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MD Pharmacology Course: All You Need to Know

MD Pharmacology

Instead of telling you boring details of the MD Pharmacology course, I will tell you my own story in brief of MD Pharmacology, what I know/ learned about it in the past few years about the course, what kind of job profiles and salary you can get, and the opinion of people working in the […]

Save Doctors to Save yourself – Horrifying attack in JJ Hospital Doctors

Save Doctors to Save yourself: If Doctors can’t be worshipped as God, then don’t condemn them as Devil too… The recent attack on Drs in JJ hospital is horrifying and should be condemned by every1. The Govt. Should take stringent action against the perpetrators.It reminds me the golden words of The then Hon. President of […]

Resident Doctor of Surgery Beaten at JJ Hospital by Patient’s Relatives

Shocking video of JJ hospital resident doctor in general surgery being Beaten up by 4 relatives of a patient. Alleged reason for this incidence is death of the patient for which relatives held doctor responsible. Following is the response of JJ hospital, Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD). Residents doctors have gone on strike for […]

Doctors, No Need To Have Shop Act License: 3rd Judgment On This Point

Doctors, No need to have Shop Act License… 3rd Judgment on this point… The Division Bench of Hon. Bombay High Court (Nagpur Bench) in its comparatively recent judgment dated 21st October 2016 has reiterated the earlier views in the case of Indian Medical Association V/s. State of Maharashtra & Ors. (Writ Petition No. 4579/2005 ) […]

Save Doctors to Save yourselves : President of India

Save Doctors to Save yourselves : President of India The Hon. President of India also expressed his concern over attacks on Doctors…. While speaking at the inauguration of the Indian Institute of Liver and Digestive Sciences (IILDS), Kolkata, the Hon. President Pranab Mukherjee described attacks on Doctors and Hospitals as “unacceptable” attacks on doctors and […]

Read JJ Hospital Ophthalmology Resident Doctor Narrate the Bad Experiences

JJ hospital ophthalmology strike

A post on Facebook describes narration of resident doctor of JJ Hospital Ophthalmology department. I am writing this because I have experienced all that first hand and have seen it happen to others too, by ‘it’ I mean “their tyranny and inhuman behaviour”. Medical students slog very hard to get through the PG entrance. The […]

Resident Doctors in Maharashtra to go on Strike to Fight Injustice on JJ Hospital Ophthalmology Resident Doctors

MARD doctors strike in Maharashtra for JJ Ophthalmology residents support

MAHARASHTRA ASSOCIATION OF RESIDENT DOCTORS (MARD) has made an announcement that all the resident doctors in Maharashtra will go on strike to support injustice faced by JJ Hospital Ophthalmology resident doctors. We had reported the issue in the article “Inhumane Behaviour with JJ Hospital Ophthalmology Resident Doctors Comes Out“. Resident doctors are demanding the resignation of […]

Inhumane Behaviour with JJ Hospital Ophthalmology Resident Doctors Comes Out

JJ hospital ophthalmology strike

Strike of JJ hospital resident doctors continues even on the 3rd day. It is widely reported in media about the strike/ mass bunk of resident doctors. Resident doctors are demanding the resignation of Dean, Dr. TP Lahane and Ophthalmology department HOD, Dr. Ragini Parekh. This is in view of the mental torture and no teaching by […]

An Intern Beaten Up by a Resident Doctor at GMC, Miraj

Doctor crying and frustrated

An intern Kiran Abnave was beaten up by a houseman named Dr, Aniket Patil 3 days ago on 30th November 2015. This is an uncommon incidence in which an intern is assaulted by the senior. Houseman is most probably a plain poster as there are no PG seats in Orthopedics Department of GMC, Miraj. Kiran Abnave […]