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The CBSE has issued stringent instructions to students appearing for a retest of All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) on July 25. The Supreme Court had directed the CBSE to conduct a second test after allegations of irregularities in the test held in May.

In its notice to parents of the examinees, the CBSE has imposed a strict dress code, banned any jewellery and shoes, watches and all electronic devices. Students have also been asked to present themselves for frisking and alert invigilators of other students using unfair means.

“…wear light clothes with half sleeves shirt/t-shirt/kurta not having big buttons, brooch or any badge, flower…wear open slippers and not shoes,” the notice reads. Other banned accessories include wallets, goggles, handbags, hair pins, hair bands, tabeez, belts, cap and scarves
The instructions come after the apex court cancelled the May test after Haryana police arrested suspects who allegedly supplied answer keys to students taking the test through bluetooth.

Soyrce :Indianexpressnews