World Dental Show 2016

Welcome to the 8th Annual World Dental Show 2016 ! We invite you to participate and become an integral part of Asia’s biggest dental event being held at Bandra-Kurla Complex,Mumbai. The annual event showcases all aspects of dental business world under one roof. WDS is also a trade and knowledge sharing platform that delivers the latest technologies, cutting-edge research and dentistry techniques to meet the growing demands of the ever-evolving world of dental science.

The event also acts as a meeting point uniting all relevant groups related to the world of dentistry from across the world. We urge you to partake in various panel discussions and lectures that will augment your dentistry skills and knowledge. Professionals are imparted continuing dental education via scientific learning sessions with speakers from the respective specialised field of dentistry. This will enable your dental team to excel in delivering the finest dental care in the world.

Furthermore, visitors get an opportunity to interact with exhibitors and dental material and equipment suppliers to touch, use and compare the newest equipment and technology in dentistry today. Experience hands-on training, workshops and demonstrations that will help you reap rewards in your professional career. Exhibitors can also benefit from the show as it attracts a high percentage of private dentists, practice and laboratory owners who have the resource and authority to make better decisions to purchase dentistry-related products and equipment.

Every year, World Dental Show 2016 attracts more than 20,000 dental professionals, academicians, scientists, clinicians, research workers and enthusiasts from across the globe. The event brings together more than 303 dental institutions, 9 speciality dental associations, 200 plus material and equipment manufacturers and 3000 plus dental laboratories. The event is also attended by policy makers from the Indian government and allied health professionals from throughout Asia.

Through World Dental Show 2016 – Mumbai – Indian Dental Association (IDA) offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn, share knowledge, socialise and to experience the state-of-the-art technology and equipment related to the world of dentistry in the heart of the financial hub of India.

World Dental Show 2016

Why Participate?

  • – The show offers high-quality and updated research information for practising dental professionals, dental students and enthusiasts alike.
  • – Be a part of panel discussion, seminars, workshop sessions and other educational programmes to expand your professional dentistry knowledge.
  • – Listen to the industry’s most honoured speakers.
  • – Participate in the hands-on sessions and get real-time experience on handling latest dental equipment and materials.
  • – Meet more than 200 dental equipment and material suppliers in person and get the best deals rightaway.
  • – The show also offers an unrivalled opportunity for exhibitors to reach out to the dental fraternity with products in a prolific ambience and a steadfast approach to the business of dentistry.
  • – Provide a common platform for networking and brand promotions to host key brands and companies in dentistry.
  • – Get together with old friends and colleagues to develop personal business relationships.

About Organiser

World Dental Show 2016

Indian Dental Association (IDA) is an authoritative, independent and recognised voice of dental professionals in India. We are committed to public oral health, ethics, science and advancement of dental professionals through its initiatives in advocacy, education, research and development of standards.

An authority on oral health, the association endeavours to meet the public needs and expectations. We at IDA acknowledge that oral health is an integral part of general health and well-being. Therefore, our aim is to lead the nation to optimal oral health. We pledge our knowledge, experience and expertise for dental excellence and the advancement of dental professionals.

Our mission is to improve the oral health of the public by innovation in education, training, research, advocacy and related programmes. This translates into a commitment for dental excellence. Therefore, IDA is dedicated to supporting dental professionals in their practice by enhancing, updating skills and knowledge.

IDA’s vision is to improve oral health and quality of life and achieving ‘optimal national oral health for all’ by 2020. We also aim to represent the dental profession and support members in the provision of comprehensive and quality oral health care.

World Dental Show 2016

Indian Dental Industry Potential

  1. An Overview

    India is now the much sought after destination for medical tourism, owing to its high quality medical treatment available here from world class competent medical professionals in a very humane and courteous way at a very reasonable cost. Dentistry too has kept pace with these developments.

    For a population of over 1.2 billion, there are currently over 1,80,000 dentists, which include 35,000 specialists practising in different disciplines in the country. The dentist population ratio is reported to be 19,000 dentists in metros/urban and semi urban areas and 12,00,000 dentists in the rural area. There are more than 35,000 dental specialists in different disciplines. The number of dentists is expected to grow to 300,000 by 2018 and the dental specialists to 50,000. Every year more than 24,500 dental graduates are added to the list.

    The potential size of India’s dental market is vast and is expected to become one of the largest single country markets for overseas dental products and materials. The total market for the dental equipment and materials is estimated to be around US$90 million annually. The Indian market presents lucrative and diverse opportunities for exporters with the right products, services and commitment. There are more than 1,80,000 dental professionals in India, 303 dental institutes and over 5,000 dental laboratories. According to various reports, growth rates 20% to 30% are forecast for the dental product market in the coming years. Some financial investment groups are also building hospitals with dental specialisations, offering general dental care, and speciality treatment.

  2. Factors Driving Growth

    In the last decade the dental services scenario in India has vastly improved due to:

    Growing Healthcare Awareness

    • – Growing awareness and patient empowerment have led to demand for better healthcare facilities at affordable prices.
    • – Extensive economic reforms in the last decade have made it possible for Indians to have access to better jobs and a higher purchasing power.
    • – The GDP growth of India in 2013-14 at 4.3% and is expected to grow in 2014-2015 at 5.5%.

    Healthcare Expenditure

    • – Healthcare sector has progressed at an impressive pace over the past few years. From 2011-2017, it is expected to record at CAGR 15.0% Total expenditure (public and private) on health in India was nearly 4.05% of GDP in 2010 as compared to 2 % in the year 2004, according to World Bank report published in 2012.
    • – Government spending on health is less than 20% against the average spending of 30% – 40% in other developing countries. Private spending constitutes 80%. The Central budget for 2013-14 provides Rs.3,73,300 million(US$6816 million) for the health sector.
    • – The Planning Commission has allotted US$ 83 billion under the 12th Five Year Plan for healthcare spending; this is about US$ 60 billion more as compared to the 11th Plan allocation. The increased allocation is expected to raise government (public) expenditure on health to 2.5%of GDP from the current rate of 1.37% of GDP.

    Government PoliciesThe Government has taken several steps to promote investment in healthcare and to develop healthcare sector infrastructure within a short span of time.

    • – 100 per cent FDI is permitted for health and medical services under the automatic route. Reduction of customs duty on all medical, surgical and dental equipments etc from 7.5% to 5%.
    • – Full exemption from excise duty/Countervailing Duty to six specified lifesaving drugs/ vaccines.
    • – Liberal polices of Government has created opportunities for international dental manufacturers to establish joint ventures and outsourcing facilities.
    • – Lower tariffs and higher depreciation on medical equipment & income tax exemption for 5 years to hospitals in rural areas, and Mini Metros.

    National Rural and Urban Health MissionsThe government seeks to provide effective healthcare by fusing the National Rural and Urban Health Missions into National Health Mission and providing higher allocations. It is considered as the single-most largest programme in the world to improve primary healthcare delivery in India. The Mission is an expression of the government’s commitment to raise public spending from less than 1% to 2% – 3% of GDP. Allocation of Rs. 21,2000 million (US $3926 million) has been made for National Health Mission (NHM) in 2013-14.
    World Dental Show 2016

  3. Dental Market Potential Market Size

    By 2014 the Indian dental healthcare industry is expected to reach US$ 116.43 million growing 6 percent annually, the dental care services market US$1.16 billion and oral care market US$1.8 billion. Indian dental care services market, constituted by dentists and dental ancillary services, was estimated at US$660 million in 2009, dental equipments & appliances market at US$87 million and dental oral care market was estimated at US$1 billion. The potential size of India’s dental market is vast and is expected to become one of the largest single country markets for overseas dental device and materials exporters.

    Global dental care market estimated to be about US$16 billion in 2005 has been growing at an average annual growth rate of 4.5%. The market has grown at a CAGR of 5% in the last 5 years. Asian market has witnessed the highest growth rate of 10%, followed by the US at 5.5%. The Indian healthcare market is one of the largest services sectors contributing 2% to the country’s GDP. India’s market for dental products is extremely dynamic, with a current estimated growth rate of 25% to 30%.

    World Dental Show 2016

    Oral Care InfrastructureIn India, the oral care infrastructure had 1,80,000 dentists as of 2012, serving over one billion population through their clinics numbering over 1,25,000. As far as the overall ratio of dentist to population is concerned, there was a marked improvement. There are around 297 dental schools with 25,000 students graduating each year; about 140 of such schools have post graduate courses in various fields of dentistry. More than 90% of the practitioners work in and around the major cities and play an extremely influential role in the purchase of dental devices and materials for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

    Dental Laboratory/Dental TechnicianThere are more than 5,000 dental laboratories in India and currently only 32 colleges offer diploma courses in Dental Technician. The low percentage of students currently passing out is not able to meet the rapidly growing requirement. Lately, this number has been showing an increasing trend to meet the growing demand.

    Multinational PresenceLooking at India’s rapidly growing dental market many multinationals have set up offices in India. In order to Promote “Make in India”, IDA is going to organize World Dental show from 7th- 9th October 2016 at Mumbai. Further, the healthcare segment offers an attractive growth opportunity for the information technology (IT) and business processing outsourcing (BPO) industry. The market for outsourced services to healthcare payers is expected to increase from US$9 billion in 2011 to US$15 billion in 2016.

World Dental Show 2016

About India

India is a pictorial kaleidoscope of landscapes, opulent historical sites and royal cities, golden beaches, misty mountain retreats, colourful people, rich cultures and festivities. It is the seventh largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people and the most populous democracy in the world.

India has metamorphosed into one of the most sought after destinations for travel due to the presence of several renowned world heritage sites and an inherent spiritualistic force, which pulls enthusiastic travellers from all over the world.

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