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MD Pharmacology Course: All You Need to Know

MD Pharmacology

Instead of telling you boring details of the MD Pharmacology course, I will tell you my own story in brief of MD Pharmacology, what I know/ learned about it in the past few years about the course, what kind of job profiles and salary you can get, and the opinion of people working in the […]

An Intern Beaten Up by a Resident Doctor at GMC, Miraj

Doctor crying and frustrated

An intern Kiran Abnave was beaten up by a houseman named Dr, Aniket Patil 3 days ago on 30th November 2015. This is an uncommon incidence in which an intern is assaulted by the senior. Houseman is most probably a plain poster as there are no PG seats in Orthopedics Department of GMC, Miraj. Kiran Abnave […]

Shocking !!!! MBBS Intern was attempted to Molest today. Resident Doctors on immediate strike at Yavatmal Medical College, Maharashtra

In a shocking incident today, two people attempted to Molest a MBBS Intern at Yavatmal Medical College in Maharashtra. In order to protest against this incident and ingenral lack of security to Resident Doctors at Govt Medical Colleges, Medical Students have gone on an immediate strike. This is second incident in a span of a […]