Services in the out-patient departments (OPD) of government-run hospitals in the city were affected as resident doctors launched an indefinite strike on Monday. They are demanding a hike in their monthly stipend.


Patients had to wait for long hours at Vani Vilas, Victoria, Bowring and Lady Curzon and Minto Eye hospitals. More than 600 doctors are camping at Victoria Hospital. “Give us some hike, give us some decent stipend so that we can work without stress. We have been asking for a hike for three years now. Yet, there has been no response,” said Dr H J Tejeswi, general secretary, Karnataka  Association of Resident Doctors (KARD).

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Dr M S Ramya, a PG student at BMCRI, said that most of the resident doctors come from middle and lower-middle classes and work for meagre pay. “About 2,500 resident doctors from different government hospitals across the state have launched an indefinite strike to make the government accede to their demands. However, emergency services have not been affected. But from Tuesday, the situation will get grim as even emergency services will be stopped,” she said.


Dr Abdualla Kirash, another resident doctor, added, “A meeting with the Medical Education Department was held last Thursday. The officials said the files are now with finance department and soon, the Cabinet will discuss the hike. But we need a written assurance which both the officials and government are not willing to give.”

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Earlier, the association had written to the Chief Minister about the problems faced by house surgeons, post-graduate students and super-speciality resident doctors studying and working in government medical colleges. But there has been no response yet from Siddaramaiah.

‘We Understand Students’ Concerns’

Dr S S Harasoor, Director of Medical Education, said that efforts were being made to make the students understand that their issues were being considered.

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