Interview of Dr. Ankita Singhania Rank 21 in MH PGM CET 2016 & 268 in AIPGMEE 2016

Dr. Ankita Singhania has secured Rank 21 in Maharashtra PGM CET 2016, rank 268 in AIPGMEE 2016, rank 37 in DNB January 2016 and rank 8 in MP state PG merit list. She has done her MBBS from RCSMGMC, Kolhapur.


Q. In what year did you pass out your MBBS (Completion of Internship)?

Ans. March 2015

Q. What were your MBBS percentage marks (aggregate or final year)?

Ans. 69.38% aggregate

Q. What ranks had you secured in any previous PG medical entrance exams you gave?

Ans. AIPG 2015 – around rank 14000 and MH PGM CET 2015 – rank 1335

Q. Could you please tell us something about yourself?

Ans. I did my 12th from DAV Public School, Panipat….my father is a Chartered Accountant and my mother is a housewife….whatever i am today is because of them….I entirely owe my success to them…

Q. What is the secret of your success?

Ans. HARDWORK (most important), proper time management, confidence and a bit of luck….there is no shortcut in medical field…sincere efforts and proper management and you are through….

Q. How was your internship?

Ans. Internship in my college is very heavy….there is no time for studies in major postings…even in minor postings, we had less time. I tried studying whatever I could….and trust me; it does help a lot if u drop a year…even if time is a limiting factor, do try studying atleast short subjects…

Q. When did you seriously start preparing for the entrance exam?

Ans.  I started preparing in March end 2015 after I was done with document work from kolhapur…but I personally feel one should start preparing from 3rd year… it helps in building a strong base…

Q. How many hours did you study each day? How long do you think students need to prepare for cracking PG medical entrance exams?

Ans. like everybody says it’s not the quantity but quality that matters….I used to study for 10 hrs for initial months nd in the last month; I increased it to 14-15 hrs…bt it solely depends on the individual…if prepared sincerely, 6-8 months are more than enough…

Q. Which books did you read for the theory part?

Ans. I relied mainly on guide books even for theory part….but I referred standard textbooks like Harrison, ROBBINS, BAILEY in the case of controversial questions…

Q. Which books did you read for the MCQs? Which MCQ books were the most productive and which were least?

Ans. I mainly used Arvind Arora volumes…others were
pharma-gobind garg
micro-rachana chaurasia
psm-vivek jain
med and surg-amit ashish
obgy-sakshi arora…..i found all of them useful…

Q. Which subjects did you focus on?

Ans. I mainly foccused on psm,1st and 2nd year and short subjects…but other subjects are important too…

Q. What were your study methods? How many revisions did you do for each subject? Did you make any changes in your study methods in your recent attempts?

Ans. because I did not join any coaching, guide books were the only study material I had…I alloted time for every subject and tried completing it within that particular time…also, I did last 5 yrs questions(without readng explanation of every questn) of aiims,aipg nd dnb simultaneously with the subject….this really helped me….I completed my course till aug…did my 1st rev in sept-oct nd 2nd in nov….atleast 2 revisions are must…you hardly recall anything if you dont revise no matter how much brains you have…

Q. Did you do any special preparation for image-based questions?

Ans. i just saw pics from standard textbooks while reading a topic….nothng else

Q. What was your strategy for the exam day? How many questions did you attempt and why? How many do you think you got correct?

Ans. I attempted all the questions as there was no negative marking…might have got 240-245 correct in aipg…dont be in a hurry and read all questions carefully….do not miss out words like except….i still regret losing marks because of not reading the question carefully.

Q. Do think there should be a different strategy for preparation of different entrance exams like AIIMS-PG or PGI?

Ans. exams like AIIMS are more of concept based rather than one liners…more or less topics remain the same….make your concepts clear…mugging up won’t work here…

Q. Did you join any classes or test series? Was it useful?

Ans. I did not join any classes…I joined dams and Bhatia test series…both of them were very useful…

Who or what influenced you to take up Medicine?

Ans. initially my mother’s dream and now my own choice…

Q. In which field do you want to specialize in? why?


Q. What seat have you been allotted in counselling? Did you join?

Ans. counselling is yet to begin

What is your advice to future aspirants?

Ans. i know what it feels to be a pg aspirant specially when you are a dropper. I would just say give your sincere efforts and dedicated hard work for a year, ave proper time management, improve your weak areas and then nobody can stop you from getting through….also do take out time for yourself and don’t even think of compromising with your health…. ALL THE BEST everyone

Q. Indian PG entrances are highly competitive, so to crack them students end up in appearing for multiple PG exams with some of them having the same exam with different slots and papers, please extend your views on this and their pros and cons of appearing in multiple PG entrances.

Ans. i think giving multiple exams is beneficial as if one exam was not up to the mark,u can work better and try your luck with the other..but don’t end up giving every exam….make a balance so that you don’t comprimise major exams…

I would thank Dr. Paresh Koli and team of desi medicos for doing such great work…also there is Paresh sir’s article on books to be read…I had read it last year and trust me, it’s really useful…do read it once…

We are ending this interview with our hearty congratulations and best wishes for future to this talented person, Dr.Ankita Singhania. And special thank you to her from my side for appreciating my work.

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