Definitions under RNTCP (2014-15)
  5. Endorsed TB Diagnostics under RNTCP 2015
  6. New Indices Used in Public Health
  7. New Post-Exposure Guidelines for HIV 2014-15 (Proposed)

It also includes Printing errors in 7th Edition Review of PSM by Dr Vivek Jain.