A Story of Negligence that spoiled a life.

West Bengal.
Year 2014
After passing MBBS a student qualifies in WBPGMAT (West Bengal Post Graduate Medical Admission Test) 2014 held on 19-01-2014. He appeared in counseling & in 3rd counseling he was allotted a MD seat. But he did not join it.
According to pre counseling notification on 03-07-2014 it was mentioned that if a student after being allotted a seat does not join it, he will have to submit Rs 5 lacs as compensation or his original documents (Original Registration certificate & MBBS 3rd Prof Part II Mark sheet) will remain under custody of University (WBUHS) for the tenure of course period.
According to MCI & WBUHS website as well as WBPGMAT information booklet tenure of course period of MD starts on 2nd May & ends on 30th April after 3 calendar years.
As the student could not submit the compensation money his documents was supposed to remain in WBUHS upto 30th April 2017.

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Year 2015 – Sufferings for not being able to submit Rs 5 lacs.

Year 2016 – Sufferings for not being able to submit Rs 5 lacs.

Year 2017
The student again qualified in NEET PG 2017.
As per information booklet for State Quota counseling published on 10-03-2017, as the tenure of his previous course ends on 30-04-2017, he was supposed to participate in counseling in open category. He applied (step 1) & paid the fee (step 2). During verification of original documents (step 3) at R G Kar Medical College & Hospital on 22-03-2017 @ 3 PM he was asked to submit a document issued by University (WBUHS) stating that his previous course tenure will end on 30-04-2017 & he will get documents back after 30-04-2017. He was ordered to submit the document on next day.
The student on 22-03-2017 contacted University Controller on Examinations via email praying for issuing such a document. But there was no reply from the university.

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On 23-03-2017 he personally went to University & met the Controller of Examination & requested for issuing the document. But he was insulted & told that documents will be given back after 3 years of document submission i.e. 04-07-2017 (as he submitted the documents on 04-07-2014)
There is no document anywhere stating such order. And his (Controller of examination) statement directly disobeys the order of MCI, WBUHS as well as WBPGMAT information booklet.

As a result the student was not able to participate in NEET PG 2017 State Quota counseling in OPEN category in spite of fulfilling all eligibility criteria.
As a result he lost the opportunity to study Post Graduation this year, many vital MD seats have been filled up after his rank.

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He tried to convince the Controller of Examination repeatedly & many times but all in vain.

He then lodged a complaint in PMO office in pgportal on 19-05-2017. After their action university contacted the student & allowed him to participate in 3rd counseling. But again another negligence. He was allowed to participate but not as open category, for which he was actually eligible for. In spite of several repeated requested his category was not shifted to open category.

As a result he missed the 3rd + manual mop up + mop up counseling, where he would definitely get an MD seat. Thus he lost another extended year of life & is there any guaranty that he will pass the NEET PG exam next year? So his whole life may be spoiled for the negligence by the university.

It is interesting to know that after getting a notice from lawyer he was given his original documents back on 13-06-2017. So the 04-07-2017 date was forgotten by them? Or fear of lawyer’s notice did the magic?

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Doe he not deserve JUSTICE?
Every day we come know another fake doctor has been arrested, the fake doctors can get real certificates but this doctor after suffering 3 years for leaving an MD seat on 2014 is still suffering for negligence of university. Is this expected from our system?

(A true story with all documentary proof as well as audio evidence.)

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