Rs. 1 Crore Compensation dismissed by Court in a case on misunderstood facts about Pregnancy

In its recent judgment dated 28/10/2016, (MADHUMITA PODDAR & ANR V/s. DR. RANJANA V. DHANU & LILAWATI HOSPITAL ANR ) the National Commission dismissed the case.

Facts in brief :
1. The Complainant, with the History of PMS, PID (Pelvic Inflammatory disease), UTI, Endometriosis underwent pregnancy test after her complaints of nausea with severe cramp in lower abdomen, but same turned to be negative and she was advised some drugs for PMS..
2. However thereafter the patient had some feeling of pregnancy symptoms and thus she underwent Blood Beta HCG test which confirmed pregnancy of 4 weeks and thereafter Pelvis USG was also conducted twice and it it was diagnosed as twin pregnancy. But the patient was immediately asked to stop medicines and later on the patient opted for MTP as advised as she had strong apprehension about side effects of the medicines which she was taken from beginning. Hence she field a case for Rs. 1 Crore against Doctors.


Rs. 1 Crore Compensation dismissed by Court in a case on misunderstood facts about Pregnancy
Held :
1. The National Commission after hearing the parties and after perusing medical record and medical literature dismissed the complainant and upheld the order of State Commission.
2. It discussed about the different types of pregnancies like normal, abnormal, the ectopic and anembryonic pregnancy. Also thrown light upon “Viable and Non-viable pregnancy”.
3. It was proved on the basis of laboratory and USG investigations that it was anembryonic pregnancy . It also came on record that the patient voluntarily opted fro MTP.
4.It observed that “An anembryonic pregnancy (often called a “blighted ovum”) occurs during the early stages of pregnancy when a fertilised egg implants in the uterus, but an embryo fails to develop. Only the placenta and membranes develop – fooling the body into believing, it is still pregnant. The pregnancy hormones are still being produced which prevent a miscarriage. In other words, it is a pregnancy loss that happens in very early pregnancy”.

Nowadays the average age of marriage in India is increasing, many women tend to have babies later in life, and thus the Pregnancy has become precious. The experts say that An anembryonic pregnancy complication is fairly common. Its not that the Doctors are always at fault and it so happened in the present case. It is really unfortunate for the complainant that she had to undergo MTP, but it may not be wrong to say that it saved her from future complications including medical, mental, emotional and monetary…

Rs. 1 Crore Compensation dismissed by Court in a case on misunderstood facts about Pregnancy
An article by Adv. Rohit Erande, Pune.

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