It is always confusing for students preparing for their Postgraduate (PG) medical entrance exams like AIIMS PG, AIPGMEE, NEET-PG, JIPMER, PGI, CMC, MAHE, etc. about which books to use. As these PG entrance exams are based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) classic medical textbooks are not too much of use to students as MCQ books are needed for orientation to the exam pattern and also for quick revisions which are not possible to do from classic textbooks due to the limited time available to students. In this review article, I am mentioning the most commonly used MCQ books by medical students to crack these entrance exams along with my opinion on which one is the best.

Also before I start with the review of the books I would like to tell you a simple method to decide how much time should a student give to each subject for the subject-wise reading. I am writing about this because I have got many queries from students about how much time should be given to each subject. So Number of Day for a subject = Weightage (Marks) of the subject in NEET-PG/ AIPGMEE. This is a very approximate method of knowing the days and it mainly applies to subjects like Medicine, Surgery, PSM, Pharmacology, etc i.e. subjects having high weightage. For example, Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnosis both have 6 marks each weightage in AIPGMEE but it is easy to finish it off within 2-3 days each. Also, Forensic Medicine has a weightage of 10 marks but it is easy to finish it off in 4-5 days. A student who is good at a particular subject will take the lower number of days to read it from MCQs books. So the final decision should be made by the student only about how many days he/ she wants to read a particular subject. A detailed breakup of subjects for AIPGMEE can be found here and for NEET-PG here.


Anatomy, Biochemistry & Physiology

ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Vol-2) has always been counted as the best book for pre-clinical subjects like Anatomy, Biochemistry & Physiology, and is used by most students for many years. (updated with a link to latest edition) (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Review of PGMEE (vol 1) by Amit Ashish is an alternative for students who do not like ACROSS. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Self-Assessment & Review of Basic Subjects (Anatomy & Forensic Medicine) by Arvind Arora (Recommended). I have compared recent editions of Arvind Arora books with Across and Amit Ashish. Arvind Arora’s new editions are the best books to prepare for any subjects. The feature I liked most about them is that it now gives notes (description-explanation) on every topic before starting of MCQs. This makes it a particularly good option for students who do not have time to go through textbooks. Also, notes given in these books are much better and effective to read when compared to Across. So, I would recommend all students to read this book instead of classic Across. Also, these books are easier to revise compared to ACROSS. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry by Rebecca James Perumcheril is the newest addition to this list. I have not read this book yet but including it as an alternative option for students. (Buy from AmazonFlipkart)

Smart Study Series: Anatomy by Anu Khera (Buy from AmazonFlipkart)

Smart Study Series: Physiology by Vivek Nalgirkar (Buy from AmazonFlipkart)

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (FMT) is one of the easiest subjects in medical entrance exams with a lot of marks weightage.

ACROSS: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Vol-2) also has an FMT section. (Buy from AmazonFlipkart)

Review of PGMEE (vol 1) by Amit Ashish also has FMT section which format as mentioned above. (Buy from AmazonFlipkart)

Smart Study Series: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal (Buy from AmazonFlipkart)

Self-Assessment & Review of Basic Subjects (Anatomy & Forensic Medicine) by Arvind Arora (Recommended). This book is described in the above section. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)


Pathology is subject with one of the most marks weightage in PG exams.

Self Assessment & Review of Pathology by Arvind Arora  (Recommended) (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Review of Pathology and Genetics by Gobind Rai Garg & Sparsh Gupta (Recommended) (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)
A very good book but Arvind Arora is better than it.

Smart Study Series: Pathology by Charanjeet Ahluwalia (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)


Self Assessment and Review of Pharmacology by Arvind Arora (Recommended). (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Review of Pharmacology by Gobind Rai Garg & Sparsh Gupta (Recommended) (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)
This book is counted as the best book for the preparation of Pharmacology by many students and is highly recommended.

Smart Study Series: Pharmacology by Bhaskar Krishnamurthy & Kamal KV (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Review of PGMEE (vol 1) by Amit Ashish. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)


Self Assessment and Review of Microbiology by Arvind Arora. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Self Assessment & Review Microbiology & Immunology by Rachana Chaurasia & Anshul Jain (Recommended). I have read this book for my PG preparation and I liked it a lot. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Smart Study Series: Microbiology by Ankit Gupta & Prafulla Songara published by Elsevier Health Sciences (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Review of PGMEE vol 2 by Amit Ashish. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Short Subjects

This includes subjects like Dermatology, Psychiatry, ENT, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine Orthopaedics & Anaesthesia. These subjects do not have any separate books and come in a combined book with different subjects according to the publication house. So I am giving a few book’s names, some of which have already been mentioned in the above list.

Review of Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examinations (Pathology, Microbiology, Surgery, ENT, Orthopaedics, Skin, Anaesthesia) Vol 2 by Amit Tripathi/ Ashish Gupta/ Arvind Arora. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Review of Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examinations (Medicine, Gynae & Obs. Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Radiology) Vol 3 by Amit Tripathi/ Ashish Gupta/ Arvind Arora. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects Volume – 1, Dermatology (Skin and Venereal Diseases), Anaesthesia, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Radiodiagnosis, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics by Saumya Shukla, Anurag Shukla. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Self Assessment & Review Of Short Subject Vol 1,  (Skin, Anesthesia, Radiology, Psychiatry) by Arvind Arora  (Recommended). (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart) Radiology/Radiotherapy sections are in much more detail compared to Across.

Smart Study Series Radiology by Narender Rohilla (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Smart Study Series: Psychiatry by Mohan Sunil Kumar (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Smart Study Series: Anesthesiology by Lalit K. Raiger & Rakesh Kapoor (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Self Assessment and Review of Short Subjects Vol 2 (Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics & ENT) by Arvind Arora. (Recommended) (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Self Assessment & Review ENT by Sakshi Arora (Recommended). Alternative to Arvind Arora book. But very good. Prefer it Self Assessment and Review of Short Subjects Vol 2 (Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics & ENT) by Arvind Arora is not bought by you. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Smart Study Series: ENT and Head & Neck Surgery by Dr. Shibu George (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Smart Study Series: Orthopedics by Narender Rohilla (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Review of Ophthalmology by Ruchi Rai (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Only recently I noticed this book on Flipkart and noticed particularly good reviews given by students. I have not had a look at this book but looking at so many good recommendations I would advise students to check it out once to see if they find it better than other books of Ophthalmology.

Smart Study Series: Ophthalmology by Dr. Lovekesh & Dr. Narender Rohilla (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Preventive & Social Medicine (PSM)

Counted as the most boring subject by students but is very important as just by reading this subject many questions from Microbiology & Medicine can be answered.

Self Assessment and Review of Preventive & Social Medicine by Arvind Arora. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Review of Preventive & Social Medicine (Including Bio-Statistics) by Vivek Jain. (Excellent book. Highly recommended) (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Smart Study Series: Community Medicine by Deepak B Saxena (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)


Has many common topics with medicine.

Review of Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examinations (Medicine, Gynae & Obs. Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Radiology) Vol 3 by Amit Tripathi/ Ashish Gupta/ Arvind Arora. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

As mentioned above, this book also has Pediatrics section.

Self Assessment and Review of Paediatrics by Arvind Arora (Recommended). It is better than the above-mentioned book for Paediatrics. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Special emphasis should be given on Gynecology as it has less portion to cover compared to Obstetrics and has almost equal weightage.

Review of Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examinations (Medicine, Gynae & Obs. Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Radiology) Vol 3 by Amit Tripathi/ Ashish Gupta/ Arvind Arora. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

As mentioned above this book also has Obstetrics & Gynecology section.

Self Assessment & Review Gynaecology by Sakshi Arora (Recommended) (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Self Assessment & Review Obstetrics by Sakshi Arora (Recommended) (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Smart Study Series: Obstetrics & Gynecology by Punit Bhojani (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

General Surgery

This is one subject for which the answer varies on different textbooks and so in various MCQ books as treatment mode depends on the surgeon’s knowledge and experience. So, it is necessary to get the latest edition of the book to keep our knowledge up to date.

Surgery for PGMEE by Ashish Gupta & Amit Tripathi. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Review of Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examinations (Pathology, Microbiology, Surgery, ENT, Orthopaedics, Skin, Anaesthesia) Vol 2 by Amit Tripathi/ Ashish Gupta/ Arvind Arora. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

As mentioned above this book also has surgery section.

Internal Medicine

The most important subject in all PG medical entrance exams. Preparing for this subject properly would enhance knowledge of students to answer questions from other subjects as well.

Self Assessment and Review Medicine by Mudit Khanna (Recommended) (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)
Medicine book by Mudit Khanna is the best book for medicine MCQs.

Medicine for PGMEE Vol 1 by Ashish Gupta & Amit Tripathi (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Medicine for PGMEE Vol 2 by Ashish Gupta & Amit Tripathi (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Multiple Volumes Books

Platinum Notes has 3 volumes one for preclinical sciences, Medical Sciences, and Surgical Sciences. It gives a short version of the theory, so it can be considered by students who are short on time and want to cover many subjects from a single source. But still, I would recommend students to prefer subject wise books as they have much detailed description of all subjects and topics.

Platinum Notes – Preclinical Sciences Volume 1 by Ashfaq Ul Hassan (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)
It includes subjects Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Forensic Medicine, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, and Social and Preventive Medicine.

Platinum Notes – Medical Sciences Volume 2 by Ashfaq Ul Hassan (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)
It includes subjects Medicine, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Radiology.

Platinum Notes – Surgical Sciences Volume 3 by Ashfaq Ul Hassan (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)
Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, ENT, and Anesthesiology.

Roams Review of All Medical Subjects by Reetu Agrawal & V. D Agrawal (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)
This book includes all the subjects and gives the description in a point-wise manner. As a subjective opinion, I don’t like or recommend these kinds of books. So students should go through this book and Platinum Notes themselves to see which one suits their needs better.

DNB Books

DNB CET Review for Primary & Post Diploma Volumes 1, 2 & 3 by Ishad Aggarwal, Gaurav Bharat & Aditi Bharat published by Kalam Books. (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

DNB CET review has papers of previous year’s DNB primary and Post-diploma papers. It has papers given at the start and then answers of the MCQs are discussed individually. It is a good book if you are specifically preparing for DNB but I would recommend reading subject-wise books that give part of theory as well instead of these kinds of books which are only MCQ oriented.

DNB CET Review for Primary & Post Diploma Volumes 1 by Ishad Aggarwal, Gaurav Bharat & Aditi Bharat (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

DNB CET Review for Primary & Post Diploma Volumes 2 by Ishad Aggarwal, Gaurav Bharat & Aditi Bharat (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

DNB CET Review for Primary & Post Diploma Volumes 3 by Ishad Aggarwal, Gaurav Bharat & Aditi Bharat (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Sure Success Magic by B. Ramgopal (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

Jaypee’s Triple-A (A Treatise for NEET-Volumes 1 & 2) Review of All India, AIIMS, All States Examination by Taruna Mehra, Apurba Sastry Sakshi Arora (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

DM/ Post-Doctoral Entrance Exam Books

1500 MCQs For DM, Post Doctoral & Post Graduation Entrance Exam by Man Mohan Mehndiratta (Buy from Amazon/ Flipkart)

This book was given to me by Kothari publishers as a review copy. The book is published by Tree Life Media which is a division of Kothari Medical. The book title itself says that the book is meant for DM/ Post Doctoral and Postgraduation Entrance exams. The content of the book is such that it is not useful at all for the NEET-PG exam. Topics are specialty and super-specialty, so they are meant for exams above those. Sections are of clinical medicine, endocrinology, hematology, infectious disease, oncology, respiratory system, rheumatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, and neurology. Book content is MCQ at the start and then descriptions of individual MCQs at the end of the section. The explanations are very small and not much useful. I always prefer books that have a theory given at the start with tables, diagrams, and charts for better understanding and remembrance than the books which have only a small paragraph for each MCQs which does not even clarify the basics of the question and the correct answer. As Pharmacology is my specialty I read MCQs and answers in it with detail and I found it to be underwhelming. Some MCQs were not very clear, descriptive, or useful, had incomplete options or spelling mistakes and the descriptions given in it were just ordinary. This would only help students who are good at mugging up the MCQs and not for those who like to understand the topic. I think this book is not of much use and students can skip it.

I am going to publish reviews of as many of these books as I could in the near future.

If I have missed any important book, please comment below. You can recommend the books which you want us to review as well.

Updated on 21-07-2020
First Published on 27/02/2014

493 thoughts on “Subject-Wise Books For PG Medical Entrance Exams Preparation

      • Dr biswaranjan pattanaik says:

        Sir i m reading your recommended books since last year, n was just qualified in aipgmee last year bt didn’t get any seat, might be because i couldn’t revise subjects properly…i m doing govt job and its quite difficult to attend coaching classes regularly…..what should i do to get a good rank this year, plz suggest sir….thank u

    • Sammedico says:

      Thank you for the review sir, it was so helpful. I’m taking full coaching from Pgei and I’m doing OK with subject wise books and exercises. Will it suffice to give central exams like Chandigarh and dnb or do I have to do some exam oriented books additionally like Manoj chaudary or kalam and if yes plz suggest me which one’s best to help me in all central exams. I’m afraid I may not get time to revise my subject wise books if I go for them. So kindly suggest me how to organise my time in this respect. And plz also comment on subscription for test paper series, should I take it and which one wd be best.
      Thank you in advance sir..

    • Dr Pawas Dwivedi says:

      Hello sir n thanx for the guidance.
      I have a question… I hv bought all pg prep books during my respective mbbs profs b/w 2007-2013….. ..but now many hv become old editions… So should i continue revise them or buy new editions of all books n start fresh…i fear i’d hv too much to read n revise. Plz advise

    • Pawas Dwivedi says:

      Sir thanx a lot for guidance.
      I have a question… I hv purchased all pg prep books during respective years of my mbbs from 2007 -2013…but now they hv become old editions… Should i buy all books (new editions).. Or continue revise old ones…i think i’ll hv too much on my plate to handle..kindly advice!!!

    • pari says:

      Hello sir.. Sir I have doubt can you please resolve it. Actually I’m in final prof & I have bought Davidson for medicine, previously someone told me Harrison is very vast cannot complete it.. Plz review about Davidson. is it enough for prof as well as pg point of view.. And also which mcq book I prefer for ent and optha.. And also here is not facility for coachings so and I had not made subject wise notes previously, so is it good idea to purchasing dams notes for revision for neet pg? Thank you sir

    • Panvee Narayan says:

      Best objective book for Pg enterance,,, which book is good for anatomy physiology biochemistry , which have a lot of objectives questions ,, actually I am first year student I want to clarify all the concepts .

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          Depends whether you will be preparing full time or part time along with a job. DAMS and Bhatia are best available. In general full coaching of DAMS and test series of Bhatia is good. Also i would personally recommend to start subject wise and not go for papers and you have almost a year to prepare for next AIPG.

          • Dr.Anil jain says:

            hi sir. Its a great help of your about the book selection. I m preparing for pg after 2-3 years gap as i was in job. As u mentioned i m starting subject wise preparation and joining DAMS in delhi for full time preparation. Sir, plz give me some tips for preparation and subject wise best book for Medicine, surgery and PSM?? Thnks a lot in advance sir.

          • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

            For next year’s exam, you have enough time. So you can go subject wise and finish those in 2-3 weeks per subject depending on the subject and the weightage. After you are done with those, do as many revisions as possible. All the required books have been marked as recommended in the article.

  1. rahul says:

    i didnt read text book properly during my mbbs period,is it wise to read now textbook or i should read individual guide for 2015 -16 aipgmee aiims pgi exam . i have a gap of 2 yr since my last preparation .plz reply

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      I would not recommend reading textbooks as a primary source. Read all subject-wise MCQ books and use textbooks as a reference source. Many topics which are asked in entrance exams are difficult to find in textbooks. If you read textbooks only you wont get an idea about types of questions asked and how to approach such questions. So use textbooks only for topics which are difficult to understand and if you feel is given better compared to subject-wise books.

  2. tariq says:

    Hi…i completed my mbbs 7 years back…since than doing job…now want to go for should i go for pg entrance preparation…plz reply me on.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      It is never too late. A batchmate of mine is doing MD after 6 years of gap. So you can do it too. Only hard work and dedication is required. You have a year to prepare for next year exams, so go for subjectwise books mentioned by me in this article. Also you can apply for either test series or Test and discussion by Bhatia or DAMS.

      • shamsham says:

        Is platinum series enuf along with full time coaching?or should we go through the subject wise mcq buks also which u hav specified?sorry for askin too many qstns…

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          I have never read platinum series, so can’t compare with subject-wise but nothing can replace reading subject wise books and it covers a lot of topics along with quite a bit of theory.
          And it’s OK, you can ask as many questions as you want. Happy to help.

  3. shamsham says:

    Hi…hows pg diams for regular coaching?i had attended their coaching for fmge n i liked it.but i dnt knw abt their pg coaching.

  4. Shruti says:

    hi.. sir I am in US and need to prepare for Indian PG exams, can you suggest me any website where I can download or buy these books online.

  5. Shruti says:

    hi sir. I am in US and need to prepare for Indian PG examinations. Is there any website where I can download or buy these books online.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      As medicine is a final year subject and a combination of various other subjects it is better if you finish off subjects like Pharmacology, Pathology, Physiology etc. Mudit Khanna is a very good book for medicine and content is enough for type of questions asked in exams.

  6. Siddhartha verma says:

    Sir.. I completed my mbbs this year only… and there is no coaching centre like dams or bhatia in my city… reading this books will help or I need to join coaching centre…plz help

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Yes it is enough as long as your basic funda are clear. If any doubt, you can always refer to standard textbooks. AA gives theory parts in enough details for what is asked in exams. Reading subject wise books will help better than reading year wise question answers.

  7. DrSaposh says:

    Hello Sir, thank you for this post. It is quite informative.I have two questions.

    1) I did psm once from arvind arora, but I find every where(including your post) that Vivek Jain is much recomended. Now do you think I should start with VJ?

    2) How much time should I spend for reading one subject from arvind arora. Well suppose for Physiology (seems quite volumous). How much time should I give it for first read and please suggest how to do that, I mean by reading the theory part, (given before mcq) and doing the q and a , will cut it? or should one read the explanation to each one of them.

    3) PLease comment on Self Assesment and Review of NEET Pattern Question: Volume 1 and 2. Are they only Qnad A or explanation is given. How do they fit in subject wise preperation.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Just got through Vivek Jain and read only points you feel were missed from theory part. You can skip reading the MCQs.
      Time spent should depend on weight-age of the subject. As physiology is high weight-age you should finish it within 3 weeks. It is better to read theory part for all subjects because that is the thing which will improve your knowledge. Reading MCQs only will not help much as MCQs can change but theory will help you answer multiple format of MCQs.
      I have not read NEET pattern book you mentioned so cannot comment on that.

  8. DrSaposh says:

    Hello Sir, thank you for this post. It is quite informative.I have three questions.

    1) I did psm once from arvind arora, but I find every where(including your post) that Vivek Jain is much recomended. Now do you think I should start with VJ?

    2) How much time should I spend for reading one subject from arvind arora. Well suppose for Physiology (seems quite volumous). How much time should I give it for first read and please suggest how to do that, I mean by reading the theory part, (given before mcq) and doing the q and a , will cut it? or should one read the explanation to each one of them.

    3) PLease comment on Self Assesment and Review of NEET Pattern Question: Volume 1 and 2. Are they only Qnad A or explanation is given. How do they fit in subject wise preperation.

  9. monika says:

    Very good review it’s my second attempt, I had done dams regular this year I am not joining dams as their office staff said very rude things, but arvind arora books are much better even compared to the classroom lectures in dams also just doing notes will fetch you average marks don’t completely rely on that, I think almost every subject is covered very well in arora books with some modification from previous year questions.

  10. shamy says:

    Hi…i have joined bhatia regular coaching.with the coaching notes,what extra i need to thr is subject wise guides,lots of mcq books etc..rly confused..pls giv suggestions…

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Just refer to all subject-wise books I have recommended in this article. It should be enough. No need to study multiple books, reading just one book completely along with maximum possible revisions will get the best out of you.

  11. Dr Dev says:

    hello sir
    i have done my diploma ophthalmology from mamc in 2014
    i have also qualified dnb pdcet with a rank of 15 in january 2015 session

    but i wanted to do masters from the begining as i feel dnb is a bit inferior to md ms when it comes to senior residency or recruitment in government hospitals …. the reverse is true for private setup

    i want your suggestions regarding dropping an year for md ms versus joining dnb in delhi

    as everybody is saying that im making the biggest mistake of my life by dropping and confusing me again

    i want a genuine suggestion from your side sir so that i dont regret my decision

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      I would also suggest you to take up DNB seat which you are getting. Diploma from MAMC is worth more than Degree from an ordinary institute. Do not run behind degree race. Also PG medical entrance exams nowadays are very unpredictable and it is pointless to waste time in preparing for those. Take DNB and give your best in that. Couple of years of practice will get you a good practical knowledge of your subject which is much more valuable than a degree. In the end remember that patients are looking for good treatment and not a good degree from a doctor.

  12. DEEP MADKAIKER says:

    respected sir, i have currently got my final year results and have not cleared medicine . considering i need to take a drop anyways after internship and prepare for aipg… how wud u recommend i prepare for aipg now till july when ill be answering supplementary exam. im planning on not attending any coaching classes for the same . hoping for a reply. thanking you in anticipation.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      If you have nor cleared medicine in final year then it is better to first read Harrison to clear your basic funda of Medicine and George Mathew for exam purpose. After you are done with that you can consider reading Medicine MCQ book for entrance exams. It will give you extra information which are not given in basic textbooks and will also help in preparation for AIPG as well. You can also consider reading Medicine allied subjects like Dermat, psychiatry if you have time left. But remember to concentrate of passing final year 1st and then shift to entrance exams.

  13. DEEP MADKAIKER says:

    respected sir, ive currently got my final year results and havent cleared medicine. im planning to prep for pg till my supplementary exams by self study . what strategy wud you recommend. hoping for a reply .. thanks in advance

  14. shamy says:

    Hi sir.wil u b interested in being a mender for aipg 2016?i hav lost touch wd d whole thing for 4 years.n its realy hard fr me to start now.i need someone who can guide me on a daily basis.atleast weekly basis…please?

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      On daily basis it will be very difficult as I am busy with other work as well. You can always ask your queries in our AIPGMEE forum here and I will be happy to help whenever possible. Also you can get help from other users of our forum as well this way.

  15. Roy says:

    Hi..What about the books “Review of Pharmacology” and “Review of Pathology and Genetics”, both by Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta for Pharmacology and Pathology when compared to Arvind Arora books for these two subjects?

  16. Roy says:

    Hi…What is ur opinion on “Review of Pharmacology” and “Review of pathology and genetics”, both by Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta when compared to Arvind Arora books on these two subjects (Pathology and Pharmacology)? What is ur opinion?

  17. Aparna says:

    Sir, Your assessment about pg entrance books are really very helpful. Thanks a lot sir.
    I am doing internship after MBBS. My internship will finish in 2016 october only. Here internship is very hectic and we wont get time to study….but still working hard since my burning desire is to crack AIPGMEE in first chance. One of my Post graduate told me to take leave for last one month of internship (october) so that i can focus on entrance preparation only. plan is to complete the last one month internship after pg entrance exam. But my doubt is whether i can appear for AIPGMEE and other entrance exams without completing my internship. kindly advice in this regard.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Appearance for AIPGMEE is not related to whether you have completed your internship or not. It is very common for students to take leave of about a month or two for preparation of AIPGMEE and then continue with internship after that.

  18. Pg aspirant says:

    Respected sir,
    I have done bhatia class regular batch and read class notes.. As i wanna prepare for June dnb will paper set by kalam or aiims paper set helpful… Is it worth reading.. Or i shd go with aa??

  19. Drram says:

    Sir I have read somewhat thoroughly from aravind Arora for I need to buy Vivek Jain and read that also?

  20. latha says:

    Hi sir , I’m studying for pg entrance exams since 3 years but still not able to crack any exams. Should I just take whichever seat I get or study again. Please guide me

  21. harshi says:

    Sir, I have just started with my internship n it’s a bit hectic n I want to crack pg entrance exam in my first attempt so how should I proceed? And here there is dams coaching but I l be missing most of the classes. Kindly show me the way

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      There is no other alternative than hard work in your case. Give maximum time for studies. Start reading whenever you get time in between your work. Regarding preparation I would say concentrate on 1st and 2nd year subjects as they have very high weightage in all exams. Also read all short subjects with this. Also read PSM as it has high weightage in 3rd minor subjects. Now talking of final year subjects don’t give too much time to Medicine as there is a lot to read in that subject and weightage is similar to other big subjects. You can even consider skipping most part if you are very short of time. And remember in the end it better to revise the subjects you have already read rather than taking up a totally new subjects. Minimum 1 revision is minimum. You can consider skipping DAMS classes for few subjects if you don’t find it productive enough.

  22. Akash says:

    Hello sir, i’ve entered final year and due to paucity of time i’ve decided to read George matthews for medicine and bailley for surgery…can u tell me which mcq books would suit along with these books??(aa or mk for medicine)…and also whats the difference in pattern of aa and mk..??(m very confused)..nd please suggest me is there any specific pattern i should follow as i target Aipgmee.
    Thanks in advance sir.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      As you have lack of time, I would not recommend any of these MCQ books to you. Concentrate on your final year right now and after passing you can think about AIPGMEE. MCQ books will not help you in scoring for university exams, only textbooks will.

  23. Akash says:

    I mean sir…i’ll be giving my university exams in feb next year…i took up matthews so that i can study more topics…(which i cannot do with harrison)…is it not possible to study mcq and theory together only for med and surgery(as i want a more good hold of these subjects)…for paed and obg, as u said i am focussing only on theory.
    Thanks sir..any advice would be helpful.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Still I would not advise to read MCQ books. Remember that things given in MCQ books are in the end taken from textbooks only. If you have good knowledge of textbooks it becomes easy to tackle entrance exams later on.
      I know a guy who used to read MCQ books in 1st year itself but in the end he failed in 1st year university exams.
      Choice is yours. Do what you feel is right for you.

      • Akash says:

        Thank u sir…your advice is really helpful!!
        Would you recommend me this…that i read a topic from my textbook and then do its mcq from mcq book….without reading the theory part…so that it would tell me the important topics and the hold that i have over those topics.
        Or would you still recommend to stick to theory…
        Nd sir also please tell the names of mcq books that you would recommend(in case if i plan to buy them).
        Thanks sir you are really very helpful and pardon me for taking your so much time.

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          You should use textbooks for only reference purpose and not as a primary reading material for entrance exams. MCQ book are specifically made for revising a subject in short period of time, with topics which are commonly asked in entrance exams and giving only required information. Also remember that just 1 reading is not enough, you need atleast 1 and preferably 2-3 revisions for each subject and for which you can’t go to textbooks, you can only do it by reading concise theory given in MCQ books.
          You can consider buying books which I have marked as recommended.

          • Akash says:

            Thanx a lot sir…you just cleared my doubt…finally i have dropped the idea of doing MCQ books this year…as you said that they can be done in relatively short span of time so i’ll do them in internship…and this year i’ll try to make myself conceptually reading good theory books.
            Thanks sir.

  24. snehal pal says:

    Hello sir,
    I have done my dgo from a good institution n also m happy with my surgical skills but not happy with just this degree. Please please can you guide me what to do further, should prepare for Md or dnb and what books to study. Also have been hearing that dnb is national level exam n tougher so is more important than Md. Please enlighten.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      No, I don’t think DNB is better than MD. But for you it is much better to appear for secondary DNB, as it is comparatively easier to crack. But if you are capable of cracking AIPGMEE again then you should always prefer MD. Books to study are as mentioned in this article. Read the books I have recommended and it will help you.

  25. Shintu says:

    Sir, I have just started my 3rd year mbbs..How should I prepare for pg entrance examination. .should I start with mcqs of first year and 2nd year subjects. ? Pls give suggestions. …

  26. Nikhil Gupta says:

    Sir I have just entered final year in Subharti Med.College Meerut . I am unable to join DAMS classes due to long distance . Kindly advice me how to start preparing for pg entrance on my own. Which books to start with ? Which subjects to start with ? How to balance theory and MCQs? Am i losing much by not joining DAMS classroom programme? Please give me a detailed advice on how to approach my final year & internship for ultimately clearing the pg entrance exam 2017. Please guide me . thanx !!

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Right now I would only recommend you to read your textbooks to clear final year exams. Don’t read entrance exam books now. In your internship you can start subject wise books of 1st year, then 2nd year and short subjects, PSM and then others.

  27. KIRAN says:

    i have arund 5 yrs of experience in emergency medicine. i am already 30 now. im confused as to prepare for membership exams of uk ie MCEM, or prepare for pgmee for Jan 2016 session.

    im also concerned about my age, as i might be having a hectic life of a JR at age 31-34.I am also doing a part time job now.Although i want to go abroad for higher studies, i want to come back to India.Bit confused as to what to do now, as i think, i also need to leave my part time job to prepare for pgmee. Please advice, sir


    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      MCEM is a good idea. You can also consider DNB Emergency Medicine or even anesthesia. Even Diploma would be good. Then you can always do Diploma in critical care Medicine.
      If you seriously want to study further and confident that you could Crack the entrance exam then your can consider appearing for it.

  28. abhinav sharma says:

    Sir can U please tell me in written all guide books to study keeping in mind nbe form of new paper settings fir aipgmee 2016

  29. ravindra says:

    I am a final year part 2 student,i didn’t have eve the basic knowledge of suggest me something,shall I read any book related to physiology now,if yes please suggest me

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      How can a final year student not have even basic knowledge of physiology? Still I don’t think there is any need to read any book as such, you can use it for understating concepts which you find complex.

  30. midhila says:

    Sir I am planning to give pg entrance exam this year. Is it important that I wait for the new edition of all the books or shall I just buy these

  31. ashish says:

    Any one prep in delhi and reading from arvind arora (all 4 short subject book + micro + psm+ patho + pharma + pedia ) and amit ashish for medicine and surgery and gyne obs from sakshi arora
    And want to disccus at daily basis from same book only for half and hour plz contact wasup 9913820427

  32. balboa says:

    Sir im doing 3 rd yr mbbs…im jus afraid of pg seat… No pg coachng centrs n ma city…may i start pg entrnce preperatns now by readng the articles yu recomended abov???

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      No. Please don’t think too much about PG preparation right now. Concentrate on your final MBBS exams and try to do best in that. Remember that those who do good in MBBS exams are usually the ones who crack PG entrance exams earliest. So just read for your MBBS exams right now and after passing final MBBS start PG preparation.

  33. Iqbal says:

    Hello Sir,can we finish these subject based books within 5 months ?what is your opinion on doing mudit khanna aipgmee review ,dnb kalam and referring for answer from standard texts?

  34. shamta says:

    Hello Dr. Koli,
    I joined the forum today. I was reading the subject wise books list. I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering them.
    I am in US these days. I have made my mind today only to go for AIPGMEE this year. I finished my internship in 2005.So its a big gap now. I want to ask if I can go thoroughly through these books, will it be sufficient? I was also exploring Dr. Bhatia’s online test series and their smart book thing. Shall I go for their digital notes until I manage to get all these books from India? Or shall i go for both? I mean if I study Dr. Bhatia notes, these subject wise books and the test series with revisions, will it be enough to crack the exam??
    Thanks a lot.
    I hope you dont mind helping me..

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Hi Shamta,
      All these subject-wise books along with test series is enough for cracking AIPGMEE. No need of reading classes noted as well as it will be like reading similar things from different books. Just read subject-wise books and do as many revisions as possible of these books. This will suffice.

  35. hemanga says:

    Wat abt review of microbiology n immunology apurba shankar sastry and sandhya bhat k?can i prepare with this book for aipg

      • tahseen says:

        Hi sir.i am taking regular coaching at bhatia.i have bought all d subject wise books u mentioned but i find difficult to manage time between reading class notes and d subject wise books.since i am studying after 4 years gap,i take long time to finish the class notes it enuf if i read n revise d class notes now and when d coaching gets over practise previous year questions?thank u so much in advance

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          Don’t read multiple books. Stick to only 1 and revise it as many times as possible. I don’t know how much Bhatia class noted covers and whether they are comparable with subjectwise books as I have never read any class notes. You should compare it yourself once and see for yourself. That’s the best thing you could do.

  36. shamta says:

    can somebody please tell which book to buy as many of them are overlapping.. I mean Across or PGMEE review..and many others one book has so many subjects and other have same subjects, I am confused.. Also many of the books are not available online?

  37. Kalyani says:

    Sir can u please tell me which subject to start with. I started my internship just now n m eager to start my pg preparation.along with the above mentioned books which test series would be the best one to go with. M at the start of my pg prep…so would it be necessary to join some test series now.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      I would recommend joining test series as it will give you a scale to judge your performance over a period of time. And you get a bit of mock exam experience which might help.
      You should start with 1st year subjects 1st and then go to 2nd year ones. Reason being that these subjects have very high weightage in exams and because it is many years of gap since all the students have read these subjects, so its is best to brush it up initially. 1st (mainly) and 2nd year subjects are deciding factors. Then go for short subjects and PSM. Do General surgery, Pediatrics and General Medicine in the end.

  38. Kalyani says:

    Sir can u please tell me which subject start with. I started my internship just now n m eager to start my pg preparation.along with the above mentioned books which test series would be the best one to go with. M at the start of my pg prep…so would it be necessary to join some test series now.

  39. shamta says:

    Sir, can you please tell which book to buy as many of them are overlapping.. I mean Across or PGMEE review..and many others one book has so many subjects and other have same subjects, I am confused.. Also many of the books are not available online?

      • jayanta says:

        Sir I have studied my MBBS in Private Medical College in Uttar Pradesh. Patients here are less compared to Government hospitals. My question is should I take NOC and do my internship in any Government Hospital or do the internship in my college hospital itself and study for the AIPGMEE….. please suggest sir

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          Do it in your college itself and prepare for AIPGMEE. People specially take externships to get into hospitals like yours in which there is less work load so that they could prepare for the exams. Don’t miss the opportunity. Patient management can be learned in your residency after you get the seat. So give your best in AIPGMEE preparation only.

  40. jayanta says:

    Sir I have studied my MBBS in Private Medical College in Uttar Pradesh. Patients here are less compared to Government hospitals. My question is should I take NOC and do my internship in any Government Hospital or do the internship in my college hospital itself and study for the AIPGMEE….. please suggest sir


    sir ve finished my mbbs 3 yrs bak,i gt married ve a kid.. nw i want to prepare fr pg.. pls tell me hwto prepare… cant able to attend any daily classes

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Daily classes are not at all necessary. Just read all the recommended subject-wise books I have mentioned in this article subscribe to any test series of Bhatia or DAMS either online or offline depending on your requirements. Start with 1st and 2nd year subjects, then short subjects and leave Medicine to study in the end.

  42. n.m.raj says:

    Respected sir,
    could you plz tell me,which is the best book for radiology for aipgmee preparation..i am confused regarding this subject.

  43. coralcrue says:

    can you please compare and tell me which one is better for pharmacology- gobind garg or arvind arora. i want to chose either one, my basics are very poor in pharmac.

  44. Dhruv K. says:

    Sir. Could you please telk me what book to read for short subjects like skin, anesthesia and psychiatry? I hv Across volume 1. Is tht fine? Or shud I buy arvind arora?

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      If you already have that book then I don’t think there is any need of buying Arvind Arora. ACROSS will do fine. Unless you are not happy with the content or the format then you can buy Arvind Arora. Otherwise not necessary.

  45. varun says:

    Sir, I prepared for civil services for 3 years after mbbs but came out as a failure. In the meanwhile, I dint lose track of medicine but somehow wasn’t devoted 100% to it. At this age of 28, should I be giving pgmee, though I want to give but have lingering doubts in the back of my mind regarding my age or proficiency. Kindly advice as I appear to be down and out.

  46. swaroopa says:

    sir, i am doing my housesurgeon now.give me some suggestions how to prepare for entrance examinations.i have no idea .

  47. Shintu says:

    Sir, I’m a 6th semester student. .I have joined for pg entrance coaching and attended few classes. Now I’m very confused. . whether I have to continue going for these classes. . because I’m not getting enough time to read my text books. . and also. . internship in my college is very hectic. .so I will not get enough time to attend coaching classes during that time. . so what should I do…pls help me Sir. .

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      I do not recommend students to attend coaching classes for PG entrance exams preparation in their UG days. Concentrating on textbooks and university exams should be the main aim. If your basics are clear it will be easy to crack PG entrance exams.

  48. shamta says:

    SIr, The subject wise books that you have mentioned up here are enough to prepare or we have to buy and read those smart study series too? Also the dnb cet books and the treatise for neet books ? Do we have to study those books too?

  49. shamta says:

    can you please tell if just these subject wise books are enough or we have to do this smart study series too.. And also about the dnb test series books and treatise for neet books?

  50. Thanusree P says:

    I want to write the aipgmee this time ie 2015 entrance. But I will only b finishing my internship on March 2016 .. so will I b eligible to appear for the exam??

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      To be eligible for AIPGMEE you have to finish your internship on or before 31st March of that year. BTW at the time of filling up form or appearing for AIPGMEE many students have not completed their internships. Final internship completion date is mainly required to be eligible for the counseling.

  51. Dr.hpdas says:

    Sir,your recommendation s are great…but I want to know whether vivek Jain will be more than enough for PSM or I should study few topics from park also,.I’m confused cz everyone says its the most important subject for pgmee…and how about arora PSM??plz help me out…

      • Dr.hpdas says:

        Thank you sir ..but vivek Jain,s latest edition released on January this year has reference from 22nd edition of park..and park has released 23rd edition…is vivek Jain updated?or should I buy park s new edition?how I should I study?? Plz comment.. It will be great help for me???

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          If the latest version of Vivek Jain was out in January, I doubt that a newer version will come out this year. Also it does not make a major difference if you have a book with reference from latest Park. You can continue with the edition which is in the market.

  52. shez says:

    this is the first time i am planning to write all the indian entrance exams for the year 2016
    i completed my internship in 2014 and havent been in touch with the field since then due to other responsibilities(pregnancy and small baby)
    i would like to start afresh from this month of june onwards.
    1)is it too late
    2)how to plan n how to prepare
    3)which subjects to study first
    4)i already have across with me. should i buy arora books as u have said they r very good
    5)let me also know about mrcp n what r th chances of passing such exams ad its importance
    it will b of great help
    thankyou sir

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      1. It is not too late if you are planning to work really hard. Like reading for 10-12 hours/ day.
      2 & 3. Start with 1st year and then go to 2nd year subjects. After this you can go for short subjects and PSM. You can skip general medicine as it is very time consuming.
      3. If you have across stick to it. No need of buying new books.
      4. If you want to do private practice in your own clinical MRCP is a good options. Getting into it is comparatively easier.

  53. akanksha says:

    hello sir, I am bit confused regarding obs objective book for aipg entrance!! I found sakshi arora little tough and concepts are little hard to understand!! do you please suggest any other objective book

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      I haven’t seen any book which is comparable to Sakshi Arora. You could consider looking at Arvind Arora one.
      If you are finding difficulty in understanding the book then you can always go back to textbooks for reference purpose.

  54. JASGOBIND says:

    Respected Sir, I had joined dams regular batch last year & did their notes & last 10 years papers but got 18,000 rank & now from last 5 months doing job , now I want to prepare for pg entrance again I know I am starting late but please tell me that now joining test & descussion would help me , and should I do subject wise mcq books also ???

  55. Dr.hpdas says:

    Sir would you please compare new edition (7th -2015) of arvind arora’s PSM with vivek Jain and give me your opinion about which one to read??

  56. rukmanmecca says:

    Hello sir,
    Can u suggest if buying dams subject wise books are good enough?
    And will there be much diff in given Jain latest edition or previous versions?0989124809

      • tahseen says:

        Hello sir…i m studying from my coaching class notes nw.due to lack of time,not able to read d subject wise books which u hv suggested.i want to practice some mcqs.which mcq books wud u suggest fr aipg?preferably wd explanations…thank u

  57. Abhishek says:

    Hello, sir I am the student of prefinal and i want to start preparation for aipg exam so please tell me to how to start..

  58. neetu says:

    Hello sir.i am currently preparing for next year aipg as this year i have no hope of clearing.the thing is i did my mbbs from a privt college that too not so good.i did not read well during mbbs.just exam oriented study from guides which anyway i forgot i am regreting that and want to study well and do pg in a good tel me what i should will be of tremendous help.sory if i sound stupid.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      This is a very common question. I think subject wise books I have mentioned in this article should be enough for you. All these books have theory before start of a chapter whic hhas enough content to answer the MCQs. If you do not understand any topic you can always go back to textbooks.

      • shamy says:

        Hello sir.wht s d preparation strategy for aiims?d same subjectwise books wil b enuf?or sme extra is needed?thank u

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          Subject-wise books are more than enoughas they have questions from AIIMS and well as AIPGMEE. Also you could see some recent years AIIMS papers before going to exam as many questions are repeated from previous year papers in AIIMS.

  59. rakesh sharma says:

    Sir iam finding difficult to read and understand some subjects like physiology, ophthalmology in across. Will arvind arora help me to overcome this difficulty?

  60. Premkumar says:

    Sir, whether 1 week period is enough for each short subjects like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry..?
    Please guide me about time allotment for each subjects sir …

  61. rupy says:

    Hello sir ,I have started preparation from January ,after seven years gap from MBBS ,due to sum family problems ,was doing govt. Job which I recently left ,always wanted to do MD BT circumstances didn’t allow ,I am doing subject wise BT taking more time on one subject n gets depressed while studying due to long gap ,pls guide me for time management

  62. akhil says:

    sir i have got the old edition of arvind arora for anat fm physio n biochem!! do i need to buy the new editions??

  63. upasana says:

    Hey, i’m persuing mbbs (2nd year student).
    i wish to prepare for PG side by side.
    I’m not attending any of the classes for pg prep. (Like dams or bhatia classes).

    if u could suggest me some of the books wid mcqs covering topic wise, so that i could Have the idea of the questions asked, it could help me in preparing well from now itself.

    In short..after covering the topic if i could solve the paper from that section i could have good hold on that subject.
    (more question~ more practice~ a good hold on the subject)
    I would be thankful.

  64. Mohit Thareja says:

    Sir which book to refer for medicine. In mudit Khanna before mcqs synopsis is there and in Amit Ashish direct mcqs are given. But I have heard that Amit Ashish content is more than mudit Khanna.

      • Anirudh says:

        Hello sir,I started my preperation since April 2015 with only mcqs from above mentioned books n was only able to complete anat,physio,biochem,micro,pharmac,fm,Ent n medicine.but now I don’t feel any confidence..wat shld I do now aipgmee is on dec1.should I start my prep afresh with theory

  65. Anirudh Sharma says:

    Sir I Hav read physiology from arora previously only I’m planning to do physiology again including whole many days should I allot to physiology n shall I do retrograde study of theory or read each n every line thoroughly n then do mcqs..

  66. punit says:

    hello sir i am an fmg preparing fr fmge again as it is nt easy to crack i hv read almost all books you hv recommended and i am well versed with national board as they are grinding me since 3 years. i want to know what should i read after its over as i will hv to wait fr next dec even after clearing it and most books i hv read fr 3-4 times already and more will read in future please advice as its difficult for foriegn graduates to seek help as less people are willing to help us and will be there chance to crack pg fr me after so long hard work and expirence i gained in these hopless years

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Books I have marked as recommended are good. You should read those only. But I would not recommend reading MCQ books right now. You should concentrate on theory textbooks only according to me. If you know theory you can answer the MCQs but if you know MCQs you cannot write theory papers.

  67. prasanth says:

    Sir, I have been reading class notes and doing some mcqs from the corresponding subj wise guides as you mentioned. But now when the exam is in 2 months I feel like kind of lost. And it seems very difficult to revise with the notes and subject wise books. Please help me out. Give me a strategy to revise.. should I start with sure success magic or roams or platinum notes. Or ??????… please help sir

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      No. Do not start with a new book now. It is pointless and time-consuming. Just revise whatever you have already read. I think 2 months are more than enough to revise almost all the subjects. Do medicine in the end, as it is overlapping with many subjects and if you do not get enough time then you can even skip it.

  68. prasanth says:

    Thankyou sir. But to be precise, should I focus on doing more number of mcqs or repeatedly read classnotes. Which wil be more productive for aipgmee? Pls advice sir.

  69. Dr.Anirudh says:

    Hello sir..I hav gone through ur article its was very useful..I hav a query sir..pediatrics arvind agora has only given mcq’s with answers n no it is good? Or do v hav any other good books for paeds?
    And sir how is this book punith bojani for obs gyni? I hav it…shall I get sakhi arora??

  70. Dr.Anirudh says:

    Sir I have Arvind aroras short subject book fr opthal ent n Ortho…n also hav ent sakshi arora n Ortho anurag mehta separately.. I’m preparing for next year aipgmee as Dis year I’m not confident as my prep was not up to mark..I read ent from sakshi n Ortho from anurag..both books wer good…opthal on ur suggestion I brought Arvind arora n gone through it was much better n understanding Dan across.. Since Im preparing fr next year n as I hav Ortho n Ent in Arvind arora shall I start preparing ent n Ortho from Arvind arora or stick to sakshi n anurag..?? Tq

    • Nithin Gowda A V says:

      Dr Anirudh, I’m in confusion which book to buy for ophthal, ent, ortho. Which would u suggest?? Whether to buy ‘AA short subjects book’ which includes all the three or books by separate authors?? Plz help..

  71. Asik says:

    Hello sir, i am preparing for AIPGMEE. I had studied mcq books mentioned here once, finished now only, huge delay i know i should have finished atleast two weeks before. not started revision till now planning to start revision from today only sir. what should be my plan sir iam confused whether to read ROAMS like books or revise with my already studied mcq books? Should i have to do any question banks also?

  72. Ashik says:

    Hello sir, I am preparing for Aipgmee sir. I have read subject wise mcqs books once. Finished now only, huge delay I know sir, should have finished at least two weeks ago.. What plan should I follow now going to start revision from today onwards.. Quite confused whether to read ROAMS like books or revise my already studied subject wise mcqs books??.. Is doing mcqs from question banks like mudhit Khanna also essential? I have very little time give me a plan sir plz.. I am a slow learner..

  73. gunjan says:

    Hi sir. I m in 2nd yr 3rd semester.. Should i prepare for pg in 2nd yr or its too early .. I m very focussed abt my carrer.. Which mcq book is best for mcqs of 1st yr syllabus plz also send me pdf link of tht book… Thnku

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      I do not recommend reading PG entrance books in the UG days. You should focus on reading the textbooks, it will give you more knowledge then reading MCQ books. You can have a loof at MCQ books to get an idea about the type of questions asked in PG entrance exams.

  74. Anirudh says:

    Hello lil confused among these subjects as in wich book to prefer pls guide me

    Path_sparsh gupta or arvind arora?
    Micro-rachana chaurasia?
    Ent-sakshi arora or Arvind arora?
    Ortho-Arvind arora or anurag mehra?
    Surgery-Amith Ashish or punith bhojani(dis sir has only given mcqs n no theory before it)
    Opthal-arvind arora??
    OG-sakshi arora or punith bhojani?
    Thank you

  75. logananth says:

    Sir I started preparing only from September2015, giving 1st attempt.gone through NEET 3 volumes by A A, new releases by Arvind arora 2013 -2014, 2014 – 2015.sir it’s really time consuming. Will revising this is sufficient for Aipgmee 2016 exam or subject wise study is necessary to crack in future? Or continue solving only these will do ?kindly reply sir. Thank you.

  76. krishnan sg says:

    Sir,i was preparing for usmle and cleared all the three steps.Now i am planning to prepare for med pg.Is that possible?.Please help me.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      If you have cleared USMLE why would you want to appear for PG entrance exams? Anyways it is definitely possible, all you need to do is read subject wise books I have mentioned in this article. As you have cleared USMLE step 3 you must be having good knowledge already, so reading these MCQ books will not take too much time.

  77. pgmeeaspirant says:

    hello dr.koli…
    i am of the view that pg prepration nd mbbs exams .. both need a through prepration from the standard text books( kd tripathi… robbins .. etc)
    do you think it is wise to read a mcq book(after reading the standard text book) .. while in college…. . text in mcq books is taken from these standard books only.. and in the end…
    if concept is clear.. one is ready even for theory examinations…right?
    i am about to enter 3rd year …. do you think .. preparing like this.. both for professional exams nd pg exams hand in hand is a good idea?
    please suggest… thanks in advance

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Well if you have enough time that you are confident with your knowledge of standard textbooks then you can go ahead and read MCQ books. But I am not a supporter of reading MCQ books at UG level as I have been saying since beginning that reading textbooks will make you answer MCQs but reading MCQs won’t help you write UG theory papers.

  78. Dr.Anil jain says:

    Sir Hows Mudit khanna for medicine and Pritesh Singh for surgery?? I am using pritesh singh and its good but hv no idea about Mudit khanna’s medicine. Is it a good book and shld i buy it?

  79. shahbaaz says:

    hello sir would you please suggest books for dnb cet ss medical grp a md path resident planning to prepare from now

  80. Patel says:

    Sir, which mcq book is better for jipmer – “target jipmer by Arun babu” or “jipmer 20 author” or any other? Please also suggest mcq book for recent aiims papers as amit ashish not available for the same.

  81. Umr says:

    Sir i didnt study much during my mbbs…by luck i passed them..
    Now i want to prepare for andhrapradesh pg,
    How should i make a start?
    Iam very weak with theory part( text books)
    I will be writing my pg exam in first quarter of 2017..
    Please give me a detailed plan..
    Which subjects to start with and what follows them..
    And which texts/ mcq books/reviews should i opt and how..

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      You still have lot oof time before you appear for the exams. Start subject wise books I have recommended in this article. You can start with 1st-year subjects and then go for 2nd-year ones. Read subjects with high weightage in the exams 1st. You can leave Medicine and Surgery for the end.

      • Umr says:

        Should i start with the reviews or texts??
        I dont know the weightage of the subjects could you plz mention it..
        If i should start with text books..plzz do mention subjectwise authors..
        Sorry for troubling you much..

  82. Durga says:

    Hello sir … I’ve completed internship This year dec’15 nd started reading across since a month…. I have not prepared for entrance exams during my ug days or internship and have just started reading…Is it possible to crack aipg2016….I’m staying at chennai and have planned to join dams regular batch… Kindly guide me sir…thanks in advance…

  83. Anisha says:

    Hello sir.
    That was really really helpful!
    I am a 3rd minor student (prefinal year) and have started reading harrisons for medicine .
    But sometimes i feel its a waste of time reading everything. Would you suggest readin it now? And if yes, which chapters or parts from Harrison nees due attention? And what shud be my approach in 3rd minor.
    Should i complete medicine and some othee final year topic or just continue with psm ent ophtlm plus watever coaching notes they give?

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Focus on 3rd minor subjects 1st, especially PSM as it has very high weightage in PG entrance exams.Along with those you can read Major subjects in details. Read main systems from Harrison. I gives it very nicely.

  84. sharfuddin says:

    hello sir . i have recently done with my final year mbbs exams n waiting for my results .i have one month time till my results n whole intership .i would like to know how to start pg preparation plzzz do suggest sir. and also i am not confident on my basics.i am an average marks scoring student scoring 63% in first year 66% in second year n 61% in third year.can i get seat in pg.plzzzzz do suggest sir how to prepare and also i have never read standard books in mycourse.what do u suggest.

    you are doiung a wonderfiul job dir helping sooo many students…
    kindly guide me sir.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      You can definitely crack the PG medical entrance exams. Future can be bright if you work hard right now.
      Start subject wise books I have mentioned and make sure you get at least 2 revisions before going to final exam.You can refer standard textbooks if you do not understand a certain topic.
      Keep confidence in yourself. Many below average students in UG crack PG entrance exams and are doing PG. And your scores are good. So all you need to do is just work hard.

  85. DrAnu says:

    Should I buy different books for med surg and psm or one by AA with all 3 subjects wl b good…what is the difference between them

  86. Nidhi says:

    Hello sir, I just passed my final year exams and about to begin internship from march..sir how should I go about preparing for pg this year. Should I start with subject-wise revisions and buy these books? will i be able to complete the revisions on time? how should i prepare sir?

  87. dr sham says:

    Hello dr koli…how about bhatia coaching notes wd mcq s from NBE based all india pattern (pulse publication)for aipg preparation.along with this subject wise is also needed?kindly guide me..thank u…

  88. Ankita Nirpharake says:

    Hello Sir
    I am in final year now which book should I refer for surgery? Bailey SRB or Manipal?
    Also is AA enough for PG entrance? Pritesh Singh has a lot of extra matter? Is it necessary to know all that?

  89. Zafr Ain Khan says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have covered Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Skin Anesthesia Radio Psychiatry from Arvind Arora. PSM from Vivek Jain. OBG from Sakshi Arora. Pharmacology from DAMS notes.
    Now i am left with Forensic Medicine, Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Medicine, Surgery and Pediatrics. Can i crack a good rank if i cover rest of the subjects left from Platinum notes because if i go with subject-wise books for them too, i won’t be able to revise them enough times before exam?
    Also, is there any other book besides Platinum notes (like Sure Success or ROAMS or any other of such kind) that i must go with instead of Platinum notes for the subjects left behind?
    Your opinion would matter a lot in my preparations.


    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      This is only March and you have covered almost half of the subjects. So I don’t think it will be difficult to cover all the remaining subjects with subject wise books. If you still feel you can’t then I think platinum notes will suffice and you can get a good rank with it if you do enough revisions.

  90. Shruthi says:

    Sir I am having old edition subject wise books which has Harrison 18th edition , park 22nd and Robbins 8th edition as reference.. Should I buy new books ? Or can continue with older ones ?

      • dr naaz says:

        Hello sir…is it possible to join for pg through aipg nd take a gap of 1 year and continue with the next pg batch?i hav got a decent rank and i wil get my desired branch also.but i have a one month old baby so i cant go for pg this year.i am scared to leave the seat coz in future i may not qualify again.i have no idea what to do.

  91. Sneha says:

    Sir my Aipg rank is 5772..after one year of coaching from my rank I think I will get DA maybe DGO or Diploma Radiotherapy..which one should I prefer?what is the scope of radiotherapy?and sir also what options would I have after MD path and MD psm…?I am very confused about wat to take…or shud I prepare again until June?

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      If you have liking for clinical subjects go for DA or DGO. Otherwise Pathology. Pathology is a good branch if you are plaaning to open a diagnostic center or want to do DM In Oncopathology.
      DA is a very good branch and as good as MD anaesthesia.

  92. Tajbir Singh says:

    Sir i m searching for pg classes..sum frnds r suggesting dams so sum r Pgei….wats ur suggestions??..dams delhi take 4/5 days of a week while 2/3 odrs…is coaching is dat much imp from dams dat i ll get only 2/3 days in a week for self study…or should i join pgei where i ll get 4/5 days for self study???plz suggest sir m totally confused

      • shamy says:

        Hello sir.what is view about dnb medicine?is it worth taking it up?i have been preparing since 1 year.some people are talking good about dnb so i am confused wther to prepare for d june dnb and take up dnb medicine if i get selected or straigjt away prep for the dnb n md considerd equal now?can we become proffesors in medical colg aftr dnb?some say only md can get to b professors.please share ur views.thank u

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          DNB is a very good course and it is equivalent to MD Medicine. MCI has allowed DNB people to now take up faculty jobs in Medical colleges, so you should not face any issue. DNB people have to work for a year in a govt hospital to be eligible for such kind of posts. If you are getting DNB medicine, I think you should take it.

  93. Priyanka says:

    sir, i ve started my internship frm this month….and i’m very much determined about my pg entrance preparation,i hope to get a good rank this year i wud like to knw is it better to start with short subjects first or major one.i currently have 4 months of minor it will be greatly helpful if u advice me about sequence of subjects that i should follow.

  94. KAPOOR says:

    HI, I completed my mbbs 2 years ago. I took a regular bhatia classes during my intership from which i clearly dont remember anything. Then got married meanwhile did job for 5 months now starting with pg preparation. I am doing subject wise study. Should i take online test series from bhatia or dams? Also i am worried because they give a gap of 7 days only between 2 subjects even with the major ones eg b/w physiology and pathology, i dont think i will be able to complete the whole subject within 7 days. Also i am confused whetehr only 7 days are suffient for a major subject or its me who is going slow. Pls reply ASAP!

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      I think you should take up online test series for practice. 7 days are less for completing subjects like Anatomy, Physiology which have very high weightage in the exams. Give about 2-3 weeks on it depending on the subject.

  95. Manchu Raj says:

    hi sir, iam starting preparation after 5 yrs ..where to start…i have joined dams now…what about aiims 3 volumes and all india books.. Books by dams or subject wise books as u mentioned..

  96. KAPOOR says:

    Thanks for the reply. I also wanted to know i have almost all the subject wise which you have mentioned also ive the bhatia’s study material, Do i need to read that too or these above mentioned books are sufficient?

  97. Triveni says:

    sir,cud u please say which mcq books have topicwise (and subjectwise of course) questions from all the important exams??

  98. Drdang says:

    Amit ashish or mudit khanna for medicine and surgery.
    And aipgmee with prev year mcqs book by Amit arvind arora or mudit khanna?

  99. Dr.Anirudh says:

    Hello it necessary to buy books written by only subject speciality… Or can I buy PG revision books written by non specialists lik Arvind arora…pls guide..thank YOU

  100. Raj says:

    Hi sir, I have collected my internship and I am preparing for entrance exams now. Is it possible to complete all subjects if I start now? How can I go about preparing anatomy?

  101. Suhail says:

    Hello sir.
    It’s a great job u r doing here. Salute u for that. I found this forum very informative.

    I passed my final yr in March 2016 and am in the 3rd month of my internship.
    Started prep for aipg a few days back.
    1. Since aipg has been changed to neet, will there be any difference in the pattern of qns or a different approach toward studying?

    2. I’ve started pharmacology now followed by pathology. Can I Continue this or do I need to start with 1st year subs?

    3. My main goal is to crack JIPMER then only NEETPG. if u could give your valuable advice on this as to how to prepare for jipmer?

    4. Last qn – Is classroom coaching (TMCAA thrissur) really needed or can I do the subject wise books along with bhatia test series and previous year papers?

    Waiting eagerly for ur thoughts!
    Thanks in advance.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      1. AIPG is not yet changed to NEET. Only UG entrance exams are. But in future it will be. Preparation should not be different.
      2. Continue whatever you are already reading. Does not matter if you are shuffling the subjects as long as you are finishing all in time.
      3. For JIPMER there are separate books, but I think doing subject wise books is enough. You can have a look at few years JIPMER papers to get an idea about the exam.
      4. Subject wise books along with Bhatia is enough.

  102. Preeti Yadav says:

    Sir I have joined Bhatiya classes and Iam reading Bhatiya subject wise books. Do I still need to read subject wise books by Arvind/Amit/Ashish?? Mcqs are almost same in both. Please help.

      • swati says:

        Sir i am very confused..i am in final mbbs in m.p.shah medical college jamnagar..i am studying mathews for medicine..and arif for surgery..i havent studied for pg till now..just read my textbooks that too are nt gyton and robbins..just wt my seniors told me..and now i think passing final mbbs is imp.first..i think i cant concentrarte on both..people around me are studying for pg..sometimes really got depressed…dont know what to do..please help me??
        If i start in internship..can i crack aipg?can i prepare for pg with job if i cant crack it during internship..coz i cant burden my parents with coaching fees and other expenses as there is no coaching in my city..plz help me..m really stressed out what to do??

      • Renu says:

        Sir but the prospectus for fellowship in national board mentions the syllabus as MCQ inExit level PG exam in ophthalmology
        Kalam i guess is for PG enterance exam.Please advise.

        • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

          Yes but I have not heard of any special book for FET preparation. You have to refer to PG entrance books only. And Kalam is especially for DNB. You even better if you directly refer to Subject specific PG medical entrance book for your speciality. It should be more than sufficient.

  103. Dr.Anirudh says:

    Hello sir…For medicine Pg preparation wich book is recommended sir…Mudith khanna or devesh mishra sir book..pls help…

  104. Dr.Anirudh says:

    Sir for opthal,radiology,forensic and psychiatry 2016 edition Arvind Arora is good or subject speciality author books lik ruchi Rai for opthal,sumer Sethi for radiology,sumith Seth for forensic and Praveen Tripathi for psychiatry is good ..pls help sir which books to read..thank you

  105. Dr.Anirudh says:

    Im asking so because in Arvind arora psychiatry is not not updated with DSM-5 Classification n in Forensic New làws n acts have not been updated…so pls help me..exam is nearing..thank you

  106. sugapriya says:

    hi sir, ur article is really a boon.i amcompletely blank.i was graduated in i am in govt service.i have planned to prepare for neet 2017.still i havent started my preparations.i was a average student in my ug.totally lost touch with my subjects.poor in should i prepare??i cant join regular courses.i have planned to join the testseries alone..kindly suggest me which should i go far and which book to prefer forphysiology and surgery

  107. sugapriya says:

    hi sir!! ur article is very useful.i graduatedin 2012.started working i want to prepare seriously..i got a clear idea about which books to choose..but how long should i spend for each subject.pls help me sir.since i had lost touch completely i am finding it difficult to concentrate ..i am working too.i can read nly for 4hrs..i have to improve a lot sir..pls give me some clearidea about how to schedule and when should i finishmyfirst reading and start revising.suggest me a good test series too sir

  108. ANCHAL says:

    hello sir :)
    i’m glad you have written the review.

    i am an mbbs 3 year student.
    my doubt is, during mbbs is it ok to gain concepts from any source,as long as it aint wrong,like standard texts(ofcourse)along with some ‘good’ but not ‘standard’ books (eg,bijlani for physiology,davidson and only select from harrison) and also review books. i mean wherever i get easy explaination without hi-fi stuff?
    coz i see my peers swaering by standard books and professors recommending the same.also we students feel professors recommend standard authors but many a time their lectures seem to b taken from other books(sometimes less hi-fi.
    basically i am very pg oriented and am looking to strengthen my concepts for pg from less hi-fi and easiest possible sources,WHILE NOT MISSING OUT STUFF,SO THAT I DON’T MISS A GOOD PG BRANCH !

    please advise.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      As long as you are comfortable reading a book and you are understanding the concepts from it, it does not matter much which book it is. But also remember that along with knowing the concepts, you are also supposed to clear the final exams which require some special preparation so that you will be able to write the papers.
      So it is fine to read the book of your liking. Mostly books by good publication houses like Elsevier and LANGE are very good. Especially I am a big fan of LANGE books, which are very good for concepts clearing and easy to read.

  109. Lohith says:

    Hi sir, I would like to thank you for the books and explanation you have given

    I have just started 3rd year Mbbs and I’m going for DAMS 1st year and 2nd year PG coaching..
    My plan is to read theory of 3rd year and simultaneously prepare 1st and 2nd year subjects for PG… what do you say sir?

    Am I doing the right thing?

  110. gopalakrishnan says:


    I have completed my USMLE steps.But unfortunately i was not able to match this year.So i would like to start preparing for next pg.How much difficult is this exam.I am from kerala.Please suggest me a good centre for preparation and a good postal course.Your reply will be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

  111. SC says:

    Sir, I’m really glad I came across this article. I just started my internship. I was wondering if I can just do the subject wise books according to the posting I am in. And do my first year and second year subjects later?

  112. Dr Priya Shakthi says:

    Hello sir,
    I have just started my pg preparation… short subjects by Arvind Arora is a good choice to prepare know sir? Or I have to go for individual ones.. and from now on, will the time be enough to prepare and appear for neet which comes on Dec?

      • Gayatri says:

        Hi sir, it was pleasure and helpful watching your comments. I have graduated my M.B.B.S five years back and now preparing for Neet pg. I have given AP pg in 2014 but did not get a better rank and now I am starting my preparation again. Could you please suggest me which books to read and it would be helpful if you give us a time-table. Please help on this. Thank you.

  113. JKumar says:

    Dr Koli, I have just recently seen this website and find so much value in the discussions. I will be entering the 3rd MBBS from Jan 2018 and plan to take the MD exam in 2020-2021. I am in dilemma if should join DAMS or Bhatia, though I would like to avoid any of these so that can work on concepts, but feel that I should not waste an opportunity if there is merit in these classes. I want your advise on the best course of action if should join these classes now, or if not , then what should be the strategy – standard text books and some online test series during 3rd and 4th years and then focus on subject MCQ books during the internship? Greatly appreciate. Thanks very much.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      Hi, I have seen many students joining these classes at 3rd year but I don’t see much point to it. You should rather concentrate on the MBBS textbooks which will make your concepts better and then you can go for MCQs books in the internship. Remember that majority of those MCQs are from books only. So clearing your concepts will make you a better doctor and will help you in cracking those exams as well. Mugging up MCQs are not much useful if your basic are not clear. You can still talk to your senior and take their opinion about the same.

  114. JKumar says:

    Many Thanks. One more question – is there any statistics about how many (%) of students get good seats or take up MD seats in first attempt (their internship completing year)? This shall be useful to know so that one could prepare for PG exam accordingly…maybe 1st attempt (internship year) more to familiarize (and do internship well) and so prepare essentially with 1 year margin for subsequent year? Or whether most good students get the seats in 1st attempt itself? Thanks in advance.

    • Dr. Paresh Koli says:

      There is no official statistics but from what I have observed about 10% students on their 1st attempt get good seats. And most of them are excellent students in UG days. So, for anyone else, it common to drop for a year to prepare for the exams.

  115. Rajendra Singh says:

    Sir pls tell me the book for aipg or neet exam past years papers questions… as for aiims Amit aashish is there… in the same way tell for aipg/neet… mudit Khanna or Arvind arora

  116. Dr Mahesh says:

    Dear sir,
    Is Sure Success magic ( B Ramgopal ), sufficient as revision notes along with subject wise mcq books recommend by you.
    Because I have not enough time to make notes for revision due to busy schedule of my job.
    plz comment on Sure Success magic ( B Ramgopal ).

  117. Pavan R Sagar says:

    Dear sir, I am a final year student.. I am very confused regarding what to read.. The textbooks or Mcq books..reading textbooks is taking a lot of time..kindly guide me sir. .Plzzz

  118. sandhya says:

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