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MD Pharmacology Question Bank MUHS Exams

Question bank (MD Pharmacology) updated till Winter 2021 exam papers. General pharmacology Long questions: Drug antagonism. [1993,2005] Drug interactions. [1995,2005] Drug receptor interactions. [1998,1999,2007] PK-PD changes and Principles of drug use in pregnancy. [2002,2007,2008] Factors affecting bioavailability. [2004] Drug delivery systems with examples. [2006] How liver & kidney affect pharmacokinetics of drug with examples. [2006] […]

Block Randomization in Clinical Trials: Video Tutorial in Microsoft Excel

Block Randomization in Microsoft Excel

This is a video tutorial on how to do block randomization in clinical trials/ studies. This is a very common way of randomization in research studies. I have explained mainly of block randomization of a group of 2 in Microsoft excel. I have also mentioned briefly about block randomization with a group of 4. Steps […]

Randomization For Clinical Trials in Microsoft Excel: Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I will show all of you how to do randomization of samples by Random Allocation method while doing a clinical study/ clinical trial. I will do this in Microsoft Excel Sheet so that researchers will not need any randomization software’s to do the work. I have created a Microsoft Excel sheet […]