As posted by MHPGMCET counselling update page,
“Our Case was serial no. 3 in Court no. 5 today.
AS YOU ALL KNOW JUSTICE SONAK gave decision in our favour & JUSTICE MOHTA against us.
In Today’s hearing , Chief Justice ordered to appoint 3 judge review bench which will discuss our case.
In short , nothing significant happened today.
Next hearing is not fixed yet .
We will update it on our page & also it will be updated on Bombay High Court site.

Many people has queries that what kind of decision might come in this case.
I would like to tell you from years this issue wasn’t even opposed in Court , neither it was raised by our seniors.
All were silent on this , nobody challenged this in court.
And as per present scenario , each and every degree seat of our quota counts a lot as we all have worked hard for this.
Losing them is just like losing a year more for many of you.
Our team & Lawyer has worked hard to bring this case at this level , we have been opposed very strongly on many grounds, but we as a UNIT stood very strongly & brought the decision on equality. We are hoping that the Divisional bench will understand our situation & will stand by what is correct.”