Many people are not happy about not too much rank shift in Round 2 of AIPG 2014 counseling and about new seat matrix which got published today. I am trying to clear out few doubts regarding this “Rank shift” issue.Due to the case which is going on in SC AIPG 2014 counseling schedule was delayed by more than a month and Hon’ble SC had also directed states to conduct their 1st and 2nd round before All India 1st and 2nd round respectively. Due to this rank shift which usually happens between 1st and 3rd rounds of All india PG Medical counseling has already happened in 1st round. For example:

In NEET 2013 All India counseling Round 3 last seat of MD Anaesthesia went at Rank 4446 while this year in Round 1 itself it has gone up to Rank 4781. Similarly last Rank of DA seat was 7389 in Round 2 of NEET 2013 but this year it has gone at  8311 in Round 1 itself.

Another example, MS Ophthalmology ended at Rank 2316 in Round 3 of NEET 3898 but in 2014 ROund 1 itself it has ended at Rank 4066. And this applies to most other subjects.

So candidates cannot expect too much rank shift as A huge rank shift has already happened. Also many people are blaming seat blocking for this scenario, but seat blocking has been there in every All India counseling in past and that cannot be the reason to this.

Also some people are comparing things with Round 4 of NEET 2013, but let me tell you NEET ROund 4 was conducted by Medical Counseling Committee on order of Hon’ble SC in totally different situation. Last year Round 4 was in August and many students did not opt for the seat because next year exam (AIPGMEE 2014) was only few months away and people were frustrated with too much delay in counseling. This year SC case is putting candidates in similar situation.

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