Stay poor, Go to Jail , Keep begging the Govt – Karnataka Govt’s new Diktat

Private medical practitioners are now at loggerheads with the Karnataka government with the proposed KPME Act. State health minister Ramesh Kumar has not bothered to pay attention to the demands made by protesting Doctors. He meekly threatened to quit the government, appears more like a planned political drama between him and the CM Siddaramaiah.

Karnataka has been reeling under Congress’s five years of misrule in the state, a fact underlined by the doling out of freebies at the last moment and announcement of several low-cost services in absence of anything worthwhile to show for their work. The roads are broken, civic problems in Cities of Karnataka are at an all-time high, traffic woes have worsened, and electricity supply has remained largely erratic in the so called “IT and start up hub” of India.

The attack on the famed “top of the line” private medical services in Karnataka which draws patients from not only from neighbouring states but also from foreign countries is unfortunate. The private medical services cater to about 60-70% of the needs of the state and attract top of the line medical professionals from all over the country. The famed service provided to the public at private hospitals includes a plethora of super specialty services of which none are subsidised by the Congress government. The public woes are sure to increase, once the rates get a blanket ceiling. Patients requiring Difficult and complicated treatment will have nowhere to go. The ultimate loss is to the public who will now be forced to either go to other states or abroad for specialist care. If you pay peanuts, all you will get is monkeys. All the Good Doctors will be forced to leave the state and settle elsewhere.

The proposed act by the Congress Government in Karnataka states:

The Karnataka Congress government has yet again shown its lack of dedication for public by suggesting this act. An act that will surely mark their end in the state. The government instead of focusing on improving the existing customer redressal forums has decided to make a “Kangaroo court” and in the course of it, made a mockery of the entire system and Doctors.

The Congress has for long followed the process of institutionalized oppression and appears committed to bring it to every profession they set their eyes on, the latest is Doctors; next could be you. Or your profession!

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