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Textbooks of Medicine: A Detailed Comparison

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 18th Edition cover

In the life of a medical student, who is going to become a doctor in the future, choosing the right books to read during their course of study is very important. Not choosing the right book could be troublesome for the student, as it could be a matter of passing or failing an exam and […]

AIPGMEE 2006 Rapid Review

AIPGMEE 2006 Rapid Review cover

Anatomy Popliteus is an intra-articular tendon. Signs of stellate ganglion block includes meiosis, nasal congestion and conjunctival redness. A woman could not extend her right hand above her head after I&D procedure in right posterior triangle of neck for an abscess. It implies an injury to spinal part of accessory nerve. Middle meningeal artery is […]

AIPGMEE 2005 Rapid Review

AIPGMEE 2005 Rapid Review Cover

Anatomy Carpal tunnel syndrome contains median nerve, flexor pollicis longus and flexor digitorum superficialis. Femoral ring is bounded by femoral vein, inguinal ligament and lacunar ligament. While doing thoracocentesis it is advisable to introduce needle along upper border of the rib. BPH is associated with enlargement of median lobe. Prostatic urethra is characterised by features […]

AIPGMEE 2004 Rapid Review

AIPGMEE 2004 Rapid Review Cover

Anatomy Integrity of long thoracic nerve after damage due to surgery can be tested bedside by asking patient to raise the arm above the head on the affected side. Inhaled foreign body is likely to lodge in right lung because of reasons that right principal bronchus is more vertical than left bronchus, tracheal bifurcation directs […]