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Relief to Doctors under PCPNDT Act, against delayed & high handed action of AA

“Another relief to Doctors under PCPNDT Act, against delayed and high handed action of AA” Hon. Rajasthan High Court dismissed the Petition of State of Rajasthan, as the Original Complaint itself was time barred and the allegations leveled were not of Sex Determination, but were relating to deficiencies in F Forms etc.., Case Details: State […]

Patient Leaving Against Medical Advice, Is Not Entitled For Compensation

Mere omission to sign on "F Form" does not make the Doctor liable for prosecution

“The Patient of LAMA i.e. Leaving (the Hospital) Against Medical Advice, is not entitled for the Compensation” In an interesting judgment in the case of JAIRAM SAHU V/s. CHANDULAL CHANDRAKAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL & ANR, CHHATTISGARH, the National Commission dismissed the complaint of Rs.18 lakhs. http://cms.nic.in/ncdrcusersWeb/GetJudgement.do?method=GetJudgement&caseidin=0%2F0%2FRP%2F2425%2F2016&dtofhearing=2017-05-25 Facts in brief: 1. The petitioner – Complainant filed the […]

Court Ordered Dentist To Pay Rs.35,000/- For Extracting Wrong Tooth

Stethoscope court

“Dentist ordered to pay Rs.35,000/- for extracting the wrong tooth, but the unwanted remarks about the competency of Doctor were expunged” http://cms.nic.in/ncdrcusersWeb/GetJudgement.do?method=GetJudgement&caseidin=6%2F0%2FA%2F22%2F2017&dtofhearing=2017-04-24 In an interesting case, the Chandigarh State Commission while delivering judgment in the case of Tanvir Malik V/s. Dr. Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital Chandigarh upheld the order of […]

Complaint By Dentist To Get Rs.30 Lakhs For Botched Surgery Got Dismissed

“The Complaint filed by the Dentist for getting Rs.30 lakhs for botched surgery, was dismissed”. Case Details: Dr.Rai Abhishek V/s. Joy Hospital Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai & anr. Consumer Complaint No.CC/11/273, decided on 24/04/2017, by SCDRC, Mumbai. http://cms.nic.in/ncdrcusersWeb/GetPdf.do?method=getPdf&cid=21%2F0%2FCC%2F11%2F273&dtOfHearing=2017-04-24 Facts in short: 1. The Complainant – Doctor met with an accident on or about 10.10.2009 as his 2 […]

Not Providing Copy of Medical Record Amounts to Medical Negligence

Lawyer fined Rs.75000 for unnecessarily dragging Doctor to Court

Decision to put a patient on Ventilator is not a Negligence (saved Drs. From Rs. 60 lakhs) but not providing copy of medical record amounts to Negligence. The case of MANMOHAN SINGH & 2 ORS. V/s. FORTIS HOSPITAL You may see the link. http://cms.nic.in/ncdrcusersWeb/GetJudgement.do… The Brief Facts: The deceased was 96 years lady, who was […]

Can a Gynaecologist be an expert witness in the MLC involving Chest Medicine or Neurology? Read to Find Out

Stethoscope court

The National Commission was dealing with this question and expressed its concern that it’s high time in India to have strategies for regulating expert witness testimony in medical negligence cases. M/S. SANKAR PRASAD BOSE & ANR V/s. DR. B.N. BASU MEMORIAL CLINIC APOLLO NURSING HOME & 3 ORS http://cms.nic.in/ncdrcusersWeb/GetJudgement.do… Facts in Brief : 1. 90 […]

Patient Died after an Unwanted Hysterectomy: Costed Rs.10 laks to Doctors

Insurance Company ordered by Court to Pay fine for Medical Negligence of Doctors

A patient lost her life after Unwanted Hysterectomy, cost Rs.10 lakhs to Doctors. http://cms.nic.in/ncdrcusersWeb/GetJudgement.do… The case of MADAN LAL & ORS V/s. DR. R.K. CHAUDHARY & ANR . Facts in Short : Case of the Complainant : 1) The deceased patient i.e. wife of the Complainant, 37 years of age, was taking treatment for abdominal […]

AIPG 2014 Court Case Update as on 2nd July, 2014

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After Honorable SC order on 18th June, 2014 about extended 3rd round of All India PG medical counseling, next date of hearing for the case  “DR FRAZ NASEEM & ORS VS. UNION OF INDIA & ORS” was listed for hearing on 30/06/2014. Date of 30th June, 2014 was for hearing in front of regular bench of SC. ACA […]

AIPG 2014 SC Case Update as on 18/06/2014

After results publication for 3rd round All India PG medical counseling 2014, all students were given blind hopes of 4th round of counseling by same guys who files the court case in Honorable Supreme court (SC). They used to update their case updates on “AIPGMEE 2014 Counselling Aid” Facebook page. But they haven’t done that […]

PGM-CET 2014 court case order dated 2nd April 2014

Bombay High Court has released an order saying Maharashtra government resolution giving 25% of degree and 25% of Diploma seats to In-Service Candidates has been withdrawn. Now year 2014-15 admission process will follow same rule has that of last year i.e. 2013-14. A quote from order says “However, pending the reference, the Applicants referring to the Judgment/orders in question have taken conscious decision to cancel Government Resolution dated 2 July 2013 and to follow and adopt the policy in respect of admission to the PostGraduate Degree and Diploma Courses, as was followed during the academic year 20132014.  The Applicants therefore, in view of above development, filed the present Civil Application on 29 March 2014.  The common Civil Application is accordingly listed today along with all the Writ Petitions for hearing” Court order pdf file has been attached […]