Instead of telling you boring details of the MD Pharmacology course, I will tell you my own story in brief of MD Pharmacology, what I know/ learned about it in the past few years about the course, what kind of job profiles and salary you can get, and the opinion of people working in the industry.

How & Why I took MD Pharmacology

I have done my MD Pharmacology from Dept. of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai. I finished my MD in 2017, after which I did my 1-year bonded service from the same department. Right now, I am working as an Assistant Professor at the same place.

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    10 thoughts on “MD Pharmacology Course: All You Need to Know

    1. Dr.Siva says:

      Thanks bro. This is what I want. Because I want the real feedback from the people who works in the industry, then only we get a clear idea about it.

    2. Dr. Raam says:

      Sir, is it easy to get a job in pharma company after md pharmacology??
      What special skills we need to acquire during our residency??
      Thanks in advance

        • Shreyas says:

          What about the rumblings that the field is saturated and job opportunities are pretty hard to come by?
          I’m fairly certain I don’t want to take up a clinical residency, I cannot do justice to such a thing, and pharma is something that catches my eye, but do not want to spend three more years in something that wouldn’t yield anything.
          Also, what would be your college picks for a good programme?

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