Question bank (MD Pharmacology) updated till Winter 2021 exam papers.

General pharmacology

Long questions:

  1. Drug antagonism. [1993,2005]
  2. Drug interactions. [1995,2005]
  3. Drug receptor interactions. [1998,1999,2007]
  4. PK-PD changes and Principles of drug use in pregnancy. [2002,2007,2008]
  5. Factors affecting bioavailability. [2004]
  6. Drug delivery systems with examples. [2006]
  7. How liver & kidney affect pharmacokinetics of drug with examples. [2006]
  8. Discuss pharmacokinetic factors modifying drug action. [2007, 2019]
  9. Practical considerations to be used in pediatrics. [2007]
  10. Discuss pharmacovigilance. [2007,2015]
  11. Discuss Receptor mediated mechanism of drug action. [2009]
  12. Classify Adverse Drug Reactions and explain their subtypes. Discuss in general ways to prevent, suspect, early diagnose and treat Severe Adverse drug reactions with suitable examples. [2010]
  13. Discuss the role of biotransformation in drug action [2011,2015]
  14. Describe pharmacokinetic parameters and their applied pharmacology in detail [2011]
  15. Discuss types of drug antagonisms with their clinical importance [2012,2015]
  16. Discuss the importance of therapeutic drug monitoring [2013,2014, 2021]
  17. Describe National Pharmacovigilance network. Discuss functions and scope of regional pharmacovigilance [2009]
  18. Write an essay on Pharmacovigilance in India [2014]
  19. Write in detail about ethical issues in drug research [2016]
  20. Describe adverse drug reactions and therapeutic drug monitoring [2016]
  21. Give an account of development of new drugs [2016]
  22. Discuss concepts of drug clearance, its determination and factors affecting it. [2017]
  23. “The concept of receptor is important in understanding the mechanism of action of certain drugs.” Explain with suitable examples. [2018]
  24. 5HT receptors, their subtypes, agonists and antagonists. [2018, 2020]
  25. Blood brain barrier and blood CSF Barrier [2020]

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