Save Doctors to Save yourself: If Doctors can’t be worshipped as God, then don’t condemn them as Devil too…

The recent attack on Drs in JJ hospital is horrifying and should be condemned by every1. The Govt. Should take stringent action against the perpetrators.
It reminds me the golden words of The then Hon. President of India who also his deep concern over attacks on Doctors…. While speaking at the inauguration of the Indian Institute of Liver and Digestive Sciences (IILDS), Kolkata, the Hon. (Ex.) President Pranab Mukherjee described attacks on Doctors and Hospitals as “unacceptable” attacks on doctors and vandalisation of hospitals by angry relatives of patients, saying they too have some responsibilities to ensure a better healthcare system.At the same time, he urged medical professionals to bring in that “human touch”, saying a smiling face can cure a thousand lives….What we have to beat is our wrong mindset, and not the doctors… The Law has taken enough care for dealing with wrong committed by Doctors.. There are enough criminal remedies as well as civil remedies in negligence cases.. In some of the cases, Courts have started awarding compensation depending upon age of the patient.. No other profrssinoal would be under constsnt pressure of attacks or Cases like medicos…The Central Act for curbing the menace of attack on Doctors is a must…Now the Hon. President, has also showed his concern… Isn’t it an indirect assent ?

There may be very few states having enacted such Law. Apex Court has observed rightly that a doctor with fear in his/her mind of attacks or legal action, cannot hold the scalpel with shaky hands…We don’t want to stop smoking, stop over drinking, stop bad food habits, but we want fatafat results from Docs, otherwise what ? Blame it on Drs and beat them.. .. ,In recent days there is tremendous increase in such incidents and it lead Drs to go on strike.Already many of Sr. Doctors are advising their kids from coming to medical field…. This is an alarming situation… Even if we are moving towards digital India, human intervention on all spehers of life is inevitable..

Mind well Internet can not be the alternative to the Doctors or any other professional…

In Sanskrit it is said धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः (Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah) which means if you save the Dharma (good cause), it will save you in turn. Replace the word Dharma with Doctors….

Thanks & Regards,

Adv. Rohit Erande.
Pune. ©

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