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Last Rank of Diploma Courses Allotted in PG Medical Counselling for AI Quota

PG Medical Counselling

After writing the article “Last Rank of Degree Courses Allotted in PG Medical Counselling for AI Quota” I started working on similar data for Diploma courses for PG Medical counsellings of years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. I am posting the table below. As mentioned in degree courses article please […]

Last Rank of Degree Courses Allotted in PG Medical Counselling for AI Quota

PG Medical Counselling

During counseling for Post Graduate medical courses admission students have doubts regarding which subject can be got at their rank. This can be best known by analyzing counseling allotment of the previous few years but students usually do not have that much time to analyze those long list of documents. This article is for MD/ […]

PG Medical Counselling: Tricks of Giving Preference to Institutes

PG Medical Counselling

Every year after doing hard work of months and years students clear entrance exams to enter post-graduate (PG) medical course of their liking. After hard work of clearing the exams students face another dilemma of which subject to choose or in a subject of their liking, which institute to choose from hundreds of medical institutes […]

AIIMS PG November 2011 Rapid Review

AIIMS PG November 2011 Rapid Review cover

Anatomy Parts of superficial perineal pouch includes Posterior scrotal artery, Bulbospongiosus and Ducts of Bulbourethral glands. Femoral vein is lateral to sac of Femoral hernia. IOC in Zenker’s diverticulum is Barium swallow. Structures passing through esophageal hiatus includes Left gastric artery and Right and left vagus. Physiology Excessive load in Tidal volume is prevented by […]

Job: Medical Officers & Specialists at ECHS Polyclinics, Trivandrum

EX-SERVICEMEN CONTRIBUTORY HEALTH SCHEME (ECHS) has posted advertisement for recruitment of Doctors for various posts for contractual employment for 12 months duration at short notice as on required basis on vacancies occurring in ECHS Polyclinics. Profile: Gynecologist, Medical Specialist, Medical Officer, Radiologist and Dental Officer. Qualifications: Gynecologist –  MBBS Cert, PG in Gynaecology cert, Experience […]

AIIMS PG November 2013 Rapid Review

AIIMS PG Nov 2013 Rapid Review cover

Anatomy Parts of Mesorectal fascia includes Superior rectal vein, pararectal nodes and inferior mesenteric plexus and doesn’t include Inferior rectal vein. Derivatives of neural ectoderm in eye includes Retina, Constrictor and dilator pupillae but not Ciliary muscle (derived from mesoderm). Parts of ethmoid bone includes Agger nasi, Crista galli and Uncinate process and does not […]

AIIMS PG May 2012 Rapid Review

AIIMS PG May 2012 Rapid Review cover

Anatomy Unilateral injury to hypoglossal nerve leads to Hemiatrophy of involved side, deviation of tongue towards same side and Fasciculation of the tongue. Muscle spared by complete transection of cranial part of accessory nerve is Stylopharyngeus. After mastectomy patient is not able to extend, adduct and internally rotate the arm. This is due to damage […]

AIIMS PG November 2012 Rapid Review

AIIMS PG Nov 2012 Rapid Review cover

Anatomy Damage to ulnar nerve before division into superficial and deep branches produces numbness of little finger and atrophy of hypothenar muscles. Nerve supply of the gluteal region includes Superior gluteal nerve, Inferior gluteal nerve and Nerve to obturator internus. Gubernaculum is attached to the caudal end of testis. Root value to long thoracic nerve […]

AIPGMEE 2012 Rapid Review

AIPGMEE 2012 Rapid Review cover

Anatomy Structures passing through the inguinal canal in women includes Ilioinguinal nerve, round ligament of uterus and lymphatics from the uterus. Valves of Houston disappear after mobilization of Rectum. Predominant blood supply to the supraduodenal bile duct is derived from vessels that run upward along the bile duct from the duodenal end of the duct […]

AIIMS PG May 2013 Rapid Review

AIIMS PG May 2013 Rapid Review cover

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Post Graduate (PG) Medical Entrance Exam May 2013 Rapid Review is a part of our Rapid Review Series, where we have created eBooks out of Medical Entrance Exams question papers to aid the students who do not have time to study previous year’s papers in detail, due to […]