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Update: After some changes being posted in MCI-18(1)/2018-Med./100818 amendment by Govt of India Gazette notification for MCI, I am updating the article to describe changes in MBBS and PG medical seat permission and recognition. Colleges/ Institutes will get permission for PG medical degree courses for 4 academic years and Diploma courses for academic 3 years. When the 1st batch is going for the exam, the institute can apply for recognition. If not recognized even after 2 attempts, the course will be added to First Schedule of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 i.e. it will be recognized only for those admitted batches and no more batches could be admitted to the said course.

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    468 thoughts on “Difference Between MCI Permitted & Recognised Medical Seat

    1. Ashok says:

      The Permitted and Recognised is a gray area. As such it is challengebale if one wants to against MCI how can you permit and not recognize a PG seat. And not recognising the student is no where and will not have registration and hence will not be able to practice. Question is Can MCI say no to the registration. Student has taken admission, to a particular college, following MCIs permission. so MCI is party to it and MCI should give them registration. They cannot wash their hands off and refuse.
      The reason is MCI rules are so vague, and there are so many, one group will take view of one thing and by the time the next one comes it another will take another view. They have all the sticks with them, its upto them which they want to use.

      • Vinu says:

        Absolutely right…wonder why no body is filing a case …or the govt is not addressing this issue…see for example,a pg course is started in a college and permission given by university and mCI and after completing the course you get university degree certificate and not the registration…what is the logic in harassing a candidate without permitting him to practice?..for a defect in an institutes infrastructure how can you deny registration…to deny permission for fresh batches seems sensible…

      • Dr Balram says:

        As i got to know that ..maharashtra pg dipoloma course are running…so if we do pg diploma which is only recognised by maharashtra mci is good for the feature or not..kindly suggest

    2. SANJEEV says:

      is it possible to apply for superspeciality (DM/MCH) examinations, if MCI not recognized a permitted MD/MS

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        No. Eligibility criteria’s of various Superspeciality entrance exams mentions it. For example AIIMS PG prospectus says “A Candidate must possess a degree in MD/MS or DNB from a University recognized by the MCI in the respective discipline”

            • Tania says:

              Sir, I am from a private medical college in mp which was permitted and admitted it’s first batch on 2014 and since then they have not admitted a single batch as they didn’t get permission from mci.will my degree have any value when I pass my mbbs ? Could I still apply for pg entrance exam?

            • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

              your institute has to meet minimum standards to get MCI recognition. If it does that then it is possible. For appearing in PG medical entrance exams you need to have an MCI recognized seat. And for doing practice after MBBS you need MCI recognition.

    3. sai shravan kumar says:

      sir what information you gave regarding MCI Permitted Medical Seat can we get the information in the MCI site,
      sir mine is a permitted seat and i am working in the same state where i got my degree from, Now my work place is asking me my registration certificate which i don’t have, i said them that i can practise in same state without registration but they asked me to get it in document or any ref article

    4. niti says:

      Sir,Please give reference of your quote if aavailable or not -If a student has completed his/her UG/PG in a MCI permitted seat but not a MCI recognized seat can only practice in state in which the institute is located-this is a very vague statement posted by a few experts on websites.Nowhere else people get this type of information regarding the same.

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Source of this statement is my friend and seniors. Even I have tried very hard to find its reference on MCI website but was unable to find it anywhere. If you find any reference please let me know as well so that I could put it in this article.

    5. jagadeesh says:

      paresh koli sir, why these mci is giving permission and again recognisation..its very hard for few students who struck in these situation..can these mci will surely recognise it after 3 years..if not what was the future of that student..till how may years he has to stay like that

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Sure answers to these questions are not given anywhere on MCI website. But most of the permitted seats gets recognized by MCI. I don’t know what happens to other students, other than thing that they are allowed to practice in their own state.

    6. prashant wagh says:

      If I m a candidate of permitted seat while taking admission but if d same gets recognized in third year of my residentship …then is tht recognition applicable to me?

    7. ashish says:

      if i did my mbbs from foreign university and then i join md (recognized by mci ) in a foreign university , i obtain my primary mci registration during final year of my md then will my md be valid in india?

    8. ashish says:

      Is it necessary to get mbbs registered in mci ( or any state medical council ) before enrolling in md in a foreign medical college

    9. ashish says:

      if i do mbbs and md both from a foreign medical college then give mci screening exam the will my md degree be valid after passing the screening exam?

    10. Vishnu says:

      Sir I’m from Kerala but I’m doing my MD in Tamil Nadu, which is Permitted but not Recognised seat. My doubt is whether I will be able to practise in Kerala with Permitted MD degree as it is my home state. (Kindly also note that my MBBS degree and state registration are from/in Kerala) My other doubt is whether it will be possible for me to apply for work outside India viz. Middle East countries with my Permitted MD degree? Kindly help.

    11. Vishnu says:

      Dear Sir, I’m from Kerala state, but doing MCI PERMITTED MD degree from Tamil Nadu. My doubt is whether I will be allowed to practise in my home state of Kerala with my Permitted degree once I complete my course. (Please also note that my MBBS degree and state registration are from/in Kerala.) I would also like to know whether it will be possible for me to work outside India viz. Middle East countries with the Permitted MD degree. Kindly advise. Thank you.

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Yes will be able to practice in Kerala only with a permitted degree unless it gets recognized in future, which most of the seats do.
        And outside India it totally depends on the place you are applying for. You have to manually check eligibility criterias of various countries/ institute for this. But most countries have their own eligibility exams like USMLE and PLAB, so even doctors with permitted seat can apply for these countries. Again, check the eligibility criterias to confirm this.

        • nk says:

          No..I have appeared in dnb pdcet counselling and there during verification of documents they ask for recognition certificate of ur pg diploma course.. So better u check this again sir..

          • shine says:

            sir i ve finished diploma in a permitted seat …… can i knw whether my course got recognised or not is ther any link in mci website… planing to write pdcet 2015 july session …….nk …wat hapnd when u appeared for councelling did get seat..

            • nk says:

              Yes there is option on mci website to know the permitted/recognised status of any course in any college,, u can check it or if u provide ur course and college name I can check it for you. And be sure to get this certificate from ur college whether ur course was permitted /recognised.
              In my case during pdcet counselling I had my recognised course certificate wid me but I rejected the seat as I was not getting choice seat.

          • hasan says:

            Nk sir can u please tell pdcet people r asking smc or MCI registration certificate.bcos I m planning to take cpsdch which is recognised only by Maharashtra medical council and not by MCI so in that case cab I give sec dnb

    12. Aniket says:

      As I have inquired from student section IPGME & R, SSKM hospital, Kolkata, student’s section and Dean’s office….
      1. permitted seats are almost always recognized by MCI after 3 yrs or few yrs later
      2. Permitted seats even if not recognized, one can practice anywhere in India in private hospital or set ups.
      3.If a permitted seat gets de-recognized due to some reason the students who are already admitted in the permitted seats get their recognized degree..and after hat the course is stopped.
      4. permitted seat pass outs can not apply for teaching posts or DM/MCh entrances until it gets it is acc. to the institute’s rule…
      5. seats which are writen as ”Permitted under condition” or ”permitted under section 10 (a) , this permission is conditional” in MCI website if doesn’t get recognised, the pas-out can only practice in is/her state….
      I have asked only about MD/MS seats and they told me this.
      and even in best of the best institutes the newly added seats are always permitted until the 1st batch passes out, it hold’s true for even AIIMS, PGI or any institute. So, it is very clear that when any seat is increased say mci site shows ” recognised for 2 seats , seats permitted to be increased from 2 to 4 under section 10(a)” then in all india counseling the seats are added and one gives option for all the seats in online counseling nowadays, and he may get any 1 of the last 2 permitted seats, it is not possible fr him to know if he will get the first 2 recognised seat or the last 2 permitted seat…whereas if he had given the option of a less famous college above the better college which has, say 2 recognized seats and no seat increased , then he would have got the recognised seat easily…so it is clear that in this type of scenario one can not be sure if he will get the permitted or recognized seat…if he files a case against MCI , then he will surely win.

      • Harish Kumar says:

        Isn’t your statement 2 and 5 contradictory to each other? Can u explain it properly? since any permission whether new/increase in seat is always given under 10a?

    13. Harish Patil says:

      What happens if a previously recognised seat gets derecognised? Will the previously admiited student able to practice?

        • Dr Mudasir says:

          Sir besides I have came to know tht two seats wl get recognised this year.can u plz tell will the rank I got in NEET for ortho in this institute wl play role for my recognition.
          As rank 160,183 and rank 187 ur

          Rank 325 ,380 cat ppl

          So as per this list out of five admitted students my rank is second if two seats wl get recognised wl my seat also get recognised or thr is some different criterion

          • Dr Mudasir says:

            Sir thx so much for ur response sir I have checked from website yes seats are not recognised yet but in 2013-14 batch was started with two Ortho seats in 2016-17 three more seats have been permitted total of five seats now but no recognition for seats yet.As I have three years in pg might be till then will get recognised

    14. Viral T Patel says:

      Sir Myself viral patel.from admission this yr in MD pediatrics pramukhswami medical college (private)karamsad..and this is 6 th yr of permitted seat..2 studenta are pass out..noww during my admission sir told me dere will be 1-2 % chances of cancell this seat…now plz help what can i do??
      Also told dat this will be confirm after 2 3 month of admission..den wheather i leave seat or not??

      Plz help..

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        I don’t think they could cancel a seat after admission of a student on it. But still as only round 1 has been done till now, you will should get upgradation in subsequent rounds. Please confirm about cancellation of seat from MCI and other respective authorities before taking final decision.

    15. Dalan says:

      Sir,i am a medical student studying mbbs in Russia.Sir i am confused.After Mbbs,a student get a degree or diploma,because some of my friends said that only after MD one can get a degree.After Mbbs;you will only get a diploma even thou you’re stidying anywhere…U will only receive a diploma.
      And sir what’s the difference between mbbs diploma and degree.Are they the same thing.and which one ia more preferable sir..please do reply sir …

        • sumit says:

          Sir, I and my batchmates did pg from a pvt med clge in kerala from 2011-14 in permitted seats in all specialities.After our final exams we got our degree from university but mci didnt recognize the seats.We have not been able to get our additional qualification registered with our state medical council as they say seats are only ‘permitted’.Is the state medical council right?Can we register our additiinal qualification with MCi directly?It is now going to be 1 year after we passed out.What can we do now?

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            You should directly contact MCI officials and ask them about recognition of the seats and also the registration. May be your state has different rules regarding registration of only recognized seats. Also please let me know as well about the outcome. I will post it in this article, which will help other students.

            • Vinu says:

              It is high time that a petition is moved in court against the betrayal of university,government ,college management and mCI making a mockery on innocent students and playing with their career in granting a degree and conducting course,later saying your degree is not recognisable..absolute injustice..especially new seats..why don’t the doctors organisation take this matter seriously and help us?

            • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

              MCI permitted seats are the way MCI wants to increase the medical seats which are a necessity of the country. By recognizing those seats MCI wants to make sure that the permitted seats are of good quality and not just medical seats for namesake.
              Still I think someone should take initiative to take this matter to courts and public so that students do not suffer for the same.

    16. sakshi says:

      sir,i am doing my mbbs from a private medical college.i was admitted in the first batch of the college,the college got permission for next year(i.e. my immediate junior batch) but not after that…as of now there are only two batches in my college.what will happen if college doesn’t get permission to admit students further?what about our future?will we be eligible to write pg entrance exams?and what about practice or any other government job?

    17. akshata says:

      Can I join a permitted seat safely? For superspeciality? Is there a chance of derecognition of the permitted seat at any time?Thank you.

    18. Harish Kumar says:

      Sir, i got upgraded to M.S Orthopaedics in Govt.Medical college Thrissur,Kerala in 2nd Round AIPG (2015-2016)..Currently 3 seats are Recognized while Seats are increased from 3 to 9 Under 10(A) in 2012-2013..First batch with 9 Pg’s going to attend exams this year (2015)..My home state is Tamilnadu..I believe they will be recognized this year itself..Under a rare circumstance even at the time of my course completion i.e) 2018 if the seats are not recognized still will i be able to register in Tamilnadu Medical council and Practice in Tamilnadu? Or it is better to Allot to a recognized college elsewhere(even if facilities or not that much) in 3rd Counselling..Please help.

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Whether Tamilnadu Medical Council allows registration of doctors with permitted seat degree or not that you can confirm with them only. But you will be able to do private practice even with a permitted seat. Usually only Govt. jobs have this issue of only allowing recognized seat candidates in the jobs.
        I think if yours is a better institute you should stick to it rather than going to an inferior institute. Also a better institute with good facilities have comparatively high chances of conversion of permitted seat to recognized one when compared to ordinary institutes.

    19. s k das says:

      dear sir,
      i joined a recognised mdrd seat in vssmc, burla this year . but with recent mci visit pg students there are saying that they may stop taking students from next year onwards . i wanted to know if that will affect my degree? will i get recognised mdrd degree or a permitted one or none at all?
      it’s a bit urgent sir as we hv fresh choice filling from 12th may.

    20. s k das says:

      dear sir,
      as my previous cmnt ws nt posted so i m writing again.
      i hv taken a recognised mdrd seat in vssms,burla. but with recnt mci visit pg students in vssmc are saying that they may stop taking candidates from next year .. will thay affect my career?
      after 3 years will i be given a mci recognised degree or a permitted one or none at all?
      i am bit tensed as the nxt choice filling is from 12th may . should i change my subject of preference as i wud not get good clgs for mdrd?

    21. nk says:

      Is their any rule that states dat it is mandatory for pg diploma holders to undergo 3 years MD. Course if the seat is permitted and not recognised, in contrast to 2 years course as mentioned by MCI on their website

        • nk says:

          Sir what I meant to ask was that whether the doctors who have already completed their post graduate diploma should undergo 2 years course for MD or 3years,if the seat is permitted. How should I convince the institute that is adamant on its stand that one has to do 3 years course even after completion of diploma.

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            Ok that way. For this you have to directly contact MCI and ask about it. If MCI is allowing it you should convey this to your institute.
            Btw I have searched a lot on MCI website regarding 2 years MD after diploma but did not find anything. Please let me know as well about any official reply you get from MCI. I will update this article with the information you provide.

            • nk says:

              Yes it is mentioned on mci website under pg rules and regulations if u provide me ur email address I can forward it to you

            • nk says:

              Sir I have sent the document to you and these are 2013 post graduate medical education amendments, here on page no 11 the duration of training is mentioned and I have marked that line in yellow colour, kindly go through it and rest of the document

            • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

              Got the mail. Thank you.
              It specifically mentioned “Provided that in the case of students having a recognised two year postgraduate diploma course in the same subject, the period of training, including the period of examination, shall be two year”.
              I think you should convey this to your institute.

            • nk says:

              Yes sir,so it’s clear na.but these pvt college people will make brainless arguments. Actually problem is dat they will make some non medico as admission incharge and he has no knowledge about our field, when u go to their departments the faculty members are ready to accept that it should be two years course for a candidate already having diploma in same speciality. But management puts obstacles coz they have lack of concept regarding medical education. Are u convinced by the document that I have sent to you. Kindly do ur bit through this website to make the medicos aware.

    22. s k das says:

      if say a college has 2 recognised and 1 permitted seat, then how will we know which seat goes to whom?

    23. shriya says:

      sir if i do mbbs from mci recognised private medical college will i be eligible to practice in government hospital and will i be eligible to give pgi chandigarh and aiims pg

    24. anurag gupta says:

      Sir i hve a doubt….if the college has 4 degree seats..out of wch 2 are recognised n 2 r permitted
      …how to know wch one is recognised n wch one is permitted… it tht 1 from state n 1 from all India are recognised or both all India seats r recognised…???…in case only 1 all India seat is recognized then out of those 2 candidates whose seat is considered recognised…the one who joins first i.e who allotted in first or second round or the one who allotted in third round…although d one allotted in third round has higher rank thn d one who alloyed in first or second round…???

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        There is no definite answer to this question. None of the authorities reveal which seat recognized or permitted has gone to ALl India Quota or state quota. Also seat about the seat allotment I think should be on 1st come 1st serve basis to get a recognized seat. But confirm answer can only be given by respective institute offices.

        • Dr.vinu G says:

          That’s a tricky situation….say 4 candidates after passing from a college of which two are recognised,and 4 are permitted,….apply for registration …for additional qualification from kerala state council,what will the council do? Deny all or give all ?????even the candidates or principal doesn’t know which is recognised?This is a true scenario to happen for RD MD candidates passed out this year from kozhikode medical college

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            Recognized and permitted seats are filled on 1st come 1st serve basis. So Those 2 who have been alotted and taken admission in those seats have the recognized seats and other 2 have permitted ones. Medical council can only deny registration to those with permitted seats and not the others.

    25. Princy says:

      I have completed a MD from permitted seat in a Govt medical college. will there be a problem in getting me a permanent registration since it is only a permitted seat?

        • Harish Kumar says:

          If there is no problem in Permanent registration then why can’t one practice anywhere in the country from a permitted seat?

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            As far as I know only Govt. jobs in other states are not allowed with a permitted seat. You can always do a private job. Also I was not able to find any reference regarding this on MCI website. If you do, please let me know.

    26. Ankit says:

      sir i am plannig for mbbs abroad,there are few colleges in foreign countries which r recognised by mci, so do i hve to clear mci test before strtng my practise in india?

    27. ankush maheshwari says:

      Sir i am confused whether to do mbbs from india in govnmnt clg or abroad in private colleges like in china… sir plz tell me which one is better..???

    28. rekha says:

      sir my college is not yet recognised …it started in 2013 nd i am a student of d first batch…im very much interested in ryting d usmle exam…nd thot i wud complete my step 1 after second year….but d college is not listed in IMED(apparently only recognised colleges are listed in it)….is der ne hope for my college to be recognised before i finish my internship??…….if not will d college be recognised immediately after d first batch graduates ??….

    29. Dr-Mohit Sunny says:

      can medical graduates or post graduates from andra pradesh, jammu and kashmir, or chattigarh practice in other states of india and can get them registered with state medical council other than above mentioned 3 states. because medical graduates from andra pradesh, jammu and kashmir, or chattigarh can not appear in NEET-PG.

    30. Shivangi says:

      Im planning to do MBBS from phillipines (Southwestern university,Cebu). The college website and cpunsellors say its MCI recognized but the links of MCI website you have shown here dont mention phillipines at all. Can I email MCI to get a confirmation on this matter? If yes then can you please peovide the email ID/contact details.
      Are any colleges in dubai recognized by Mci?
      Thank you.

    31. Sethunath says:

      We have finished our MD psychiatry and DPM exams and all have passed. But now they say that only 3 out of 10 MD seats, and 6 out of 8 DPM seats are MCI recognized. How can we know which are the recognized seats, and which are not?

        • Sethunath says:

          Hi sir,
          I have just finished DPM from Madras Medical College. In the MCI website, only 6 seats are shown for DPM in our college, and all 6 are recognized. But our college has been having an intake of 8 seats for DPM for many years now, and all have been getting the degree. But this year, since the entries have become computerized, they say they are able to enroll only those number of seats which are recognized. What could be the reason for this confusion? How were we able to admit and enroll 8 DPM seats until now ? Will this cause any problem regarding our registration and recognition this year ? Thank you for your reply in advance.

    32. Sethunath says:

      Hi sir,
      I have just finished DPM from Madras Medical College. In the MCI website, only 6 seats are shown for DPM in our college, and all 6 are recognized. But our college has been having an intake of 8 seats for DPM for many years now, and all have been getting the degree. But this year, since the entries have become computerized, they say they are able to enroll only those number of seats which are recognized. What could be the reason for this confusion? How were we able to admit and enroll 8 DPM seats until now ? Will this cause any problem regarding our registration and recognition this year ? Thank you for your reply in advance.

    33. masud says:

      sir if i will take admission( mbbs) course out side india in a mci recognised college..after complete my corse can i practice in india without appear mci screening test??????

    34. bjacob says:

      I need your valuable advise on the below , my son is doing his mbbs in
      china in a MCI approved University, if he comes back after passing MBBS and appears for MCI test and passes and then he goes back to China to do his MD does he has to write MCI again and is there any other test

    35. priya says:

      Hello sir ,iI did my M.D obg in a private college . In which two seats are recognised & two seats are permitted . Initially they told it was my seat qhich is recognised but nw my other 2co pgs registered & I couldnt register . What can I do?

    36. Kanagarajan says:

      Respected Sir.,

      My son is doing Final Year MBBS in MAPIMS, a Private Medical College (150 Seats per yr)
      For the past 3 years, MCI is not giving recognition stating various deficiencies.Already
      Two batches of students (300) have come out and not granted Registration Numbers
      By Tamilnadu Medical Council.Parents of those students have approached Chennai
      High Court and waiting for the verdict.The MAPIMS college management even on repeated
      inspection visits by MCI, have not improved the infra structures at all.As a result the fate
      of 4 batches of MBBS students looks gloomy and parents like me wish to have wise
      counsel from learned and experienced people like you,Sir.
      We kindly request you to give us your valuable suggestions.If needed our represntative
      shall come and meet you at your premises on any date suggested by you.Kindly help us
      and our children who suffer, for no fault of them.


    37. pthakur says:

      sir i am intrested in taking up md in vinayak misssions college but the seat is permitted and the mci site shows the lop dated 2009 so this college has not been able to get any of its md radio seats recognised since the pat 6 years is it wise for me to persue admission in such a college ?

    38. Arul says:

      Dear Sir, I have two queries… 1) I am willing to study MBBS -(MD) in Russia, After completing the 6 years degree there, whether I need to do internship in India after clearing the MCI-FMGE exam ?? 2) Secondly, whether I will get job in Government Hospitals in India based on my MBBS/MD from Russia after clearing MCI Exam ?

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        1) Yes you have to do internship in India after clearing FMGE.
        2) That would depend on the criteria of the respective jobs but I think you should not face any issue getting a govt job.

        • Dr Shivam says:

          I have done my MBBS from China and passed out in 2012. I completed my internship in China itself and didn’t need to repeat internship after clearing FMGE. Govt. jobs is not a problem for foreign degree holders, you just need to have sound medical knowledge and answer your interviewers as best as you can

    39. Dr.pooja says:

      The IMA runs the International Postgrad.Pediatric Certificate Course called IPPC, from Sydney -Westmead hospital. It is not recognized by the Indian Medical Council. Is it possible to practice as a pediatrician after finishing the course? Thanx

    40. DR says:

      In my pg course 2 seats are recognised and 3rd seat was increased under section 10A in 2010. Still now in 2015 the extra seat is not recognized which was supposed to be recognized after 3 case they stop admission from 2016, what will happen to the candidate who has taken the permitted seat in 2015 and also the 3rd seat candidates who have passed out in 2013,2014,2015.will all 3 get a recognized degree

    41. Polly Mitra says:

      I’m a student of a government medical college started two years ago. This year MCI don’t give permission for fresh admission. If only these two batches are there in the college then will these two batches get registration for practice in future?

    42. Dr Jyotiman Nath says:

      Sir, I am persuing a MD degree in a Govt Medical college, the seat was PERMITTED at the time of my admission.
      Now I am a final year student and the MCI has derecognized the particular seat and stopped further addmission due to deficiency of faculty.
      Can I practice in my own state after passing MD or can I become a faculty in a medical college of my my own state.

      Kindly help.

    43. harshitha says:

      Sir, I completed my M.D. in a govt college from Kerala n June 2014, now I m doing my one year bond n d same college, mine was a permitted seat when I took it, the college s refusing to give me mci course recognition certificate without which I cannot register my M.D. I m from Karnataka, I cannot practise there without registration, all my seniors and co-pgs got registration, even theirs were permitted seats, the Kerala state council gave them registration without asking for any recognition certificate, now they r refusing to give registration without mci recognition certificate. The college is not ready to give it. I don’t know what to do, if I can file a case, against whom should I file, plz help me.

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        A recognized seat is required for getting registration certificate. This has been confirmed by MCi officials to me. I don’t think there is anything you can do about it. You can ask MCI about it, they might be able to help you.

        • harshitha says:

          Thank u for ur response Sir, but what I am saying s my immediate seniors whose seats were also permitted got registration, infact the seats were increased from their batch onwards, now they r telling the mci has become strict now, previously the Kerala state council was giving registration for even permitted seats but now it’s not possible, why this bias, can’t we file a case against this? There should be uniformity, some times they give and some times they don’t. The 3 rd seat s not yet recognized, but all my seniors ( other specialities as well) got registration, on what basis they have qualified for registration and the current batch doesnt?

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            Well filing a court case might hep you in this case. Also govt rules keep on changing, so you can give reason of you seniors given registration in the court for you to get the registrations as well. Give it a try.

          • C.Sugumaran says:

            Dr Harshita the md Dr course in Vinayaka mission medical college at Salem is also not yet recognised. Mci have issued a letter to them that they should not admit fresh batches from 2016. But the above college has called for application for the above course this year also. This is a violation. The old students want to register their pg qualifications. Could you inform your case details. We can fight jointly

    44. tanu says:

      Sir i m a student of 1st batch of a gov med cllge college started in 2009 nd we have completed our internship in march 2015 .but till last year mci goes on permitt our college.this year mci has not given any conclusion to our college regarding its permission or recognition so we do not get our permanent registration and our rural posting has not started till now.its allready 3 month passed out for the beginning of rural posting of other medical colleges mbbs passed out students in our state m.p.and we are not allowed for doing our rural bond also. Kindly help us sir pls.

    45. Asma says:

      Sir, i got a bds seat in mallareddy institute of dental sciences hyderabad. I want to know whether it is a dci approval college or not. Please reply

    46. Sumit kumar says:

      Sir, I want to do MBBS from Philippines. I want to know about those universities which are recognised by MCI? After completing the course can I practice in India?

    47. Sumit kumar says:

      Sir, I want to do MBBS in Philippines. I want to know about the Universities who are recognized by MCI. Can I work in India after completing the course from Philippines?

    48. dr namak says:

      Can anybody tel me if i complete my pg course from AP and i want to practice out of the state without doing the compulsory 1 year state service which is a rule of AP council. Means, is it compulsory to do 1 year service and then i can go out from AP. I know registration to AP med council requires 1 yr service but if i dont want to register and go with my degree only. . ?? Wil i be able to practive outside without AP
      registration?? Kindly reply thank you

    49. tanu says:

      Sir.i m mbbs passed student.i got my provisional registeration and i have completed my internship in march 2015 .but not get permanently registered as our medical college is only permitted bul not recognised .with provisional registration can i apply in army next year or i need permanent registration for that also.

    50. tanu says:

      Sir i am worried .we didnt get stay from court to fill prepg forms neither we are allowed to do job in our institution or rural posting.after 6 years of hardwork we get nothing.can we do job in private hospitals in our state.

    51. viru says:

      last amendment of graduate medical education regulation 1997 was done in feb 2012 ..
      i just wanted to ask that is there any further amendment occured after that or not..
      is there sny change in that after the amendment ehat i have mentioned ???

    52. Alex says:

      Dear Sir,

      Is there a fixed number of times MCI can do re inspection of PG courses or is it infinite number of times as along as the college can file appeal of inspection.

      Has there been any instance were a PG program or UG program been discontinued due to repeated failure of institution to upgrade the deficiency said by MCI?

      thank you for your time.

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        I don’t know about the number of times the inspection can be done by MCI.
        Derecgonition of the course means the course will be discountinued if MCI does not find the requirement fulfilled by the institute.

    53. Dr.vinu G says:

      Sir ,for secondary DNB they are not insisting that the primary diploma should have a recognition.But for the MD candidates from the same college to appear for final DNB they ask for course recognition by MCI.,which can’t be produced for a permitted only seat.My question is will the national board award DNB for successful candidates with their primary diploma in just a permitted seat by mCI?is it not an irony for the norms to be different for diploma and degree?

    54. vittal srinivasan says:

      my son has joined the ESIC medical college Gulbarga in 2013 (a central govt institute run college) and he is in his II year MBBS. Now it seems the MCI has not permitted the college to do admission this year( 2015) and last two years it has permitted admission. In this scenerio , let me know his future, what he can do and cannot do. whether his seat will be recognized after three years?.can he transfer his college.

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        His seat may or may not get recognized in 3 years. As MCI has not permitted the college this year, chances of recognition are reduced. I am not saaying it will not get recognized at all, but it might be delayed. In such cases there is nothing much you could do. Regarding tranfer to other college, transfer is only of couple of seats usually and that too of class toppers.

    55. kavg says:

      Hi Dr Koli

      Im an NRI student studying at a college which has not been recognised for the past 2 years. The recognition in the future seems extremely unlikely, i realise now that this effects my ability to not only apply for work outside of my state but also outside the country, which is of primary concern to me as my whole intention of studying in india was that once completed i would return to family who live abroad. What are the options for such a situation, its seems so unclear and quite frankly quite daunting knowing that ill have to be studying for another few more years and have such limitation after so much effort.

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Hi Kavya,
        As mentioned in my email reply, 2nd tranfer of student to another institute seems like your only option. MCI recognition is not something which anyone could help with as it is beyond control of anyone.

    56. Dr.vinu G says:

      Sir,if a batch passes out now from a permitted seat and it gets recognition only after two years, will the recognition has a retrospective effect

    57. sheena says:


    58. Sarath says:

      I wanted a someone to clear my doubt regrading the exemption criteria from MCI Screening test for FMG.

      A Person who is a citizen of India had done his Undergraduate medical degree in a MCI recognized medical college in Philippines, and now holds a postgraduate medical degree from USA and licensed practitioner in USA.
      NOW,will this person seeking temporary or permanent registration in MCI shall be exempted from MCI screening test as only his post-graduation degree is from USA, (in accordance with “Screening Test Regulations (Amendment), 2011”)????
      NOTE: Previously, He has never acquired permanent or provisional registration from MCI nor has written MCI screening test.

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        MCI website says “(4) Provided further that a person seeking provisional or permanent registration shall not have to qualify the Screening Test if he/she holds an Under Graduate medical qualification from Australia/Canada/New Zealand/United Kingdom/United States of America and the holder thereof also been awarded a Post Graduate medical qualification in Australia/Canada/New Zealand/United Kingdom/United States of America and has been recognized for enrolment as medical practitioner in that country”
        So looking at this statement, as person you mentioned has UG degree from Philippines, he has to appear for screening exam.

        • Sarath says:

          @ Dr. Paresh :
          [1] If he is required to qualify MCI screening test, then should he undergo 1 year internship in any hospitals in India like any other foreign medical undergraduates after clearing MCI screening test to get permanent registration in MCI ??
          [2] and if so, even after doing residency in USA , getting license to practice in USA and getting board certification in the same country, such a senior person made to do one year internship like any other Foreign medical undergraduate in an Indian hospital. how is it acceptable?????
          [3] wont he have better experience in his field if has undergone all these scrutinization in USA ,and what is the point in testing his knowledge through an screening test here again???

          this means he cannot come back to India to practice here without these hurdles????

    59. Raj says:

      Hello Sir,
      I completed my MD degree in 2012 and the MCI recognized the course in 2013 with the statement in their website saying that the course is recognized when the degree is granted on or after 2013. What is this mean, Is my 2012 degree is also recognized.

      Thanks for all your help.

    60. virendra sharma says:

      My private college’s details on MCI website for mbbs course is like this
      Recognized (Issued discharge notice for excess admissions in management quota over and above sanctioned intake capacity.) (Previously under Barkatullah University, Bhopal)
      Is this seat okay?
      Please help
      Thank you

    61. viru says:

      is there any perticular number of attemp to pass mbbs ?? or one can give as many attempt as he want to pass mbbs course??
      is there any rule regarding passing first mbbs in 4 attempts??
      according to current regulation one can complete mbbs course in how many years??

    62. Abhi says:

      My sons medical college was started in got permission for mbbs in that year and the next 2014 and 2015 the college got permission by filing a case in supreme court against MCI.the college is not recognised for mbbs but it is a permitted one.My son is in his first year mbbs so are their chances for that college .so are their chances for the college to get recognised in future

      Please let me also know if a student passed mbbs from permitted seat gets registration done in MCI

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Chances of permitted seats getting recognition is dependent on the quality of infrastructure and faculty in that institute. MCI has certain standards and requirements, and only when these are fullfilled, the institute gets recognition. So I cannot comment about the future but one thing I can say is that if the institute is involved too much in selling the seats, it’s primary aim is money and they are not interested in seats getting the recognition. But still it is very difficult to predict these kind of things.

    63. Abhi says:

      Can a candifate done his mbbs in a permitted seat can he write USMLE , the PGCET of the state he lives.
      If he does his PG outside India can he come back and practise in India

    64. Rahul puri says:

      Hello sir my question is
      After how much time can a college apply for recognition after the failure of the previous inspection(permitted college through which 1st batch has just given the final prof exams)

    65. saksham sharma says:

      Sir i joined mbbs course from a private medical college in up in 2011 on a permitted sear.Our was first batch.After this only next batch got permission in 2012.Since then there are no further permission on infrastructure ground.Will we get mci registration number? Will we be able to write entrance exam?

        • Dr.DP says:

          What happens in the case where students get shifted to the recognised colleges.For eg.the 2010-11 batch of Dd medical college.Are their degrees considered from a recognised college or their parent college’s recognition status is their degree’s fate?

    66. Dr Shreyans says:

      sir i want to know that if i do pg from permitted college n if seat does not get recognize after completing my pg should i get registration from rajasthan state or mci and if seat is canceeled than my degree is valid or not

    67. amit says:

      Sir, wanted to confirm whether the recognition process for a permitted seat is only done when the next PG batch is appearing for final exams or it could be done anytime once the facilities have improved?

    68. Anant says:

      Sir the exit test of mbbs has also been cleared for all India registration.Does this mean that a permitted seat MBBS can register to MCI if he clears that test..Or MCI will add “MBBS from recognised college” in the eligibikity criteria to sit in that exam???

    69. bennie christene james says:

      I registered in tamil nadu medical council . My problem is that they did not receive any list from our university. So they made sign a letter stating that if I don’t give them list by December I should abide to the mci rules. Please suggest. My friends have registered without any problem from the same medical council. According to them whoever comes first is recognised.

      • bennie christene james says:

        Once registered is it a permanent registration. My name has appeared in Tamil nadu medical council .and I got the certificate for registration

    70. Preetika says:

      Sir I am MBBS student of Punjab on MCI permitted seat. If my college doesnot get recognised by MCI, then will I be able to do my internship and later on do job in my state only?

    71. Preetika says:

      Sir I am MBBS final year student of the college which is MCI permitted. I want to clear that If my college doesnot get recognition will I be able to do my internship and whether later on I can practice in my state only? I have this doubt because i have read the case of Chennai Medical College students who werenot allowed to do internship when their college failed to get recognised in 2014.

    72. dr.Indraj Singh says:

      sir,if one is registered for MBBS in Maharashtra medical council from a recognised seat for mbbs. if he does post graduation in maharashtra at a permitted seat (not recognised), Can he practice for his speciality on the basis of mbbs registration in maharashtra or anywhere in country with or without display on prescription pad? Why MCI does not give permission after fulfilling the criteria of recognition by an institute?can an mbbs do any treatment which he has learnt from PG course at unrecognised but permitted seat?

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Officially you need a permanent registration of additional qualification of the specialty to practice it that particular specialty. For getting the additional qualification, you should have degree from a recognised institute.

    73. Rajan says:

      my daughter got admission in MBBS in 2014,in private recognized college but during mci inspection in 2016 they find glaring irregularties .pl clarify me if college derecognised in any circumstances ,her degree will be treated as recognized or not

    74. siddharth says:

      so pg from a permitted seat cannot do superspeciality or govt teaching job. so do they get permanent registration or not with the pg qualification? m asking ths bcoz u said sir we can practise in private and even that requires permanent registration….. plz reply sir

    75. Rashique says:

      Sir i am studying in a private medical college,which is not recognised..till 2014 our college was permitted for intake of 150 started in the year 2011..last year unfortunately we didnt get permission for 2015-16 my final year exams got over waiting for the result..still we didnt get recognition,we are waiting for the inspection..incase we didnt get recognition what about our future..can we do internship if not it the end of my doctor dream….kindly reply

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        The internship can be done on provisional registration as well which does not require a recognized seat. For permanent registration, you need a recognized degree. So unless your course is recognized by MCI, you cannot get permanent registration and thus you cannot officially practice.

        • Rash says:

          If my college is getting recognition during my internship period ..there wont be any prblm for my official practise ryt?? Or can i request or complaint against college managment for losing my year??is there any use by doing so..?? And i heard of requesting by some medical college students for transferring them to other college with the support of state government.what to do u say about these

    76. jagdish prasad says:

      Sir, i have completed my DMRD from mgm medical college JHARKHAND, which is permitted seat under 10 a since1975, my home state is rajasthan, i m not getting registration in rajsthan state medical council,that why i m not getting registration in PNDT act, this registration is essential to practice e.g. sonography. pz what is rule to get register in home statefor permitted seat?

        • jagdish prasad says:

          is there any way by court case? because we got that seat of permitted DMRD by neet exam n through the mci online counceling?

          • vinu says:

            All Of those pgs, especially radiology Should soon take this matter to court as the sufferer is the innocent doctor who is betrayed square by govt,institute,mCI and university which is very evident. Pndt act Says even Uss can’t be done without registration of additional qualification

    77. Sd says:

      My batch is the 1st batch of my college and one more batch is there after that my collge did not got permission from mci , I have given my last prof examination and worried that ‘ll my degree be valid or not and ‘ll I be getting registration no. of not and ll i be eligible for sitting for pg exam or not

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        You will be eligible for sitting in PG exam for sure. If your course gets recognized then you will get registration if it does not then you will not and this you will not be able to practice the specialty.

    78. Mayank says:

      Dear sir, This is the status of MD seat in mci site “Recognized for 2 seats when degree granted on or after Apr1975. (Recommended for increase of seats from 2 to 4)”.What does this recommended means?.is the seat recognized or permitted

    79. Yogesh Khurana says:

      May i inquire about seats that the Armed Forces Medical Services (for Ex-Servicemen) that they have listed as “Recommended by MCI for Recognition to Govt” as a separate section from “Permitted Seat”. What are the drawback of picking up these seats??

    80. Madhuri says:

      I have seen that my PG seat got recognized in the PG committee meeting held in November 2015 but still our college did not get a letter from mci by which we can get our registration done.what could be the reason?is there any other way to get recognized
      The status of the seat in mci is permitted only,when will it get updated?

    81. anubhuvan says:

      Sir,i’m studying for MS in a private medical college .we got one MS seat recognised & one permitted.recently we got mci inspection in our dept & MCI decided not to recognise the permitted seat.we filed a compliance of which surprise inspection took place.i wanted to know wat wud be the fate of the already admitted candidates if we lost the compliance too.its clear that no further admission will occur in that additional seat if the compliance is also lost.if sumthg unfortunate lik dat happens,then wat shud be our further proceedings?plz help sir.thanku.

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Only thing which could happen is that permitted seat will remain permitted only and will not get recognized. You can ask your dept to do all the necessary things to clear the MCI inspection.

        • Yashim Khan says:

          Kindly see the 200 point roster for degree courses pgmem 2016 for 50% Delhi quota seats frm above link
          35 seats of lhmc (lady Harding medical college ) are permitted
          Is there chances that all seats will get registered frm MCI considering current status of lhmc

    82. Yashim Khan says:

      Sir , in 50% Delhi quota in Delhi university colleges for MD /ms seats ,35 seats of various branches in lady Harding medical college are remarked as permitted as per the 200 point roster posted on fms site for 2016 counselling .here is the link

      Sir kindly see the 200 point roster for md/Ms degree for 2016
      Kindly give ur expert opinion whether these permitted seats gona be registered taking in to account present status of lhmc

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Due to increase in PG seats, many of them will be permitted only. If it is a govt institute with good infrastructure they will get recognized in the the end. Such kind og issues usually arise in private institutes where they do not have faculty or infrastructure to go through MCI inspection and get recognition.

    83. ANKITA SINGHANIA says:

      Sir,i hav got a seat in radiology in Tata Memorial hospital,Mumbai….my seat is permitted as of now…MCI inspection most probably wil be held in june this year….considering facilities and infrastructure at tata,is there any chances of seat not getting recognised??also if seat remains permitted,will I b able to work in corporate set ups??

    84. rk says:

      sir,i did my md emergency medicine in 2012 which is a permitted seat under scction 10a of imc act,we have one batch prior to us ,mci had come for inspection for our batch exam but they sited faculty defecits which was duly corrected by our college and compliance report sent to mci ,but no status of the report,the lop was given to the college in 2011,after ours there are 3 more batches.we have completed our degree,doing one year bond but not eligible to apply for further courses,its like career stuck at cross roads,without any proper registration.nd 3 years of hard work going waste .do you suggest us to wait or any means to proceed legally.kindly help me out sir.waiting for ur reply.

    85. rk says:

      sir,not only our college ,mci had denied recognition to all the colleges which it had inspected ,sir one more query ,can we register our degree with the state medical council without recognition? ,how can mci mci deny recognition to all the colleges it inspected ,as per our college sources all the documents ,everything was perfect .

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        No, for medical council registration you need a recognition.
        MCI can reject any number of college if they do not meet its standard of Medical education. When MCI does this, they usually give reasons for not recognition or de-recognition.

    86. DR AVIK DEB says:

      Sir I took seat in MD Pharmacology(Private) which is permitted under sec 10(A) act….I am from second batch…now as a rule mci will come after 3 years when the first batch will appear for final year exam.But the main thing is after me college is not getting students in this course. So if college is unable to get students further whether my seat will be remain permitted?? If college can fullfil all the departmental requirements as per mci rules except no students admitted after 2 batches , whether mci can deny to upgrade to recognition from permitted seat?

    87. vaibhav jain says:

      hi sir

      i m dr vaibhav jain , my father has done dmrd which was of 1 year duration from amritsar in 1982 which at that time was only allowed to practice in punjab only.

      You said in your blog that if permitted seat gets recognised in future , then retrospectively earlier seat also gets recognised and i think all the seats of radiology in amritsar is recognised.

      Now my father wants to practice in rajasthan but RMC refusing to register.

      What to do??

      Kindly reply,thanks

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        I am not sure whether this rule is applicable for such old seats. Best way to test is to apply for a MCI registration number. If MCI gives it then he will face no issues in practicing anywhere in India.

    88. Saksham Sharma says:

      I have successfully completed my final year mbbs exam from a permitted seat of mci. Now up state medical council in month of April started my internship but after a period of one month they are declining me provisional registration number. Our college management says that we should continue with our internship and provisional registration numbers will be allotted in due course when our college gets recognised by mci.
      But sir our college didn’t get any batch from past three years
      Can state medical council deny us provisional registration numbers
      Should we continue our internship without provisional registration numbers.
      Kindly please reply

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        I don’t know if, even for provisional registration there is MCI recognition requirement.
        And without provisional registration legally you cannot do internship. But most of the students do their internship without provisional registration and apply for it in the end of their internship.

    89. Shivam Shukla says:


      I am asking because I’ve cleared my NEET 2016 with good marls. However i want to get into only thay college which is imed approved. Are all government colleges imed approved ???? I searched for the colleges of Chhattisgarh on IMED directory. It only showed the old ones…not the new ones which started about 2 years ago. I’m kind of disappointed because if that college is not IMED approved /certified thenI’ll have to take a year drop and study to get into an Imed approved college as my only aim is to appear for USMLE.

    90. Supriya says:

      I have given my secondary DNB exam,but my result was witheld because my d ortho seat is not recognised but is a only permitted.where do I go from now

    91. vegyarapu anjaneyulu says:

      good eveming sir
      she has cps mumbai dgo diploma the cps derecognised by imc she is elgible to dgo practice in telangana state she has maharastra medical council regestration

    92. archana says:

      i would like to the exact procedure of recognising a pg degree seat once inspection is completed. mci is not replying to my questions on call.they say seats are recognised but still awaiting reply from ministry of health n family may days will it take to get a reply from ministry to add the recogised seats to website?

    93. vithin says:

      I am a 3rd yr student studying in a private medical college. My college had mci approval when I joint first yr.but we haven’t got MCI approval for the past 2yrs ..coming August makes it 3yrs.. suppose our college dosnt get MCI this yr what will be our fate???

    94. Dr. Pallavi K. says:

      Dear Sir, (Apologies it is a repeated question!)
      I have completed my MD Pathology (2011-2014) on a MCI permitted seat from Sri Vasatrao Naik Govt Medical College, Yavatmal (Maharastra). The Seat is still permitted (as on June 2016) (students are being admitted) and not yet been recognized. I am told that i can’t practice my profession (in other states). Today, my application has been rejected (at the stage of certificate verification) at ESIC medical college and hospital for Assistant Professor position, citing my degree is not yet recognized. I have few questions. Kindly address them, i appreciate your patience and time.

      1. The college Dean (when i contacted him) tells me that they are trying to improve the facilities and they will apply for the MCI inspection once they improve the infrastructure and so on. My question is: Will my seat get recognized retrospectively (as i completed the course in 2011- 2014 itself) as and when the MCI recognizes the seat for the college. If not, what should i be doing?

      2. What will happen to my degree, if the MCI declines the recognition? Can i write to the MCI authorities?

      3. Can i bring the pressure on the college, explaining about my lost opportunities and agony being cause thereby.

      I appreciate your time!

      Best regards
      Dr. Pallavi K

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        1. If your college does fulfil all the MCI requirements then your degree will get recognized as well, as recognition is from retrospective effect.
        2. If MCI denies recognition there is nothing you can do other than filing a court case against the college and the authorities responsible to do the needful for meeting the MCI recognition.
        3. Pressure can be brought about by court only. Or may be powerful politicians.

    95. vithin says:

      This is vithin…. if v don’t get MCI this yr also is there any chance that v students will be shifted to govt.colleges or if I do my internship in an MCI approved clg can I practice.
      Yours sincerely

        • Debayan Dasgupta says:

          SIr, I am Debayan Dasgupta, A second year PGt of NRS medical College, Kolkata. Our seat was started on 2011 and yet to be recognized. This year, They did not allow to admit new PG seats, though our department did not receive any derecognition letter or any such update on MCI website, in the pg committee compliance report. They are yet to reply our latest compliance report.

          My questions are,
          1. Did they derecognize the seats.?
          2.Is there any chance to restart the admission next year or we shall have to apply for fresh seats??
          3. is there any chance to get recognition status in future if we again send compliance??

          Thanking you,

    96. Debayan Dasgupta says:

      Sir, I am a MD Radio-diagnosis PGT at NRS medical college, Kolkata. The seats were opened in 2011 and yet to be recognized by MCI. . In the last COMPLIANCE report sent on March, 2016 they wrote,”Compliance is not satisfactory.” due to shortage of one Assistant prof. ..We sent a reply but we are yet to get response for their behalf..but From this year the admission by MCI of PG students have been stopped.
      Does that mean the seats have been derecognized??
      is there any chance of getting recognition of the 2 seats if we further send compliance?? Please reply. We are in immense stress.

    97. Arunava says:

      Sir, I passed MD Microbiology in 2012 and joined the same college as assistant professor in May 2012. I have completed 4 yrs & 2 months as assistant professor and have adequate number of publications to satisfy MCI eligibility criteria for associate professor. My MD degree was permitted during these years and has recently been recognized by MCI in 2016.
      In 2014 MCI inspection: I submitted MCI declaration form as assistant professor and I was accepted as assistant professor.
      in 2015: I submitted MCI declaration form as assistant professor but I was accepted as tutor (designation changed by MCI assessor) as my MD degree was not recognized.
      However, my profile in MCI faculty database is categorized as assistant professor. In this scenario, I am confused regarding my teaching and work experience.
      1. Is it possible that my work experience of last 4 yrs will be counted as assistant professor?
      2. Am I eligible for the post of associate professor in any other state / medical college in India?
      3. What can I do to confirm my eligibility?
      Kindly give your opinion…

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        This is a complicated case but if the seat is now recognised, you should be eligible for AP post. But the work experience as Associate Professor is doubtful and I think you should file an RTI to MCI for clarification on this matter.

    98. Sunil says:

      Sir my son has completed BS in 2014 in Phillipines Cebu in South Western university which is now not recognised by MCI so he changed the college which is Cebu institute of medicine will he get eligibility by MCI or changing college will affect on eligibility???

    99. Renu says:

      Sir,kindly suggest books to prepare for DNB FET,in ophtha.I am an ophthalmologist interested in doing fellowship in ophthalmology.

    100. Girish says:

      Sir, i joined for ms ent under merit quota in 2013 and passed out in 2016. Here in our college there are 2 seats. One seat recognized in 2010. Other seat permitted in 2011. One seat is under management quota. when i checked on mci site it shows like dis..”Recognized when degree granted on or after March, 2010. Seat increased from 01 to 02 from 2012-13 u/s 10(A).”
      I have 2 doubts. my seat recognized? (As mci recognized in 2010 and 5years make it till 2015 and not 2016) or as mci came in 2011 for permitting a new seat so from 2011 till 2016)?
      2.which seat is having chance for recognition..merit or management??

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Recognition of the seats depends on the subsequent inspections done by MCI in your institute. MCI website should give you details of the present status. Even the status of the permitted seat. There is nothing like separate recognition for merit and management quota seats.

    101. kamaldeep bansal says:

      Sir I got rank 1 in dm cardiology Bhu this year and I am going to counselling. But this seat is under mci recognition process. And mci site does not show it as permitted even. But mci inspection has been done and they hv 1 post of associate professor vacant that is why it is not recognised. Sir I want to know can I practice cardiology after doing dm. And If I join and it get recognised or permitted after my dm completion will my seat get recognised also. And if any medico legal consequences also of unrecognised seat

    102. Sapna Jain says:

      I have done DGO from GS medical college mumbai in 2001 which is permitted but not recognised so I am unable to get DGO registration number..In that case can I practice outside Maharashtra??will there be any legal implications of this…

    103. Susmita says:

      Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, New Delhi – On the MCi site no of MBBS seats shows 0 against HIMSR and comment written is “Not permitted for renewal of permission u/s 10(A) for 2016-17” but HIMSR is conducting counselling for admission to MBBS for 100 seats. What does this mean? An early reply would help

    104. bhaskar k says:

      Sir we are taking ad in mci permitted seet 3 .After one year mci visit only 2 seet are recognised. How can alloted the recognised seet . Their are 2 general candidate and 1 reserved category.

    105. Satya Bhushn Arya says:

      Sir, I intend to apply for MBBS in a private college affiliated to Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Agra. Does a university or medical college require approval from the World Health Organization for the purposes of going abroad after UG ?

    106. Prachi says:

      Sir i want to know about rama medical college hapur as i am getting admission there for mbbs…so can u pls tell me is it a recognised college or not….and is it okay to do my ug course from that college

    107. Arafath Ahmed says:

      Hi sir this is Arafath doing internship in a pvt college in Chennai … I came to know regarding the post graduate courses in foreign countries and I want to know if I have to write MCI screening exam after I finish the pg degree there.??

    108. Sunil says:

      Sir my son studying MBBS in phillipines for practicing in India they had to give MCI exam now is it true foreign students have not to give this exam???

    109. Kavita says:

      Sir,myself completed Pg in got med clge Kerala in 2013.Mci says recognition to those trained on or after 2015.will I be able to register?if not how should I proceed?waiting for ur reply

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Yes, you can do DNB after MD. For post diploma DNB it says ” Candidates already pursuing a MD/MS/DNB course are not eligible to appear for DNB-PDCET January 2017 till such time they have completed the duration of prescribed course or have been discharged from the course.”

    110. Ujjwal says:

      Sir I have taken admission in permitted md med seat.i am 4 th batch(2017) of md med course.the first batch (2014) have just passed.and the recognition is due.sir if degree get recognised my batch(2017) will be recognised or not

    111. Rahul says:

      Sir my question is that I have completed my mbbs from mci recognized college n got registration…now I m planning to pursue pg.
      If I do my pg from any University which is not recognized by mci,can I work in private as well as govt sector all over India or just in private sector all over India? And can you please provide me your email or any other mode through which can I clear my will be a great help from your side… waiting for your reply..thank you

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Hi, if the PG degree is not MCI recognized, you cannot practice as a specialist doctor. As your UG degree is MCI recognized, you can practice as MBBS doctor. You can ask your queries out here. It will be helpful for others as well.

    112. Anju says:

      Dear Dr. Paresh,
      I have done my PG diploma in Pathology 7 yrs back from a govt. college seat which unfortunately is not recognized due to the lapse on the part of the college to ask for renewal. Now they are not able to go for MCI recognition for the said seat as no more students are joining the course. In this senario can I do something to get my seat recognized or have to give up on that front.?
      Olease do give some insight in this matter. Thanks

    113. Rohit Singh says:

      sir i have a doubt regarding who will get the recognised seat in a pg institute…for example if a institute has total of 12 seats of 7 are recognised and 5 are permitted..who will get the preference for recognised seats..a student from all india neet counselling or state counselling..
      if a student gets a seat from state quota whose rank is better than one from all india neet counselling, will he get the recognised seat or the one who got poor rank and got the seat in same dept from all india counselling…as someone told me all the recognised seats goes to student from all india neet counselling irrespective of their rank followed by student from state counselling.

    114. Megha K says:

      Sir our is a government medical college which is again applying for recognition by mci but since 2 yrs its rejected from recognition but admission is still going on.. how will it affect the students. Will we be able to give pg exam or appear in upsc after mbbs ..our seniors are admitted to national medical colleges through neet since 2 yrs pls guide pls pls im very much confused and depressed

    115. yuva kishore says:

      sir , i my doing my pg . my college is reconised by mci. in my course also few seats are rcognised by mci . few are permitterd my mci . i am under that permitted seat . am i ineligible for superspeciality.[since my clg is mci recognised]

    116. Harendra singh Bharti says:

      Sir if i took pg seat in 2018 which is permitted and after my passing it is recognized for e.g it recognized in my ques is will i recognized or not

    117. sri says:

      Sir, any examples are there , where students done PG in permitted seat only, and finally MCI not recognize the college even after many year…..

    118. Vinay says:

      hello sir, on MCI website certain seats in medical colleges are recognized as for eg-: recognized if completed after 2015 etc. So if join a PG course now and finish it 2021 but seat get recognized after my passing, so will i my degree be MCI recognized? (if they mention recognized if completed after 2022)

    119. Animesh saxena says:

      If a medical college admit 1 batch on permitted seat but permission for next batch is not given by MCI ,will the experience count in a empty batch though there is 1 batch studying there ?

    120. RPS says:

      I have joined as an SR in a govt medical college yet to get LOP. When will my experience be counted from -Date of joining or date of getting LOP ??

    121. Jitendra Gupta says:

      Hello sir,
      Please reply me Asap.
      I’m student from MiMS indore.
      Our batch got the permission for mbbs admission for the academic year 2016-17,i’m now in 2nd year and currently our college is debarred for next two academic years.i.e. 17-18& 18-19, So i would like to know that , will my degree be recognised or not ? As we are the first batch of our institute.
      Will i be able to register at MCI for licence ?
      Is there any rules like this : that we will get the mbbs degree but not able to register ourselves at the mci for practitioner licence until our institute gets renewal for 5 batches for mbbs admission.
      Best regards,

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        I don’t think your batch would face any issues. At the end of your course your degree should ger recognition. If not then you can take the legal action. To register with MCI for permanent registration, your course has to be recognized. I have not heard of any such rule you mentioned.

    122. Dr nisha says: dch seat was permitted ..but i was allowed to give sec dnb entrance.givey theory exam ..passed and finally the practicals and now the dnb board are not declaring the result stating my seat is permitted.please help

    123. Dr. J singh k says:

      Sir , there are many permitted seats in dnb cousrs … If i opt for one permitted seat this year – where can I practice in govt , in corporate hospital , in Pvt hospitals , or private clinic practice ?

    124. Dr. J Singh k says:

      A permitted degree holder is he allowed to practice in his own state and do private corporate hospitals hire these degree holders for jobs ?

    125. Sukrutha Sahu Jaya says:


      What happens to the recognition status of a student admitted against a PG seat, who is admitted after the Institution applies for renewal of recognition, but the same was declined by the MCI twice, once before and once after the admission of the student?

      Is it possible to renew the MCI recognition after it is declined twice?

      will the MCI renew the recognition from a previous date retrospectively and recognise such admissions or the renewal of recognition will only be prospective from the next academic year ?

      Thank you sir.

        • Sukrutha Sahu Jaya says:

          But sir, what about the students who are admitted to the course before renewal of recognition? Will they be allowed to practice?
          You have said failure to seek timely renewal from MCI will invariably results in stoppage of admission. And on MCI website the letter which declined renewal says any student admitted against the pg seat before renewal of recognition Will be considered illegal and irregular and will not be recognised.
          Will the MCI renew the recognition retrospectively in future and regularise such admissions? Please reply sir. Thank you.

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            MCI regulations are not very clear on this but in one of the RTI I had filed, they replied that recognition is retrospective in effect. So even previous seats should be recognized.

    126. Aakash says:

      Sir I take admission in Dr BSA medical college rohini delhi in MBBS course on July 6 2018 which is affiliated by ggsipu , I check the status of college on mci site under topic list of college teaching mbbs . It is written over there that permitted for admission for 2018-19 what is the chances for the college to get recognition by MCI and what if the college get not recognised till the completion of my MBBS …. What after that? Plz plz reply must ……………..

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        Chances depend on the quality of infrastructure by your institute. If the degree is not recognized you cannot register in the Medical Council and thus you cannot practica anywhere in the country.

    127. Ramya Chinta says:

      hello sir
      Iam graduate student from Caribbean
      recently i wrote fmge exam,i got pass mark
      but my unversity is not recognized,
      so will they allow me to do internship???
      Do i will get any problem regarding this

    128. Jyoti Paul says:

      Sir I have admitted in medical college. In mci it is stated that degree is recognized on or after January when I pass out is my degree recognized? Sir please reply me

    129. Jyoti Paul says:

      Sir I have taken admission into private medical college in 2018.In mci site it is stated that medical degree is recognized on or after January 2013 .So. l have a doubt when I pass out then is my mbbs degree recognized? Sir please reply me

    130. vincent says:

      Hi sir,
      i am admitted in the first 250 mbbs seats in 2013 which was previously 150 and after me 5 batches have joined and now they have reduced it to 150 seats , i have finished my internship now. my question is
      1.Whether my seat is recognised?
      2.Can I take PG seat in different state, because my home state is different?
      3.which 150 of our 250 will be recognised.
      please clear my doubts

      • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

        There are no sure answers to your questions. Recognition is granted only after the MCI inspection, so inquire with your college if this is done or not.
        About which seats among 250 are recognized, some MCI RTI replies say that is it on 1st come 1st serve basis. Even this you can inquire with the college.

    131. Nihar Alavalapati says:

      sir I completed my ug in mci permitted seat and still it is not recognized is I am eligible to write neet pg

    132. devansi says:

      sir there is any rule which states that students from all india quota will be given preference for allotment of recognised seat over students taking admission from state qouta. Say there are 8 seats for md medicine,5 recognised and 3 permitted.4 students taking admission through AIQ n 1 student from state with best rank will get recognised seats. please reply
      thanks in advance

    133. SATYA NARAYAN says:

      Dear Sir,

      I refer to the Gazette of India (PART III—Section 4) No. 144 dated 5th April 2018 amending ‘Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000’

      This is available in MCI website (URL below):

      At pege 8 clause 2 (2) it states that “In the event of deficiencies being found………………..Further, in such cases; recommendation
      shall be made to the Central Government to include the qualifications in the First Schedule of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 only in respect of first four batches of Postgraduate Degree Courses and three batches of Postgraduate Diploma courses.”

      In view of this if a PG aspirant takes admission this year (in 2019) in a permitted seat for PG Medical in an existing course of existing deemed university (seat permitted w.e.f. 2019-20 increasing annual intake for the PG course of such deemed university) , will he/she be getting recognized PG degree on completion of course assuming the worst case that for some reason the permitted seat did not get recognition because of any deficiency?

      As I understand the gazette mentions that first four batches of Postgraduate Degree Courses (in permitted seats) will get recognition.

      I shall appreciate your views on the same.


    134. suman prakash says:

      my college has 3 recognized md medicine seats adn 9 permitted seat , what happen to last 9 students when my college didn’t get recognition

    135. P Agarwal says:

      Hello Sir,
      I am pursuing MBBS from a private medical college in MP. Our Batch is the first batch and it is MCI permitted but not recognised. Also it has failed renewal and no new batches are admitted for the consecutive 3 years. What will be the consequences on our degree and future? Are we eligible for admission in any pg college. Are we eligible for practicing in an government setup or have any sort of practice for that matter? please answer.

    136. Gaming Guy says:

      Hello Sir,
      I am a student of GIMSH, West Bengal. I took admission in Oct 2016. My college got debarred for 2 yrs 2017 – 2018 & 2018 – 2019 and this year (2019) after mci visit the website states that “not permitted for admission in 2019 – 2020”.
      I am currently studying in 3rd prof part – 1. So, my question is :
      1) considering the college failed to get permission to take admission this year (2019), next year and during my internship year (2021). The degree that I will receive in March 2022 will be valid throughout the India or only in the state of West Bengal? Can I appear in NEET PG 2022 with the above said degree and participate and join in the PG counselling?

      2) If I complete my internship from my college which failed to get recognised and permitted to take new admissions during my intern year . Do I have to wait for years to get permission and recognition from the mci to my college before I can practice ?

      3) Does relocation of students to different medical colleges occur in 3rd year or at the beginning of 4th year?

    137. tridev samanta says:

      I am gonna admitted in mbbs in west bengal. There are 4 new colleges this year. But in mci website they are written as-“Permitted u/s 10(A) for 2019-20.”… Will i have any problem if i get in those colleges…

    138. L R KISHORE KUMAR says:

      sir i had a doubt as to if an individual takes a permitted seat ,will he or she be eligible for applying for fellowships abroad ??

    139. Abhinash says:

      Sir, firstly thank you for starting such a blog. You seem to have a better understanding about the issues better than most of us, so i would like to ask you this one question: can you clearly state what happens to the ongoing permitted seat candidates if say the institution fails in its attempt to get registration the first time around? for eg: if the MCI doesn’t recognise the seats when the first batch passes out after 3 years in PG course, what happens to the first and second years? do they get thrown out or is it like everyone has to wait for the seats to be recognised? Also, can they practise anywhere in india or is it true that you get restricted to the state of the college that you do the course in?

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