Amar Ujala News Swipe machine mandatory for doctors in clinics

A newspaper has claimed that MCI and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW)  have issued an advisory that it is not mandatory for all doctors to install a card swipe machine in their clinics for digital transactions by 1st April 2017. For this doctors have to get a certificate from a bank, failing which their registration will be not be renewed. Advisory by MOHFW also says that the salary of all the employees of the clinics has to transferred to their bank accounts. Also, it is advised that hospitals/ clinics/ nursing homes should not accept cash payments above Rs. 5000.

Also messages are being circulated on WhatsApp which are as follows:

All doctors have to have swipe machine wef 1st April 2017 and they have to get a certificate from Bank also otherwise the registration will not be renewed . Salary to the staff has to be transferred in their accounts and CMO will verify the number & salary of staff and staff has to submit an affidavit also. Union Ministry of Health has issued advisory to medical council regarding this matter. For nursing homes if the staff number exceeds 10 , the labour commissioner will verify the number & salary and the certificate issued by labour commissioner will be submitted to CMO for renewal of registration of nursing home. The amount more than five thousands rupees will not be accepted in hospitals and all medical stores have to keep swipe machines for renewal of medical stores and who are already renewed , they have to submit the certificate issued from Bank. Union Govt has asked the list of all retail & whole sale medical stores from all states . So get ready to go digital.

We were not able to confirm this news as we found no such advisory/ notification on MCI or MOHFW websites.