Dr. Kanwardeep Randhawa, a gynecologist working at Randhawa Hospital in Jaipur was found to be guilty of medical negligence on the case filed by complainant Mohammad Illiyas for death of the child and hysterectomy in in his wife. This case is from May 2001.

According to document and newspaper clippings received by medicosplexus.com, Dr. Kanwardeep Randhawa was also suspended by MCI for 6 months.

According to MCI order MCI-211(2)(31)(Appeal)/2014-Ethics/162313 dated 22.01.16, following were the findings:

  • There was a premature induction of labor almost 18 days prior to the expected date of delivery, firstly by giving tablet Primiprost (an oxytocic agent) and then by amniotomy on 21.05.2011; without taking a chance of normal delivery
  • The history of the previous cesarean section is a contraindication for premature induction of vaginal labor with an alleged overdose of Oxytocin for a longer period.
  • The concentrated dose of infection .5 units of Oxytocin after the failure of the progress of labor was not indicated and has proven harmful to the mother and baby.
  • Record shows that there was a delay of approximately 1:30 hours after amniotomy and findings of meconium in liquor inan asphyxiated baby
  • immediate delivery by time tested procedure of LSCS was not dne in this case in this critical situation, to avoid damage to the health of the mother and baby
  • Untimely and improper induction of labor and instrumental trauma has probably led to severe vaginal bleeding (PPH) making the mother disabled, for life due to hysterectomy.
  • There are reasons to believe that delay in delivery by LSCS, traumatic injury to baby has led to HYPOXIC brain damage and cerebral palsy
  • Hypoxia, subdural hematoma, and seizure disorder in the child seem to be the main contributing factors in the causation of his death.
  • In view of aforesaid facts and observation, the Ethics Committee is of the opinion that there is medical negligence in the treatment of Ms. Reshma w/o Mohd. Illiyas, hence, it is recommended to remove the name of Dr. Kanwardeep Randhawa from IMR for 180 days from the date of intimation to all the concerned.


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