Beat the wrong mindset, not the Doctors……

3 incidents in a row of Brutal attacks on Doctors have put the Medical Fraternity in a state of shock and anger. Blessing in disguise is that nation has seen the much needed unity amongst Drs…. Let the unity remain as it is…. We’ll drink to limit and then expect Drs to rectify liver and kidneys, we’ll drive rash and negligenent, get a head injury and expect Drs to bring is back to normality..,

We’ll eat less sweets doe 1-2 days before checking to get blood sugar report normal and expect Drs to control the diabetes and at the end if Drs don’t get success, beat them to death… What’s going on…. This reflects that the patience from the Society is declining fastly…. Evey1 is under some or the other pressure and Doctors become the soft target for venting out the anger…. If a test is prescribed and the results are good then it may be alleged that , test was not necessary, just to get commission it was prescribed for….

If Test is not recommended, still it might be said, Doctor doesn’t know how to diagnose…. No doubt there are bad elements in this filed too…. If the patient has any grievance against Drs, he/she has efficacious legal remedies are available…. At times Courts have granted Crores of rupees of compensation and Drs have also in addition thereto have lost their registration…. But in no way violence can be the answer….

As Hon. Apex Court has said in number of. Cases that a Surgeon with shaky hands and fear lf cases in his mind will not be able to hold scalpel and ultimately the Society will be at loss…. But one thing we must know that Medical Science is an incomplete Science !! The effect of treatment depends and varies from person to person… So do the results …. Which Ordinary prudent Doctor would like his patient not to be in good health again ? So Doctors will generally give all their efforts to cure the patient. Thus I feel that Counselling of Patients pre and post treatment is a must… What patients expect from Doctors is few good words and assurance… If you spare time for the patients and answer all their queries, it will be a stitch in a time….

Amongst all other professions, Doctors are no doubt treated like God !… But do we beat our God ? Doctors are neither God nor Devil, they are the normal human beings.. Once we accept this reality, then we have to accept the limitations of Doctors too….. So we have to beat the wrong mindset and not the Doctors…. If the situation ia not changed, the day is not far when Internet will be the only option to get the Medicines….

An article by Adv. Rohit Erande.

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