This is to highlight the unprofessionalism of Dr. Rahul Kamat, Founder Director of Vidyasagar Biomedica. Vidyasagar Biomedica.

I have been taking lectures for students of Vidyasagar Biomedica for the past few years. Payment for the lectures has always been late (taking almost a year many times).

In Aug-Sep 2019 I took 2 sets of lectures for BDS students for which I was supposed to be paid Rs. 25000 (Rs. 12500 for each). I waited for multiple months, contacted Mr. Saroj who was my point of contact, also talked to Dr.Pallavi Lakhode who said that the payment will be made, eventually after many months told me she was no longer with Vidyasagar Biomedica and had left the job.

Then I contacted Mr. Rahul Kamat on LinkedIn and he told me “As of now not possible as activity is on standstill. Will update suitably.” on 29th March 2021.

After that, he stopped replying to my messages and blocked me on LinkedIn. This is disgusting behavior from Mr. Rahul Kamat acting as though I owe him money.

I somehow even got his number six months later (March 2022) and messaged him. But again, no reply.

Now as there is no way to recover my money or to contact him, I want people who will work with him in the future to know about this behavior. He is an unprofessional person and not trustworthy.

Company details of VIDYASAGAR BIOMEDICA PRIVATE LIMITED show CIN U80301MH2006PTC158695. It shows RAHUL SURENDRA KAMAT (DIN 00123097) and HARSHADA RAHUL KAMAT (DIN 00060811) as directors and company to be still active on March 2022.

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