I an attaching a copy of judgement by Bombay High Court judges with differing judgements, as one judge is in favour of no degree seats reservation for In-Service Candidates and other ib favour of degree seats reservation.
As it says in last page “In view of above difference of opinion, it is necessary to place the files/records, urgently before Hon’ble the Chief Justice for an appropriate order/direction, including for reference and/or to place the matters before a larger Bench on the following point of reference: a) Whether the State Government Circular dated 2 July 2013 and all actions based upon it, to the extent of deleting totally inservice reservation for the PostGraduate Degree Course are valid or violative of Articles 14 and 41 of the Constitution of India, being arbitrary, discriminatory, irrational and invalid? The interim order based upon the statement so made by the learned Government Pleader to continue till further order. Parties are at liberty to apply for appropriate order at any time in view of urgency in the matter”

  1. Bombay-High-Court-order-PGM-CET-2014.pdf